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  1. Watched the Sopranos movie. There were parts I really like and parts I thought were dull as hell. So basically how I felt about the show.
  2. That scene with Dick and Damian in Robin #5 get me right in my cold dead heart. Robin #6 was fun and nice to see that team forming naturally unlike that abomination of a Teen Titans runs. Cliffhanger is great too.
  3. The first three issues of the new Robin comic. I am a sucker for martial arts tournament stories. Damian is being written better he than he has been outside of Super Sons in years. Love him playing off Rose Wilson and Connor Hawke. Really liked the reveal of who will be filling the trope of the wise old sensei in this type of story at the end of the latest issue.
  4. I am reading through the Death of Superman arc for the first time. I didn't start reading comics until the mid aughts and the 1990s DC stuff I've gone back to read is mostly Green Lantern and Batman. I was very very unprepared for super hairy ginger faux Australian Lex Luthor and his girlfriend the shapeshifting fake Supergirl. I'm in the middle of Reign of the Supermen and I still cannot really handle this.
  5. I've repeated my criticisms of Black Panther and The Winter Soldier before. I find Infinity War and Endgame to almost be miraculous. Those movies should have collapsed under their own weight and didn't. So I go Endgame.
  6. Yeah I just can't get over the CIA agent being a hero in Black Panther. Gotta go Avengers.
  7. Yeah I know I shouldn't expect so much from the tentpole Disney movie, but sometimes I can't help it. It's like why I don't like Black Panther anywhere near most people do. I mean I take one look at the white CIA agent being treated like a hero in it, and I start thinking about Patrice Lumumba.
  8. I like Dr Strange more than most, but Captain America has a Rocketeer vibe I really dug. Makes sense since Joe Johnston directed it.
  9. The Skrulls are the best part of Captain Marvel and the worst part of Far From Home.
  10. Winter Soldier is really good, and I voted for it, but whenever I watch it I can't help but feel they chickened out by not going in deeper on the CIA rehabbing Nazi's after the war.
  11. Man even the people in Thor the Dark World hate that movie.
  12. Black Panther only works for me if Kilmonger is the hero of the story.
  13. Infinity War is a miracle that it worked.
  14. I am a fan of Shane Black, but this kinda thing didn't seem up his sleeve.