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    Kingdom Hearts II

    Good game. Beat everything in it. Got all my summons and overdrives leveled up. That was actually very easy when you find certain places to do it at. Sephiroth isn't that hard if you know what to do. Thats all it is. My fav. weapon was the Fenfir. And Final Form leveled up is the shit. Great game though. Hopefully the third one is good. Hopefully we won't have to wait as long, but we'll probably have to wait even longer.
  2. In Naruto how do Sakura and Naruto get the bells from Kakashi the second time they take the bell test.
  3. I'll add I, my, me, Strawberry eggs. This is a pretty fucked up show. A guy wants to be a teacher but the only school he can teach at is an all girl school that only allows women teachers. So guess what he does. Ya......its pretty fucked up.
  4. Itachi (Naruto) Nicholas D. Wolfwood(Trigun) Valentine Brothers (Hellsing) George (G Gundam) The quincy dude (Bleach) Ken Ichijouji (Digimon Season 2) I have more but I can't think of them
  5. In Naruto, what kind of Seal does Sasuke have?
  6. Here's a link to the actuall bill. Read it for yourself.
  7. After reading alot into the bill it doens't like such a bad idea. The bill states that if a manufacturer or retailer has distributed, sold, or rented a violent video or computer game to a person under 17 then the company can have a suit filed against them. But since most parents buy these games for their children then it will show even more how the parents are all fault. The bill won't shift the blame onto the manufactuer, it will help prevent younger children from buying the game.
  8. Kitch

    Pen and Paper RPGs

    I love playing D&D. ?But my friends and simplified the rules alot and changed alot of stuff. One time I created a FFT type game that was really quite fun. But we haven't played in quite some time. I story a friend I were making was great. Tons of the characters we crated show massive signs of grey.
  9. Kitch


    I was wondering if anybody could find me a pic of Naruto's symbol on is stomach. I used to have but now I can't find it. I want teh symbol that has the seals all around it. I'm getting it tatoo'd on my back. I already have the sasuke's cursed seal on the left side of my back.
  10. I've seen the movie twice already and I loved it. Ryan Renolds stole the movie as far as i'm concerned. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get some pics of the familiar tatoos. My friend wants to get one and asked more to find a pic but I can't. Help me.
  11. I guess so. I just remember Kitana being in it a lot. And it having a general post-apocalyptic kinda feel (I'm assuming it took place in Outworld, or the few episodes I saw did.). I actually like the show. It always came on after WCW Nitro and it just fit in real nicely. And yes it did center around Kung Lao.
  12. I prefer Alucard japanese voice. But I always prefer Japanese voices. But he does rock and is a great voice actor.
  13. I will be getting this. For some really odd reason I completly hooked on this show one summer and couldn't stop watching for the life of me. I think I have seen every episode and would gladly watch them all again. Dean Cain was a perfect Superman and did a great job with the character.
  14. Kitch


    Thanks, but I already found all of them. Well I didn't but my brother did. And upon further reading Bleach is soon becoming a fav. anime of mine.
  15. Kitch


    Does anyone know where I could download the manga to Bleach? I just watched the first episode of it today and I thought it awesome.
  16. Kitch

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Gummi Bears was the Shit. I'd like to see a Lion King Level or maybe even a mighty ducks level
  17. I am seeing this movie solely because of Ryan Reynolds. He is one of my favorite actors. I hopeone day he gets a good staring role in a good movie.
  18. I'd be a bit pissed off if some one stole my X-box. I would want revenge too. I just don't think I would go that far. Maybe if I was in a fit of rage and did it spontaniously.
  19. My friends little brother has that and it sucks. The only episode I watched was the White Ranger one. And yes the Green Ranger Saga was the best.
  20. Does anyone know if any boxsets were released of Power Rangers or are there any plans on releasing them? I want to get the first couple of Seasons of it when it is released. Probably up to the Zeo Saga.