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  1. Absolutely Guardians to me. I like Endgame best of the Avengers films (with Ultron in second) but I have way more problems with it than GOTGV2.
  2. I love GOTG but I prefer it’s sequel. IM3 however is in my top five.🤷‍♂️
  3. Civil War is my second least favourite film of the MCU so Avengers easily gets my vote. (Peter’s scenes and the Cap/Bucky vs Black Panther/cops chase were dope as hell though).
  4. Personally, I have no problem with the younger aunt May. However, Mike, while I totally get what you are saying about many people's relatives is true for some it's totally not the case for me. I'm 23 and my aunts and uncles range in age from late 40's to late 70's with my parents being 65 and 58. While I do admit I have a sister who is ten years older than me, so I am not an example of being first or only born like Peter, I see no problem with either age frame considering none of it really matters that much and as evident by the podcast here, and my own family, all kinds of ages of family happ
  5. A month or two back the new series was added to Netflix Canada which had until then only had about five classic stories and Touchwood but in much bigger Canada based Who news 'An Adventure in Space & Time' and 'The Enemy of the World' come to DVD THIS TUESDAY as an exclusive at Best Buy and Future Shop stores! -Skyler
  6. Yup, from the Facebook group of Doctor Who fans of Canada I'm in, that was about the same here with the Cineplex Events section as well. The screening will be on my Birthday (25th) so IF I can get tickets sorted I'll be spending it there but I have not the foggiest idea what I'll do in the down time between the 23rd and then. Ask for more hours at work? Sleep? Go to a Casino? Camp at the theatre and watch Wolf of Wallstreet and Thor over and over? Staying away from what is basically EVERYTHING I look at on the internet may prove to be a challenge. -Skyler
  7. I'd be willing to bet that it's going to be Fathom in the States. Cineplex Odeon in Canada has been giving out pamphlets advertising it as part of the Front Row Centre Events line which is basically Canada's and Cineplex's Fathom. -Skyler
  8. While I'd rather they go with someone older, that may be rather neat. I did not have the pleasure of seeing him on Broadway but there was a point where the National Theatre of London put the Servant of Two Masters update called One Man, Two Guv'nors, which he was in with James Cordon, in film theatres and I saw his work there. I am not sure if he would play it in a silly, clownish way or a serious mannor however looking at the rest of his resume but in the single role I saw him in he was really quite good if not pretty broad. Still, what else can one expect from a updated Camila Dell'arte show
  9. Has anyone seen this story on what Davis was planning for TSJA if it could have kept on? I'm unsure of the validity of this but it seems to be real. The big news story of the piece is that Luke Smith was to have come out to Sarah Jane after hinting he may find a Boyfriend at school, Sarah Jane would have been as accepting as ever to simply reply "As long as it's not a Slitheen, I don't care!". -Skyler
  10. The Rifftrax crew posted a picture on tumblr, Twitter and Facebook today to announce that they have the rights to the first Peter Cushing movie 'Dr. Who & The Daleks' and it will be out as a VOD download on Thursday at I've never had a VOD on Rifftrax before normally going for DVDs or MP3s but I for one am thrilled by this. -Skyler
  11. True and I thought of that as well but it does not make it any better an episode. -Skyler
  12. If anyone cares the US version of iTunes has an episode for free download. Unfortunately it's 'Fear Her'. -Skyler
  13. SkylerQ91

    DC reboot

    He was never a terrific writer but I never felt bad that I paid for an issue before. -Skyler
  14. SkylerQ91

    DC reboot

    Has anybody been reading Green Arrow since Ann Nocenti started writing it? I'm seriously thinking of dropping the book even though it's one of the few monthly books I make a point to buy and GA is one of about my top three favourite DC heros along with Superman and Nightwing. Nocenti does not seem to understand who Ollie IS. Not in the way he speaks, acts or thinks. The stories she is trying to tell come across as all over the place, boring, clumsy and heavy handed. Here first ark was finished by GA getting kidnapped, away and kidnapped again for filler and yet the interesting ideas are glo