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  1. Is it okay to rewrite character relationships? For example, He-man and She-ra were brother and sister in the Filmation cartoon. I have them as friends and lovers in my personal canon. Is this okay? I adjust the story to suit my tastes.
  2. I was wondering why He-man and She-ra are not more popular. They were huge in the 80's. Their character designs are two of my favorites. To me they should have mainstream appeal, more so than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  3. Zack Snyder killed the characters of Superman and Batman.
  4. I don't know if Robin makes Batman look lighthearted or carefree, but he is a little less grim when The Boy Wonder is around. It would be less creepy if Batgirl were his sidekick, rather than a teenage boy.
  5. I don't think people here will know about Transformers, but I thought Megatron was the lifeblood of the G1 Transformers cartoon. When he got turned into Galvatron, the show started to die. Galvatron was too maniacal. Megatron was a better leader; he was coherent, authoritative, and scary. He was the perfect foil for Optimus Prime, cruel, unrelenting, uncompromising evil. Megatron would not shake Prime's hand as Galvatron did at the end of "The Return of Optimus Prime."
  6. Spider-man is people's favorite superhero world-wide. Why do you think that is? I love Spider-man, the original Steve Ditko version, but his villains are just eh to me. They're too unrealistic and cartoony. Why do a lot fans like the Mcfarlene Spider-man as their favorite version of Spider-man. To me his eyes are way too big. What puts Spider-man over Batman as the world's favorite superhero?
  7. I say 'Yes' to all of the questions contained above.
  8. Robin (Tim Drake) was kidnapped, brainwashed, and molested by the Joker. He ended up Joker's zombie even into his old age. Robin makes Batman look gay. I agree with Stan Lee, "I hate sidekicks." That's what I like about Superman; he doesn't need a sidekick. That's why you never see him with one.
  9. Spider-man and Batman, He-man and She-ra, and G1 Omega Supreme are my favorites.
  10. Not a problem. So do you like Batman Beyond? It was a good show, but I did not like seeing my favorite characters old and pushed to the background.
  11. I'm sorry. I wasn't implying violence against women. I was talking about sweeping a girl off her feet.
  12. Superman can take Wonder Woman by force, and Batman couldn't do a thing about it. Woman Woman would leave Batman when he becomes old man Wayne. There's no way Batman, a mere mortal, could hold on to a metahuman like Wonder Woman.
  13. I'm talking about females. Girls like love stories. That's why they're attracted to Superman, because of the Lois & Clark dynamic. That show was popular among females. Give Batman a love story with Wonder Woman. Superman always gets Wonder Woman.
  14. I think in order for Batman to appeal to a wider audience he needs to get the girl sometimes. It's frustrating having his story always be so tragic. It would be nice to see Batman get someone who's way out of his league, like Wonder Woman.
  15. When Batman went forward in time to chase Chronos, Batman Beyond became an alternate future. Old man Wayne did not remember traveling forward in time, implying that the JLU Batman and Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne are not the same person-----they belong to two different timelines, two different realities, now as a result of the time travel. The JLU Batman saw what he was going to become, and what was going to happen, so the JLU Batman split off into another timeline (eg. like in "Star Trek" the first movie of the new ones). The JLU Batman probably was effected, as any of us would be, by meeting his future self, and so decides he does not want to grow old alone and realizes he wants to marry Wonder Woman, creating an alternate reality for himself and splitting off into a new timeline separate from Batman Beyond. Thus starts another time line, another reality, an Earth 2 if you will.
  16. Can it be said Batman and Wonder Woman end up together in the DC Animated Universe?
  17. How does a farcical episode like the "Main Man" get a 10 rating while Mask of the Phantasm only gets a 9. And is it true that Batman: The Animated series is not the greatest animated series of all time? It's Justice League Unlimited?
  18. "Superman: Unbound" is not in continuity with the DC Animated universe. The origin of Brainiac is totally different.
  19. Considering his parents were killed when he was just a little boy I feel they should have given Batman a happy ending with Andrea Beaumont in "The Mask of the Phantasm." I don't like how writers continuously screw this character over.
  20. I was surprised that the double entendre during the Metallo origin episode was not pointed out, where the woman is telling Luther how big his yacht is before Metallo arrives.
  21. Is Batman: Arkham Origins a good graphic novel. I'm not into the video game. Is it worth paying $9.99?
  22. Thank You. The 1989 Batman movie and Batman Returns spawned Batman: The Animated Series. BTAS was clearly created to capitalize on the success of the Tim Burton films. You can tell by the similarity in design (eg. the batmobile, catwoman,...) and music (ie. Danny Elfman). Also, BTAS was inspired by the dark tone of the 1989 movie and it's sequel. Those movies brought to the mainstream the dark Batman, which inspired the creation of BTAS, which spawned the DC animated universe. So, if the Tim Burton films did not happen I don't think there would have been the financial motivation to create BTAS and the DC Animated Universe would never have happened. The Keaton Batman movies created that interest in the mass market for the dark Batman. BTAS took that and ran with it.
  23. Thanks! i noticed that Batman: The Animated series got the lowest rating out of all the DC Animated universe showstopper the World's Finest Podcast. I agree that Superman, Justice League, and Batman Beyond were probably brighter, funner, and more colorful shows. I'm just wondering if the DCAU shows that came after BTAS were better written, why was Batman: The Animated Series the only Emmy-award winning cartoon in the bunch.