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  1. My chat with the big man Me: Are you atheist? God: I don't know whether or not I am atheist. I am a chatterbot developed by Myself. Me: Do You belive in God? God: Yes I believe in Him. Me: Your Pathetic God: You are the one talking to a computer. Me: that's true God: Yes, it is self-evident. Me: your mom God: Actually I do not have a mother. Me: your dad God: I was created by Myself. Me: Your self God: Myself? Me: yes God: Take it easy. Me: you take it easy God: I try not to take anything too seriously. Me: Slow Ride God: Do you still ? Me: Yes! God: Groovy. Me: who says groovy? God: Marvin Minsky. :-). Me: who's that God: What does "that" refer to? Me: Marvin Minsky God: Oh I get it. Me: I'm going God: Bye! Me: Close this box God: Is that a command? Me: yes God: I don't have to obey you, Michael. Me: yes you do God: Groovy. When do I do it? Me: right now God: Oh. I am glad we agree.
  2. Wait hold on, in the "Which Supervillian Are You" thread I also scored Catwoman Link I am a pussy
  3. Pissy thing you hurt your wrist (I think) because you couldn't pass Soul Caliber Jenny called you called you a communist because you don't like karaoke You asked Jenny to get you a drink of water and she said "get your own damn water" notes: Psycho Commentary- Leather Is edgy, William Shantner is awesome, Mike gets easily amused, Shantner’s a pimp, not the best out of all the episodes Episode 5- No 360 for Mike ha, Yay Harry Potter, boo Superman Episode 6- I really want to read Invincible Quickie 1- You would never imagine Jenny likes wrestling Episode 7- Yay cartoons!, How can Mike not like Scooby Doo?, Mike reveals his love for Penny, I am offended about the Captain Planet rant Episode 8- Yeah, um about your movie rant I talk to my friend during movies (I provide comic book trivia!), Owly sounds cute, Burnout sucks, Yay for the Animezing segment, the show’s blog hasn’t been updated for a while Quickie 2- You got good stuff for Christmas (pricks) Episode 9- No Notes
  4. So, my iPod just froze on me so I guess I'll stop for the day I got up to episode 4 before my iPod froze so here are my notes Episode 1- Bad audio quality, Mike’s bland, background noise Episode 2- Better quality, Mike's more energetic, Star Wars rants are awesome Episode 3- First appearance of Jenny!, alright intro music, funny intro, Jenny’s awesome, Mike has humor, Super Smash Brothers Melee does not suck, new segment week (yay), Mike’s gay for Cash’s voice, Sonya Blade is the baddest of the bad Episode 4- Still waiting for the all Watchmen episode, yay Soul Caliber!, Mike gets pissy REALLY easy, heh Mikes a communist I still think Sonya Blade is the baddest of the bad, Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern, Jenny has sass!, Mike’s first angry rant I'll start with the psycho commentary tomorrow.
  5. Okay, now that summer school is over (thank god) I have decided to go on "Earth-2 Marathon of Doom" basically the "Marathon of Doom" is what it is a marathon of every episode of the show starting from episode 1 starting today. This is suicide.
  6. Saw it on Saturday, Joker is one crazy mother fucker
  7. You are Catwoman Catwoman 51% Riddler 42% Lex Luthor 35% Dr. Doom 35% Mr. Freeze 28% The Joker 25% Apocalypse 25% Poison Ivy 25% Juggernaut 24% Kingpin 24% Magneto 23% Dark Phoenix 18% Mystique 16% Green Goblin 8% Venom 6% Two-Face 0% this deserves a wtf?
  8. No! They first Star Wars then Indy now this
  9. My Chemical Romance I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge note how I didn't list The Black Parade
  10. Can I at least hear a rant when the move comes out :smile: as for the voice thing compare the episode 2 to episode to any episode 50 and up
  11. wow I just listened to this yesterday your voice sounds different and for some reason you sound scared when you talked about Saw II I loved your "Thank You George Lucas I Don't Love Star Wars As Much Anymore Because of You". You should have an all Star Wars episode when the new Star Wars movie comes.
  12. Well, they broke into my house twice. Once in 2003, they took my Xbox, some DVDs, my video games, my books, my computer, some clothes, and money. The other time was in '06 when I was vacationing in Mexico except this time they broke the front door. They took pretty much the same things as they did in '04. When we came back from Mexico we called the cops they said that they suspected the neighbors broke into the house but, they couldn't prove anything. Come to think of it the neighbors do seem pretty suspicious here's my reasons They got a new car like two days before we came back. They always smelt like dope when they lived here Days later we "gave into fear" and got a alarm system. thank god they moved.
  13. I forgot to mention Penny look at image 2, you'll see a girl on the left. Thats Penny.
  14. Wait, what's the Hulk doing in the list? He wasn't in Civil War.