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  1. Another season of the Nine-Nine, I'm down for that.
  2. I think I need a break after the PPV tonight How can the same company book Wyatts/Shield, then turn around and push Borton/Bootista as their Wrestlemaia Title match. It's like they want a recorsd for longest sustained boo.
  3. I loved Space Jam and would be fully on board with another one for the new generation. That said the latest report is that LBJ has nothing to do with this.
  4. I just realized I have 3 conventions in my next 12 weekends (Ai-Kon Winterfest, Anime Detour, c2e2). Fun times ahead.
  5. The OHare-Hotel trip via rail was a pretty easy trip to take, a bit lengthy but no complications.
  6. Fixed, and now even worse
  7. They're using the MLB infrastructure, which I understand is very good (I'm sure you know better than me though), so it's not exactly going to be the ROH disasters.
  8. As soon as it hits Canada this is a buy for me. $120 for a year, which is the same as the cost of Rumble and Mania already (which I get anyway). They promoted it like it was their entire library, if so I'm in.
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    Regardless of the reasons for Kluwe's release, it's certainly possible that both A): It was in the best interest of the club to replace him from a strictly football standpoint and B) The coaching staff tried to clamp down on him because of his outspokenness and that the STC went out of his way to using homophobic language to needle him. Regardless of if A is true or not, B is 100% unacceptable, and yes I know that it is a regular part of the macho sports culture. It's time to get rid of it.
  10. The Kids on the Slope: One episode in and it is fucking awesome. Picked it up at the Black Friday sale on Rightstuf mainly on the strong recommendation of the guy voicing the lead role (Chris Patton in this case) and the small promo blurb. It has a BECK vibe but with jazz instead of rock, none of the characters completely overlap so it's fresh, and the head staff on it are Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno, the animation and music directors (respectively) of Cowboy Bebop. Who does not see this as a good combination?
  11. 1. I bought an elliptical, use it: Pretty self-explanitory. I bought a brand new elliptical on a ridiculous deal on Boxing Day, it currently sits in front of my TV in my living room. I said for years if I had a treadmill or something similar in front of my TV I'd be a fit man, time to put myself to the test on that, Started well, has fallen off in the last bit, it's still here, sadly currently doubling as a coat rack. Should probably fix that. 2. No soda until April At Least: Last year I successfully swore off non-diet soda, this year I swear off the rest of it. To make this a less daunting goal I plan to go out with a bang this coming weekend (friend of mine is coming up from the States with a case of Cherry Coke, after that, nothing at least until Anime Detour the first weekend of April. Between this and the elliptical, see how I'm feeling, and if I can go forward without it I will. Success in that I made it to Detour. Failure in that I snapped back largely to my pre-2012 cola intake. 3. Anime Detour and C2E2 happen this year: I have the time booked off work for both of them. For Detour I have my admission and all but $40 paid for hotel. Still need to book my flight and pay my share of the hotel but I got 3 paydays in January and only pay half rent so I'm hoping I can get that sorted quickly. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to do this. Yep. 4. Continue to manage money well: I had some positive steps last year but I want to be able to not be completely paycheck to paycheck or desperately awaiting payday like I had in some previous years. I would also like to not squander my tax return like last year (towed car + impulse $300 anime buy kind of ruined that). 5. A Little more serious on the job search front: This is likely something I will be looking to more after April (due to the fact I have already booked off time for the 2 April vacations). Due to a variety of factors my current place of employment has seen business go down considerably since summer of this year. Many were laid off (I made the cut, hell I was named Employee of the Year), the rest are faced with reduced hours (I have been lucky enough to have faced only a 5-10% decrease in hours). As a result, it may be in my best interest to look elsewhere. Hopefully things turn around, but if not I will look into new jobs (be it other call centre work, or perhaps something that would put my Journalism diploma to full use). Lumping these two together. I quit my job at E-Care in June due to the ceiling firmly being hit there and moved to another call centre, Mogo, at the suggestion of a friend, one of the supervisors there (Colin of The Oratory Forums infamy). It was a paycut, but there was a lot of overtime available and it appeared room for improvement as well. With the exception of a small number of people it was bad there, and the shifts were worse. It wasn't long before I was missing shifts due to sleep deprivation and on prescription drugs which I hated taking. I was also delayed my start by two weeks, which resulted in me using the retirement savings I had built up (which in all reality amounted to the equivalent of a paycheck) to cover that time. I then switched jobs and am now an elctronics/appliance salesman at Leon's. I am trying to get out of this job soon too and have interviewed elsewhere. Mainly because this is a commission job and business has been terrible. As a result of all this (and maybe going a little too gung ho on my vacations) my finances are not what I want them to be. Despite not making my resolutions I still feel I had a good year, lots of great memories on the vacations, despite not landing where I want to be I'm happy I am progressing in finding my proper career, oh and my now-girlfriend and I have been together "officially" 9 months and I could not be happier (seriously, a girl that is as big of a hockey and anime nerd as I am, sign me up).
  12. That's pretty fucking cool. Pin on him aside how did it go?
  13. The fact I was not able to be the first to name the Raccoons (open or end, they're both awesome) makes me a sad panda.
  14. C2E2 announced that the guy that did the voice of The Boulder in Avatar: The Last Airbender will be attending. I cannot wait to ask him the many questions I have about his character, and nothing else at all
  15. Would not shock me to see some sort of fuck finish where they each grab the others belt.
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    Rob Ford, making every other corrupt Canadian politician look pretty solid by comparison.
  17. I have no pics or vid at the present time, but there is nothing in wrestling funnier than Kane's current look.
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    Clearly, the white bread holding the coloured toppings down, makes me sick.
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    Well there's Meagforce Pink at least. Guess they think nobody likes Yellow
  20. You got FACTION WARFARE~! into the podcast. Why'd you make me have to remember that?