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  1. you do have a point there,with the lack of fatalities, and the crappy gameplay from the other games, but something weird happened at E3. They showed a trailer with a new set of characters, but then at the end of it, it fades to black, and then the voice yells, "finish him", and then we see scorpion with a skull head about to kill the flash, and then all we hear is screamining. Maybe they might have fatalities, but that may change. All you can do until they detail the game is see what the creators have to say. I just really hope that Nightwing is in the game.
  2. Dude we all know how this movie is going to end. THe whol movie the police are going to say that they have "dectectives"" on the case, and when they are finnaly revealed, at the very end of the movie, scooby doo and the gang wil come out, bust whoever is still left, and then the guy wll get really pissed to see that it has ended. Then finalllly when everyone is gone, scooby will get a weir grin, and all you will hear is , "you will be tested". Then finally the word saaw will come on screen, an dthey will drop the aw, and then add cooby doo, and scooby will be jigsaws new aprentice.
  3. the only thing is that in the first movie some of the people at the party are wearing slusho shirts. There are also rumors that the drinks that were there were slusho drinks, so many people are thiinking that Rob was going to Japan to work for Slusho, which may have a connection with the monster, because the whole time the monster is following Rob. Whereecver he went the monster was following him, so whatever was in slusho might attact the monster to wherever it is open.
  4. The trailer at least looked really cool. But doesn't the effects of the dust stuff remind you of Galactus from Fantastic Four 2 MOvie. I really thought during the trailer, oh shit it might be the silver surfer, and then it showed keeanu Reeves. It still lokks cool though.
  5. I don't know this may get really overdone. This is going to go on to Terminator 8 sooner or later.
  6. This movie was alright. The whole time that i was watching this I thought that the frog brotrherws were going to come out and kick ass, but you only ever got one of them. That was he only reason that I wanted to see this, and i was really dispointed. I say you only rent this if you want to, but really that is it.
  7. dude the trailer in the dark night gave me chills, and the whole time my brother was asking what it was. I even heard other people in the theater ask what that was. DUde it shoulda had the tagline at the end, " who will watch the watchmen" that would have made it cooler.
  8. This game is going to rock. I really haven't gotten to see the videos of the gamplay. i Wasjust wondering if everyone had the same moves