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    Happy birthday Dubs. Have a great one.
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    Fuck Post of the Day that might be Post of the Decade.
  3. Loved Wrigley when I went a few years back, would love to do the Thursday afternoon game again.
  4. I've never watched an episode past Master Quest and that would not change. Probably wont grab Orange Islands for awhile anyhow. For as much of a cool nostalgia kick it was (and I'm seriously debating throwing in a Pokemon rifftrax panel for Ai-Kon next year) the only episodes that packed any emotional punch were the final two episodes, and of course, Bye Bye Butterfree. As I typically do these days I will wait for the dub release of AoT.
  5. Just finished up a rewatch of the First season of Pokemon, mostly as an excersize in nostalgia and as an easy watch while taking care of house chores or whatnot. That said I forgot how much of a gutpunch the end of the Pokemon League was....I'm quite tempted of buy Orange Islands next. WHEN DOES THIS END!?!?
  6. So what type of supplements does that kind of guy use exactly?
  7. Highlight of Season 2 so far.
  8. Followup question for Dubs/James. Will you be coming in for the full Wedesday check-in, Sunday check-out?
  9. Welcome to the room James and Dubs, and thanks for cutting my hotel budget in half
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    Things you want

    http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/Mint-unveils-Superman-coins-222998441.html I live a very short drive from the Royal Canadian Mint, I'll take all orders.
  11. Guess who just got his time off approved for Anime Detour and c2e2 2014? Guess who's going to have a fucking awesome April?
  12. I work 9:30 to 6:00 Monday through Friday. I keep a regular sleep schedule which keeps me from getting too cranky. I love it.
  13. Guys, I have a confession to make. I am not unto myself, an NHL hockey club.
  14. Kscriv

    The Worst Song Ever

    Axl Rose - My World. There are bad songs, and then there is this thing that make we with to shove razors up my ears.
  15. After he won he was quoted as saying he was "standing tall on the wings of a dream".
  16. My favorite TV show from my time in high school is 10 years old as of today.
  17. So I am back to thinking about trying to swing Anime Detour (April 4-6) and c2e2 (April 25-27) in 2014. Of course c2e2 was always in the cards due to the 10th anniversary and a friend of mine in Grand Forks wants to get a road trip going. My finances are doing well. Fingers crossed.
  18. The Daniel Bryan Show that took up the last 45 minutes of Raw was awesome, yes Ryback just about sucked out all the heat and almost killed him in the last segment, that said, Bryan vs Cesaro was awesome (though who really doubted that)
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    Looking online for a possible cover art I ended up stumbling across this from an image search for Okratron 5000 (an anime/video game voiceover studio run by Chris Sabat): For a good chunk of time I alternated between thinking I was Mr. Sparkle or some sort of punchline to the voice actors that have come through Winnipeg. Then it finally clicked on me that I've seen the name Kellen Voss in about a dozen different titles. I'm not used to other people having my name, okay.
  20. Somehow Chris Sabin won the TNA World Title. To echo the sentiment of everyone on the internet: I really like Sabin, but WTF?
  21. And with that quote I will make a point to begin watching the series ASAP. That said this is a very bold claim to make in a world where Legend of Korra exists. (Not that it will have to be THE BEST to make it worth watching)
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    I will still say Rookie of the Year was the greatest Sports movie of the 90s, the original Mighty Ducks being a close second.