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    just got homw from blink 182 concert
  2. thanks but i handled it. Me and my friend got it done a couple of minutes ago. Oh and i neeeded the Ezikiel speech because i needed to give an example of a monologue for my english class but thanks anyway
  3. I need the clip from Pulp Fiction where sam jackson gives the monologue at the beggining but just without the cursing and i need it fast can anyone help me.
  4. i have had that dog since i was born so it was really hard to bury him today.
  5. dude i remember taliking about the physcho rangers with all of my friends in the second grade. That was the last power rangers season that i watched
  6. i got it yesturday and i just beat it. While the game was really awesome i didn't like any of the boss battles that ended up happening
  7. gamefly hasn't recieved my game yet so i may not get to play this game for a few more days or weeks.
  8. coolguy


    i don't know but right now i really want it back.
  9. coolguy


    i have to go back to high school
  10. Hey maybe you could do Flash Rouge Wars if you haven't done it yet, or maybe you could review Deadpool classics 1 or 2, i really like both of those books.
  11. Man i just played the demo, and i was only going to rent the game but now i think that i have to buy it.
  12. hey were can i read the script because where ever i look i never find it.
  13. alright then thanks. do any of you have it on the PS3 because i will play multiplayer
  14. ha. Thats true.You know i also got a perfect score on my english test, but then again that was the Taks test.
  15. Around half of the kids in my class were really smart, and all of them tried on the test, but the main point fo the class was to get the Ap credit.We were all in a special program that aimed for us to take multiple ap tests, this was just the first. From day one that was what we went for and while i did learn a lot, some of the kids goofed off and didn't do any of the work so they faild the class anyways.
  16. Has anyone played this game, because i was interested in it and i really wanted to know if it was good.
  17. thanks. Most of them are really pissed because we took a class for a full year in preparation, so they took the class for nothing
  18. the only sad thing is that the rest of my class that took the same test all got a 1 so they all ended up failing
  19. i Liked it well enough, and i guess that i will buy the second trade when it comes out on Instocktrades but other than that i won't really look into it more
  20. i just got a 5 out of 5 on my World History AP test, so i got college credit while i am a junior