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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Saturday night I noticed that Cartoon Network runs Cowboy Bebop as part of Adult Swim so this post was very timely, and thanks to my trusty DVR I didn't have to stay up to 1am to watch it. I must say i rather liked what I saw, but since I have no idea where that particular episode falls in the continuity I will have to pick up some DVDs to catch up.
  2. ***In each episode you should suggest something to read or watch. This will help draw in people who are a little intimidated by the massive selection. Don't review or spoil it, simply suggest it.*** I would love something like this in each show! I want to get into Anime but it is a very intimidating place for newcomers to venture in to. What would you recommend to someone who wants something accessible, but something that isn't "basic" or dumbed down? Overall I really liked the first show, podcasting is great fun isn't it!
  3. Interesting this is, Nintendo was actually working multiplayer functionality for the Virtual Boy. IIRC there is a port on the bottom of the system that would have allowed multiple Virtual Boys to be linked, with each individual player supplying their own goggles. The VB flopped and multiplayer was never officially announced. ***My brother found a pristine copy of Final Fantasy VII at a Goodwill store for one dollar. It's amazing what people give away.*** Try this one on for size, about a year ago I picked up a Nintendo Power Set (the one with the power pad) complete with everything including the box. The price? $10! I love shopping at goodwill/thrift stores, it is like a treasure hunt.
  4. I recently picked one up at my local Goodwill store for the price of $5! Still in the box, perfect condition, and it included Wario and Tennis. While I will agree that the Virtual Boy was a bad decision on Nintendo's part, but it is kind of fun to play for short periods of time. I think that it is hilarious that a Nintendo product has a "not for children" warning plastered all over it.
  5. I picked up Professor Layton for the DS on good that I played through the entire main story and finished the game Sunday night. If you like puzzles and brain teasers this game is not to be missed. Basically PL is a point and click adventure that uses the DS stylus for all of your movement and puzzle solving. The game does have lots of bonus features to keep you going after the main quest is completed, and you can download a free puzzle every week through Nintendo Wi-Fi
  6. I have heard of Z&W, and other, Wii games being hard to find in certain areas. Carnival Games is another one that has been hard for some people to find. Why does everything about the Wii have to be so darn complicated?
  7. Contra 4 is fun if you are a) a masochist b) an old school 2d shoot 'em up fan The game loves the fact that it is incredibly hard, and in fact mocks you if you choose to play on the easy level. There are 9 levels to the game and each time I make my way to the next I swear that it is impossible. Memorization is the key to success, and you will have to play each level probably a dozen times before you figure it all out. Get hit once and you lose a life, you only get 5 continues, but if you stop and save the game they take a continue away from you. Oh, and the Contra code is not included. I have heard that if you complete the game you can unlock the original Contra and, I believe, Super C. I love it, if for no other reason than it feels like I have gone back in time to when games were really hard.
  8. In terms of time, the great thing about Z&W is you can play it in bite sized chunks. Some of the puzzles take maybe 10-15 minutes, other do take a while but those are the boss levels. Plus, you can play a level or two one day, put it down for a week, and then pick it up again and remember exactly what you were doing. It really is too bad that Z&W has gone under the radar, it is the perfect example of a game that takes the Wii's casual controls and puts them into a hardcore (challenging, but still approachable) game.
  9. Don't hate! :laugh: I picked up her signature at the local "haunted hayride" attraction a few years ago. For such a small time show they are able to get some pretty cool special guests. Over the years I've picked up photos and sigs and from Kane Hodder, Doug Bradley, and even Gunnar Hansen...but I think I pissed him off because I pointed out to my brother that he was the guy from Mosquito...though it wasn't meant as an insult because my brother was a "fan" of that masterpiece. Ms. Bettis, though, was my favorite pick up, I just wish I had my camera that night.
  10. May is a great flick, and my DVD autographed by Angela Bettis is one of my most prized possessions.
  11. I just wanted to thank the gang here at for single handedly bringing me back to the world of comics. I was a big fan of comics in the 90s (wasn't everybody) but my passion for them died out as I went through high school. For the longest time I have wanted to get back in to collecting, but doing so proved to be a very intimidating venture. The local comic shop guys aren't very friendly and asking them for advice is like asking them to cut off their big toe, and none of my friends are into comics so I really didn't have anyone to give me direction for a good starting point to get back into the hobby. Enter the show. The "Is it Wednesday Yet" and "Previews" episodes have pointed me to some great books and have helped to reintroduce me to the industry as a whole. The information is presented in a very approachable (read non-fanboy) way, and the buy/flip/skip rating system is perfect in it's simplicity. It's really exciting to be back around these stories, and I feel like a kid again! It may seem like a strange thing to thank someone for, but thank you. The non comic episodes are great as well, and I never miss an episode of Dread Media. What a complete fan I am. :laugh: /sappy love fest
  12. Anyone out there playing this game? Basically it is a throwback to all of the point and click adventure games, and it focuses on puzzle solving. Z & W is a game that could not be made for any other console but the Wii, and I think that anyone who owns Nintendo's little white box needs to pick this game up. Don't let the cartoon style fool you, the game is seriously challenging, but in a fun way!