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  1. Most of the Batman that you guys recommended i don't have so i might get one of those. I also wanted to check out the question and boster gold so i might take those recomdations. thanks for your help.
  2. I really need to know some good trades from instocktrades that are for any DC heroes because i am going on a trip and i wanted to get some entertainment.
  3. i never played the first one, was it any good?
  4. really i only read the first trade, and i am really looking forward to buying the more when i get the money. I really like how it pulls you in really quickly, and the first time i read it i couldn't put it down until i finished.
  5. if it does indeed happen then i know that no matter what i will still go see it at the movie theaters. I thought what they did with the charater in wolverine can be fixed, but i think that in order to really get it to be a great movie they need to have renold's be at his funniest. If they can do that then the movie will be great.
  6. Man i just saw a leaked print from Mexico, and i really wasn't too thrilled with how it turned out. I really got worked up to see it but all i got in the end was just a regular popcorn movie. Man i really am dissapointed
  7. just got resident evil 5, and if anyone wants to play multiplayer for the ps3 tell me because i really hate the coputer when it plays as the other character.
  8. yeah. this is really cool because i they were alrigth as a band and they kinda sucked when they formed thier own bands
  9. Blink 182 just got back together at the grammies
  10. Well whenever it asks you to escort someone you can just fastravell to the new area and they will make it there. It also depends on if you are close to your destination. If you aren't then it is okay to run, but the closer you get that is when you start to sneak. Also the same enimies are in the same place, it just depends on what time you are there because the enemies also walks around the map at their own whims.
  11. Wait how far are you in the game because some of the reas you have to sneak in, and if you are below level 10 or so then i would avoid exploring becuase the supermutants will come out. Alot fo the hard partrs i the game aren;t mentioned trust me. Most of the time you just have make sure to know your surrounding, and if you are in over your head then try to run.
  12. THere really is no way to prevent the lose of data because it will give you hard enemies everyonce in a while. The olnly thing that you can do is whenever you go in a subway you save, and fastravel after you find some places. IT did freeze on me when i was around half way done after first picking it up
  13. How do you get more abilities, and new jobs because i have played this for an hour and i am already confused
  14. I want to see what your take on teh death of certianm chracters, and how many people believe that because it is in comics, people will just come back to life.
  15. I can hardly wait for Zombie to remake halloween 3. That will be awesome
  16. Fallput 3 for the second time. I really just love everything about the game
  17. thanks i probrobly will get all star superman, green lanturn secret origins, and the captain america trades. atomic robo looks really good so i might get that too, and one of my friends has walking dead so i can just have that because he doesnt want to read comics anymore. the wolverine one looks intresting, and i think my mom just uped my budget to 60 so i can probrobly squeeze most of what you recommended in
  18. It was a really great movie. The visuals were awesome, and the fight scene was funny, and most fo the acting was pretty good. THe story was alright but at firsst i had no idea what was going on, but i guess by the end it comes out pretty good.
  19. I got 40$ to spend on comics for christmas and i really want some good trades that i could buy from but i really dont know what to get, and i was hoping that some one could give me suggestions. I already have the Watchmen, Batman Year one,Batman: The Long Halloween, DC THe New frontier, Kingdom Come, Ultimate Spiderman 1-6, Ultimates 1 and 2, The Crow, and a couple more. Any suggestion would be really great.
  20. Oh man this movie will suck. IGn already posted a new trailer.
  21. happy birthday, i am going to help a brother out soon
  22. yeah nickelback sucks, and the sad thing about it is that all the people at my highschool are in love with those guys
  23. i played the game and thought that it was great, but i never got to finish it because i had rented and it was already due. I might go back and rent it just to finish it.
  24. I think that i remember supermarket sweep. Was it the one where the host would call down audience members, and they would go in the supermarket looking for whatever he called out or something. In san antonio they still show it , but it is on the spanish channels, and i can barely understand them