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  1. When danger reared its ugly head, He bravely turned his tail and fled, Actually, the next day, a friend of hers had a birthday party, so she got to go as Wonder Woman (so technically, she did still dress up as a princess)
  2. Oy. You feel old because you were in high school? Smallville (and Justice League and The Tick - live action) all started after I finished med school. The Simpsons started at the end of high school (and thanks to it's stupid high ratings, The Flash got low ratings and was canceled. Not that I'm bitter). The nice thing about now is everything is available, so I can get my 5 year old daughter to watch Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Superfriends, and Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (she likes Firestar because they both have red hair) and actually have her get my references. Altho
  3. La La Land Records, who finally gave us a BTAS soundtrack, are re-releasing the Mask of the Phantasm soundtrack. It's currently available on iTunes, but is only about 35 minutes of music. The new release is 62 minutes, so almost twice as much music, plus a 20 page booklet that I'll never read because the only way I use CDs is as fodder for my iPod, but someone else might like it. Still no JL soundtrack, but the fact that they're releasing more DCAU music is encouraging.
  4. As an update, I was just checking the La La Land Records site on the off chance that they're announcing the release of something similar for another DCAU project. (That's right. I'm on tenterhooks awaiting the release of "The Zeta Project" score. Well, that and trying to figure out what "tenterhooks" means). Anyways, the BTAS score was a limited edition of 3000 copies. Suprise, suprise - all sold out. Bad news - if you haven't gotten it yet, you have to wait for a rerelease (unless you're...shall we say...suave). Good news - hopefully this will convince whoever makes these decisions tha
  5. The main two others that I listen to are a bit off topic fro the E2 world. Both are by Dan Carlin - Common Sense is chiefly about politics, taking shots at both sides, and Hardcore History is, well, cool history stuff. Chris
  6. Got mine yesterday as well - had to go through the track names and such to make sure everything was right before I transferred it to my iPod, but it sounds really good. I also liked the last track on Disk 2 - "Music Of The Bat", where it's a mix of explanation (I didn't look, but I assume it's Lolita Ritmanis, although it could have been something Shirley Walker recorded before she died). and going through the components of the theme and some of the ways they hooked different components together to evoke different moods. I'm so used to the orchestral, heavy brass version of the theme that t
  7. actually I didn't get the email until after 2...... but the point is that if the ep is available for individual purchase why wouldn't the season pass update when the episode first posted? it's ok now I've got the episode but still it's fucking frustrating as hell. If I pay for something and it's supposed 2 download at minimum of 24 hrs later I want it ASAP I guess it's the OCD in me. LOL To be honest, that's not that bad - I had bought the season pass for Robot Chicken, Season 3 last year, then the show went on hiatus from December til August. The first new episode downloaded just fin
  8. Then again, if it's balanced by someone like Erin Grey in a jumpsuit...
  9. Naw! This could be a really cute family, action / adventure film like Spy Kids. Sure, a Saturday morning cartoon would be better, but this has potential. Been done - there was a live action pilot oh, about 1990, 1991. Never released. Let's see, I think Alex could float, Katie made energy balls, Julie moved fast (but wasn't flying), and Jack just shrunk, rather than changing his density. Their parents were overly touchy feely and knew about their powers, and the plot centered on Jack stealing something from a haunted house on a dare, Alex and Katie have to help him return it before th
  10. Glad that things are resolved, Doug.
  11. Doug, The other thing to consider is this. When you confront your mom, as good as it feels to do the same thing to her, to yell, to scream, it's not really the point. You probably want 2 things. You want your mother to apologize, and you want her to stop checking your email in the future. If you give yourself a bit of time to collect your thoughts (and sometimes that may involve playing out the screaming version of the conversation in your head - those always go better when you get to make up the other person's lines anyways), you'll probably find that things go much better. First, th
  12. .............It is in english...haven't got the set myself and don't plan to for a while yet as I REALLY HATED JUBILEE! "Look at me I can shoot sparklers!" Wow, that's nice.........it's not going to get the dishes done, but nice. Can't believe that they replaced Shadowcat with Jubilee for the ingenue role. Of course, Calender Girl did the sparklies from the fingers in "Mean Seasons", too - just about as useless of a character. Chris
  13. Maybe you missed the part about me turning into Bruce Wayne by 2050. You'll be skipping along, thinking you're all young and sprightly at 72. Then, I'll sic Ace on you. And Dan and I will laugh - from 87 time zones apart. 42 years, my friend. 42 years.
  14. Amen, brother. Blasted kids today.
  15. Sigh. I remember watching it when it first aired as an adult.... I started med school 2 years after college. My second year, I had some undergrad call me "sir" and felt old. The depressing thing is that now, that memory has a "10th Anniversary Edition" cover on it... Realizing that the parents of some of my patients weren't born when I started high school... Or, there was last month, when Selina joined the WFP threads and assured Mike that she'd bring up the average age because she was 25.... The realization that when we get to 2050 (about the time of Batman Beyond), I'll be Old
  16. I'm suprised they'll ship anything to Boston after that tea shipment a few years back.
  17. The themes or the shows? As far as the shows, I agree about IM, but I thought the first season of Hulk was pretty decent. The second season dropped quite a bit - I loved Cree Summer as Max in Batman Beyond, but her Shulkie was grating - I liked Jennifer Hale as the first season Shulk better (not to mention Banner as a geeky scientist rather than a male model). I'm going to take a wild stab and guess that the Amazon UK store doesn't ship to Hawaii (hell, half the time, US stores don't. Papers here are hoping that if Obama is elected, he'll sign an executive order banning "shipping to the
  18. I don't think they'll ever release the 90's Spiderman/X-men series on DVD.... (waiting for imminent news release proving me wrong......) hey, it worked when Mike said they wouldn't release Zeta And yes, I know, Disney owns rights, yadda yadda yadda. Worth a try, though.
  19. Maybe he got the dry facts from BTAS, but he sure didn't seem to have a clue about what to do with them. Yeah, his wife was in stasis with an incurable disease, but basically, he was just played as another over-the-top villain with a cold gun, just as he had been before Timm & Co. rewrote his origin. Schumacher may have taken notes from a character bio, but he sure missed the heart of the character.
  20. Here I thought I was pretty laid back - I end up as a 3 way tie for arguably the 3 most famous villains around... You are The Joker The Joker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45% Lex Luthor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45% Dr. Doom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45% Juggernaut -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41% Apocalypse --------------------------------------------
  21. I don't know about that - I wouldn't say that Schumaker or Schwarzenegger had even SEEN any of the episodes with Mr. Freeze (Arnold. In a bathrobe. In the freezer. Conducting the shivering goons singing the snowman song. Shudder.) I do have to say, though, that when I look at the Riddler's origin in "Batman Forever", I can see a LOT of similarities to "Mad As A Hatter", so I can believe that much. I had downloaded "Children Of The Gods from iTunes, then immediately got the rest of Stargate SG-1 on DVD - about midway through the 7th season now. I think a big part of why I like it is
  22. That just reminds me of a quote from an essay by Larry Niven about Superman's mating problems. "One must not think of Superman as a peeping Tom. Biological abilities must be used. If billions of people shamelessly walk around wearing clothes without lead in them, that is hardly his fault."
  23. From Mal to Hal? I like it. I said this before about the casting of "The New Frontier", but David Boreanez is someone else I could see pulling it off - especially after seeing him do the FBI agent on "Bones".