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  1. Okay, I know this is kinda late but Hiro's an ass for killing Ando.
  2. Dreamer- Haste The Day Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)- Slipknot Thornography- Cradle of Filth
  3. My mom doesn't approve of me wanting to become a librarian
  4. It's because they have a shit ton of money that could lst them for 100 years
  5. Nick Fury (ultimate thank you very much) Iron Man Silver Surfer Wolverine
  6. Well, since my 360 got the red ring (fucking Microsoft) I am playing Ultimate Alliance for the PS2
  7. I'm gonna have to turn my geek card in because I haven't read Watchmen. What's it about?
  8. Well, I am listening to Cobra Starship and Weezer Cobra Starship is my guilty pleasure, plus Victoria Asher is hot
  9. Yoda, can you and Jenny review Spaceballs?
  10. Now that you mention yeah he sort of looks like Moe. Have you seen the Nightwing one yet Yoda?
  11. what if he looks like this? Btw I also support the Ronald
  12. Transformers. Just because its the only Bay film I've seen
  13. When my family call me Boom Chicka Wah Wah Friends The Kill Girlfriend Cuppycake Everyone else Basket Case
  14. So, jocks are hitting on my girlfriend. I have no problems with this but goddamn she says leave her alone but, they won't leave her alone. I also need to write my story for the school paper.
  15. I'm sorry I just can't complete this "quest" it's just too hard I'm pulling a Mike and Dread towards Countdown my mental health is at stake. There are many reasons I'm stopping My computer crashed so all the notes are gone High school started Go ahead call me a wienie