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  1. "The Ultimate Thrill" pretty much sums up the way I feel of most the DCAU. "Close but no cigar" I will not say theyr'e is no love from the creators,writers and animators, but the great episode are few and far between and missed opprotunity is abound at most corners Examples..well first let me mention the "Riddler rReforms" episode...which is bascially a take off of a Joker series in comics called going sane. Usinf riddler isntead of the joker was a terrible choice, and using the joker would have not just made more sense [Pun intended] but would have worked on a deeper level. As for "The Ultimate Thrill" the episode that brings it all to head this idea of close but no cigar to me. It's obvous the villianess is just combo of three villains and blantly reeks of no creativity.Firefly worked in the movies and went to far...Catwoman walks the edge to steal, the need for a thrill...Her bubbliness is obviously harley.. This episode should have been catwoman and her need to steal, the thrill of that hunt could have easily been protrayed as a illness as it was before in earlier bat episodes and saved us from a lackluster villainess.. The reason I'm so hard on it is because the DCAU HAS created some very interesting characters...and added quirks to already great characters in moments of sheer genuis..But they are far and few between...even when the obvious stared them in the face. OOps almost forgot the required piece of artwork with post lol
  2. Yea you got it right on man..first time for everything I guess...Cause no one gets that right ever lol thanks again..You keep doing these podcasts..I'll keep drawing
  3. Thanks for answering my questions on the show guys!
  4. Question A: Could Superman punch a hole through his own chest? I know it's a weird question, But it came to me listening to the World's finest podcast and I was stumped. A few reasons why I am stumped is because of a few theories 1.A straw can be driven through a raw potatoe with enough speed. Now as humans we can't put are hands through our chests, but superman has super speed! could the velocity of his hand in a open palmed closed fingers position be sent through his chest? 2.Superman shaves and cuts his hair with his heat vision, Now I know thinner then skin, and easier to cut, burn, or detach...were talking superman. Now I ain't hip to Superman's powers used against him. that's why I had to ask. Question B: whose faster flash or superman?..I have heard of comics adressing this but never read them, I also have heard of the smallville Flash outrunning Clark but this is smallville and not up to par in answering my question. I kinda hopes it's flash. Question C: Whose Batman's Batman..I mean to say, Batman is the balance of superman, Supes goes crazy, Bats gets the call, but has it ever been established who would take out bats if he went nuts? I mean they gotta think on that after all Bats has plans that could take out the whole league if needed, and they know that. just curious
  5. Once again amazing clear cut A plus work, I wish I could get to render one of my own characters in such a beautiful and vibrant way...Hmm I might just take a stab at one of yours lol, what fun is art if yea don't mix it up a little eh? lol
  6. Covers Project, Gonna put everything here if that's okay with yea. Posted the first before I think but I wanted to put them all in one place. Joker Clayface Mad-Hatter Freeze
  7. LOL actually I like more of the marvel characters then the DC, I just always felt as cool the ideas and as epic as the greatest stroylines of those marvel characters..Over all DC does it better when dealing with the wolrd wide stroylines and the secondary players. they give these people flaws and the knowledge that they aren't the main roster, give them jealousy, Humor and not all bad asses who suddenly when they make a come back can kick anybodies ass [spider-woman beat up wolverine?...really marvel...really?'
  8. Panther sucks...there I said it lol But again it's just my opinion and if your enjoying the invasion storyline cool and if you loved zombies awesome I'm just pointing out how I feel that somethings don't spark as they use to.. As for over exposure..I grant yea that. it's crippled alot of heroes. But in one shot things like Zombies where the idea of it was just to have fun well you should stick to the main guys everyone wants to see that's all.
  9. well yea can't please all the people all the time, and for some reason I just feel that DC has been better at these world wide stroylines then Marvel has for a very long time now, which is weird to me because I feel over all Marvel has alot more to work with. But that's the fun of being a armchair writer , that you can look at it and say wait a second.. My wait a second moment came when I felt they blew thier load in one wad ..Is Pym being a skrull juicey? Sure it is. But was letting us in so early smart? In my eyes no. I have little hope for it to get better because of all the lack luster finishes to the stories done so far. And that's my biggest trouble. Sure Kirkman may have been a fan boy but the fun drained in Marvels by not allowing a band of survivors that wouldbe more believeable and fun to watch..I mean ...Black Panther? Really Black panther? It's like having Gaint man being the lead of the zombies. Marvel is trying to push mid level heroes as main rosters which isn't the case and not really needed since marvel has so many main roster characters to work with. So should they use Spidey? Hulk? Wolvie? Daredevil and the rest of the main roster more in main roles in these storylines...Hell yeah because that's what's selling these things...Not pym and Black panther. lol well that's just me and you may be right I won't say you aren't it just troubles me that Marvel has dropped so many balls lately
  10. D.W, I'm cursing Marvel after the lack luster cival war A Marvel Zombies that wasn't half as entertaining as it would have been if done by a fan and a skrull invasion that will see everyone but the clever or shocking choices being skrull. they'd rather go the obvious route..Of course Pym is a skrull because that would be easier to do then say kidnapping a old lady who happens to be the aunt of spider man and try to assinate him later. But no A skrull would can easily get into the avengers rankings even though they have highly identitifying technology..that's much easier to get into then a new york city apartment. ...Okay I have ranted on marvel. lol I guess it's the case with me that..I love the ideas, they are always really great but the stories themselves always come off kinda shrug worthy.
  11. Once again Marvel Totally Utterly misses the boat on a great idea, Not much unlike Cival War..Or How I learned to stop worrying about Marvel pecking order and Hate Tony Stark Even more... The Biggest of shockers should have been Skrull AUNT MAY! Also it would have been a very good way out for the staff of spider-man revealing his identity why 1.Aunt May being abducted by the Skrull and replaced would have been shocking in the way of how deep and evil the skrulls invasion has gotten right under thier noses. 2. After knowing Aunt May is abducted Spidey would have gone after them with help. But remember the invasion would still be unknown on the level that it was. 3. One dead skrull...that's all you would need. One dead skrull killed in battle even accidently would have been a perfect way out for spidey and a way for Iron to make amends. Iron man could easily report that Spidey was killed in battle while trying to be approhended for his turn coat ways during the way and his unwilingness to comply..But he would also add that the spider man they killed was not the spider-man at all..But a skrull posing as parker and also as spider-man, A frame job if you will in attempts to trouble the heroes in thier darkest hours. Parker was just a unlucky face picked for this scheme, Lucky for parker though the skrull told Iron of his where abouts and he was safely returned home. BING BANG BOOM....PLOT THICKENED...PARKER NOT SPIDEY ANYMORE...IRON MAN BUILDS THE BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP AGAIN WITH SPIDEY. Sigh...if only the house of creations could keep those creations in the realm of fun and not fluff to sell more comics to unknowing masses who think this is a universe changing event.
  12. Other Peoples fandom is truly the highest quality of inspiration for me to pick up a pencil, It could be on any subject be it history to smurfs, But If I find a video or a person who really conveys some true love for something I can't help but try to capture it all the best I can in drawings. When I also find myself in the same fandom as a person well...just step back and watch me go.. Every Podcast I listen to get's a sketch.
  13. Texas chainsaw Notebook everything...IN TECHNO-COLOR DEADPIT.....DOT COM
  14. SHOGUN BUNNY!!!!!! ummmm I got nothing ditto Everyone likes Vampires right? I love piggies..I love them good! Nope nothing ROBOTS!! Gore! SADNESS! GOOBERS! Civil Unrest! Bippy!