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  1. And have a look at this recent press.—british-transit-enthusiast-aims-at-a-speed-record-for-visiting-subway-stations http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.
  2. I did consider a PM. It's called an email. See the press release below for tomorrow's (Tuesday's) Chicago event. *** ADHAM FISHER TOURS CHICAGO “L” WITH MISS EARTH ILLINOIS NIKKI HUBER TO PROMOTE HIS ATTEMPT TO RECAPTURE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD/ NOISIVELVET ANNOUNCES INDOOR GARDEN INSTALLATION (CHICAGO, April 2012) Adham Fisher, of Leicester, England, and Nikki Huber, of Schaumburg, Illinois are joining forces and boarding the CTA to cross promote Adham's attempt to re-capture his Guinness World Record for riding the entire Chicago L system, and Nikki's mission of showing how
  3. Hello all. Yours truly will be in Chicago from April the 23rd to the 29th for a week of CTA activity. There is potential for good publicity and I've been trying to contact Mike to ask about doing something for Earth-2, but without success. Mike, if you read this, please email me, or maybe someone can point him in my direction. Any others in and around Chicago, tell me what you're doing next week. More later.
  4. And then some teenagers tried to emulate me, and were invited to lunch with the President.
  5. Hello. While in Chicago with the British Invasion, I visited every station on the L. This was mentioned on the Convention Thread and previewed on the CTA Tattler blog here. Now an account of the day has been published, should you wish to read about what exactly goes on in setting a public transport mark. Part One. Part Two.
  6. Hello all. Exactly as advertised and hell to the fuck yes. This is slightly overdue, but I wanted to say that meeting all of you was excellent. It's a pity I didn't attend the convention with you due to the L run (keep an eye on that blog, because my account of the day will be published soon) and taking weight out of my suitcase in the form of vinyl to music stores (Mothers' Day is now available on 12" at Reckless Records, Dave's Records and K Starke Records, and you should buy it to offset my travel debt). Those activites took place in the Friday and Saturday daytimes respectively, then th
  7. TND, TWINE, PWG, CR, QOS. I agree with TFG1Mike that Brosnan should have done one more film, if only to redeem himself from the atrocity of Purvis! Wade! GRRRR!. I've never been a big fan of cinemas, especially now that everything seems to be in 3D. I watched a bit of Avatar and didn't understand the fuss. If a 3D Bond film is ever brought out, I would probably be very disappointed.
  8. The return of Adham Fisher is marked by the almost final confirmation of rumours that have been circulating for the past three months. ADHAM FISHER HAS BOOKED HIS PLANE TICKETS, HAS C2E2 IN HIS SIGHTS AND CHICAGO SHALL DROP UNDER PRESSURE!!! In the words of Venneh, hell to the fuck yes. So sorry to be rather late off the mark here, but I have been otherwise engaged. I say “almost final confirmation” at the moment because I have not received my tickets yet. Ian has suggested I inform you all of the developments as there might be accommodation sharing opportunities. Also, as part of m
  9. Really? If I post you a CD of my music, can you pass it on to him so he can give it to the big cheese? Available for soundtracks, will travel.
  10. That's pretty much how I feel about them. There is no denying the influence they have had, and will continue to have, on music since they formed, but their material has never done anything for me. I think I only vaguely like three of their songs. Plus, I tend not to listen to anything that was released before 1979 anyway.
  11. Hello all. I am glad that my musical masterpiece has been met with such appreciation. Young Batey, I am wondrous at the fact that you have listened to this episode three times. You surely have to be our biggest fan, and for that, we are planning a little something for you. Mr Lubcho - please outline your ideas for the Peniscast. Though I suspect it might be along the lines of the "Blatantly Would" phenomenon with which my friends and I came up a few years back. There is recorded evidence of this - I'll see if I can find it. At Mr Batey's request, the lyrics to 'All The Same' are be
  12. It's Mother's Day Stateside on Sunday May 10 (one week from now), so I am bringing this back to the fore. Look out for it at the end of For Your Ears Only episode 13 too...
  13. It's an interesting one. Personally I have not liked anything either artist has done apart from Seven Nation Army (now the Bond theme could be put over that bassline) but, like Ian, I think it could be good.
  14. Hello all. I'm Slothian's sidekick on For Your Ears Only. As well as recording with him, I'm also a musician. Boston Dan picked up on my somewhat unique versions of the James Bond themes and asked if I had a CD release due. I actually do have a single out at the moment, though it's on vinyl, but download too, and so I thought I'd tell everyone about it, particularly as it has more relevance on the west side of the Atlantic. I'm known as AFS in the music world, and my single is called Mothers' Day. The story behind it is as follows: In the summer of 2001, a cassette tape was discovered
  15. He has a mighty pair of lungs, that boy... I like the cut of that man's jib. Is there any word of a CD release? Well, now, it's funny you should mention that, because apart from being Ian's sidekick, I am also a musician. It might not sound like it from the podcasts, admittedly, but I have a single out now in the UK, on which, you might be glad to hear, I don't sing. It's called Mothers' Day and features a sample of a Canadian man from a cassette discovered with a computer bought at a garage sale in Winnipeg. I think you'll find it intriguing. I'll create a new thread in the Off Topic