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  1. wow. I wonder what will be better this or the new spider-man game
  2. haYi i:m smrt 2iii 1337 speak!
  3. This is Spider-Man's new game. Official Site . Looks better than Friend or Foe and Spider-man 3.
  4. its not that bad i quite enjoy it
  5. God! im not getting Xbox Live. My mom doesn't want me to. sigh I guess I'll get the Umbrella Academy
  6. Because there lesbian(?) and insane If I'm reading this right you don't like gays and lesbians?
  7. From what video games I played SM:FoF is the worst game ever. My opinion :happy:
  8. Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Worst Video Game Ever
  9. Killing Joke Joker TDK Joker SM3 Black suit Spider-Man
  10. Evil Empire- Rage Against The Machine Master of Puppets-Metallica
  11. I have a question. is this also going to be a comic reel-if
  12. I think its addicting I feel the same way
  13. no matter how hard I try I can't beat Lou on hard in guitar hero :grumble:
  14. Okay I was thinking you know how Axl Rose always gets into fights with other musicians well what if he fought Slash Angus Young Chad Kroger Kirk Hammet Eddie Van Halen or Paul McCartney I don't know if i'm putting this in the right thread. EDIT they were physically fighting each other
  15. you guys make me look forward to something (if that makes sense).
  16. I may or may not be downloading it right now
  17. Have you put it on iTunes yet because I can't find it.
  18. Okay I'm going to pull a Yoda on WFP. Ok I may or may not been looking for a certain Beatles musical that happened to be named Across the Universe. Can somebody give me links that I may or may not use.