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  1. Chamber from Gen X and New Warriors
  2. HMV Ireland were doing a deal for the elite and Fable 2 and FIFA 09 for 300 euro(which is the price of the console) not so long ago
  3. My PC is dying a slow and painfull death at the moment one of the RAM slots is after crapping out, the PC is hanging on the bios screen for ages as well
  4. This game hasn't been released anywhere but in Japan :grumble: , but all the review say its great. So for those with a DS flash card or an emulator, here's a link to a translated hack, Soma Translation All of the story is translated apart from a glossary I think. You need the game rom to patch, but I wouldn't know where to get that from :angel:
  5. just after beating magus for the first time. God I missed this game so much
  6. You would have been better telling that to the KKK, they would be more understanding. As Dread said be who you are, at the very least you will find something to be happy about.
  7. Fry's Dog, Marks death in ER and the end of season 1 of heroes with peter and nathan.
  8. does any one were I can find the "ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah" theme, I've been looking but I can't find
  9. not a bad ep, just wish they spent more time on Nathan's turn
  10. Love the way TNA said he was a former World Champ
  11. I got my copy in the post today :urock: Can't wait to get reaquainted with an old friend like chrono trigger
  12. And then you have the Irish system where the two main parties Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are both right wing and aren't that much different from one another in policies. While the other parties like Labour, Sinn Fein and the Green Party are pointless because they have to compromise their own beliefs and hop into bed with one of the big two, which is what happened with both labour and the Greens. And Sinn Fein are outcasts because of links with the Provo's. And the Progressive Democrats only won 2 seats in the last elections so they have closed the party becuase they don't feel it viable anymore. I don't know who I am going to vote for in the next election, although it won't be any of those parties