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  1. Absolutely Guardians to me. I like Endgame best of the Avengers films (with Ultron in second) but I have way more problems with it than GOTGV2.
  2. I love GOTG but I prefer it’s sequel. IM3 however is in my top five.🤷‍♂️
  3. Civil War is my second least favourite film of the MCU so Avengers easily gets my vote. (Peter’s scenes and the Cap/Bucky vs Black Panther/cops chase were dope as hell though).
  4. Personally, I have no problem with the younger aunt May. However, Mike, while I totally get what you are saying about many people's relatives is true for some it's totally not the case for me. I'm 23 and my aunts and uncles range in age from late 40's to late 70's with my parents being 65 and 58. While I do admit I have a sister who is ten years older than me, so I am not an example of being first or only born like Peter, I see no problem with either age frame considering none of it really matters that much and as evident by the podcast here, and my own family, all kinds of ages of family happen. *shrug*
  5. I don't really have much to say about these since this is actually every comic I've read so far this very which means they are not as fresh in my mind as I'd like but this was everything so far. Hawkeye, Vol. 1 Hardcover (collecting Hawkeye 1-11 and Young Avengers Presents 6) Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves (1-6 Trade) Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy (1-5 Trade) Green Lantern: Mosaic #9 (Dec 1992 with a cover date of Feb 1993) - This was one of the most depressing Christmas books I've ever picked up. I read this around the first week of the year so it was still pretty fresh in the holiday time period but the whole issue is just a downer. John has a bit of a crisis of faith, not in the same way that say, Edith Bunker, had in the past but more in the holidays themselves. He feels that he can't enjoy them because there is not really peace on Earth as is suggested. How could he when war is going on all over the galaxy, people fight over petty things, kids fight over toys and bringing religion into it, the massacre of the innocents that King Herod instigated? The comic abruptly ends with John basically saying "Whatever, Christmas is fun!" and telling the aliens a mix of religious and secular holiday stories into one. I understand what they were trying to do but it just did not work. If they wanted to they could easily do a story about John not wanting to celebrate because of the horrors he has seen but it segues into it badly after a little kitchy Christmas fun and has no REAL segue out of it. It's just a mess. Well meaning but a mess. Nightwing #24 - #29 (and Annual #1) I always loved Dick Grayson so Nightwing ending in an issue...again will hurt but Kyle Higgins really gets him and it's sad that issue 30 will not have him writing it. Afterlife With Archie #2 - #4 This book is so amazing and wonderful but that last issue broke me. I'd never cried before reading a comic. I can't wait to see where it is going... Although the Cheryl Blossom story crosses a major line I never thought I'd see in an Archie book. Forever Evil #3 - #6 Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird #1-3 This book is a bit of fun that sort of reminds me of Spy Kids although spies have nothing to do with it. This book based on the art for an unmade Disney Park Attraction (that eventually became the Haunted Mansion) but it feels poorly paced. I do hope that it ends well and that the upcoming Figment book is as well too. This would be great for kids however and may be one of the many comics that read better in one go as a trade later on. Superman Unchained #4 -#6 Green Arrow #24- #26 Adventures of Superman #5 - #10 There have been some stories I didn't like, and one I nearly hated but the majority of this book is just so much fun, I hope everyone goes out and gets it. It can be modern, retro, fun, dark and everything. This anthology is one of my favourite books. Regular Show #3-5 Superman Adventures #41 (March 2000) This was the famous 22 stories in 22 pages final issue of Mark Millar's run on the book. Damn fine issue. Superman: Lois Lane #1 I used this as a palate cleanser after that Afterlife with Archie broke me but I don't know if I could focus enough on it or if it really was simply pleasant. I didn't hate it and I didn't love it, it was just nice. I wish Lois (and Jimmy for that matter) had more to do in the New 52 though... Modern Superman Family title maybe? Wednesday Comics #4 (July 29th 2009) Superboy #6-11 (Superboy: Smallville Attacks trade second half) I love Lemire. I love that he had a fight in Windsor/Detroit. I loved most this book even though it took me a while to finish it. I don't like is that the issue with Doomsday is part of another large crossover but couldn't be left out of this because of some pages that move forward the plot of Superboy rather than just the unrelated stuff. I did feel the climax wrapped up too quickly but that's not his fault so much as the New 52's. Rocky & Bullwinkle #1 - Just like the show but with some updated references. -Skyler
  6. The guy who wrote 12 Years a Slave also did some work on Static Shock... so now the man who brought us 'Toys in the Hood' has an Oscar for writing. -Skyler
  7. As a person who knows quite a bit about Trek but hasn't seen a lick of it (unless you are counting the reboot films and Wrath of Kahn aka the most basic things that everybody has seen) I've interested in how I will like this new show. I was always the kind of person who had to watch something from the very start, and watching the reboot without actually seeing the TOS felt like I hadn't earned it or something but that sort of broke down when I finally jumped into the Who fandom. They are very similar to me in that way actually. I hope it will bring me full force into fandom like I feel I ought to be. As for Mike's theory on The Big Bang 2 leading to Star Trek no longer being a TV show... that doesn't quite work as the women who is killed by Silence in the White House Bathroom asks it if it is wearing a Star Trek mask. Sorry, Mike! Any other possible explanations? Because things like that honestly irk me as well. -Skyler
  8. I'm not finished the show yet so I'm not sure if you touch on it later but I'm a bit surprised that you haven't mentioned the REAL sequel to Frosty. In the 70's Rankin/Bass did a show called Frosty's Winter Wonderland much more in keeping with the first one and with the voice of Jackie Vernon as Frosty. There was also a Stop Motion Feature film that was a sequel to both Frosty's Winter Wonderland and Rudolph's Shiny New Year a few years after that called Rudolph & Frosty's Christmas in July. Next year perhaps? -Skyler
  9. I would like to point out that this special is on DVD and Blu-ray as one half of Winnie The Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year. However, the special does not feature it's opening and closing titles from the TV airings nor the voice of Christopher Robin that was heard at the end of this Earth-2 episode. In most Pooh media Christopher Robin is much like his namesake, the late Christopher Robin Milne, English, however when the New Adventures cartoon started they had hired an American. For some reason that same American is not Christopher Robin in Christmas Too! however ANOTHER one (also the voice of the Chucky Good Guy Dolls) was hired for the special alone. A Very Merry Pooh Year replaces Good Guy American with a Brit for consistency as he is who is present for the other half the 'movie', as well. -Skyler
  10. A month or two back the new series was added to Netflix Canada which had until then only had about five classic stories and Touchwood but in much bigger Canada based Who news 'An Adventure in Space & Time' and 'The Enemy of the World' come to DVD THIS TUESDAY as an exclusive at Best Buy and Future Shop stores! -Skyler
  11. Yup, from the Facebook group of Doctor Who fans of Canada I'm in, that was about the same here with the Cineplex Events section as well. The screening will be on my Birthday (25th) so IF I can get tickets sorted I'll be spending it there but I have not the foggiest idea what I'll do in the down time between the 23rd and then. Ask for more hours at work? Sleep? Go to a Casino? Camp at the theatre and watch Wolf of Wallstreet and Thor over and over? Staying away from what is basically EVERYTHING I look at on the internet may prove to be a challenge. -Skyler
  12. I'd be willing to bet that it's going to be Fathom in the States. Cineplex Odeon in Canada has been giving out pamphlets advertising it as part of the Front Row Centre Events line which is basically Canada's and Cineplex's Fathom. -Skyler
  13. Grand episode, sirs! I had a feeling this was going to be 650 in the past month or so and was very glad I was right. I went to bed rather late because after two hours of listening to it during the day, two hours listening to it at night hooked up to speakers by my pool I still NEEDED to finish it and I'm sure I'll listen loads more. I think the Batman 66 review is the one episode of any podcast I go back to most often which is quite a feat considering how many things I listen to and re-listen to after. Now, I wonder will the Superman Film discussions continue? And if so will you ever go back to the skipped theatrical film Superman And the Mole Men (which is almost the Batman 66 of the Superman franchise)? -Skyler
  14. While I'd rather they go with someone older, that may be rather neat. I did not have the pleasure of seeing him on Broadway but there was a point where the National Theatre of London put the Servant of Two Masters update called One Man, Two Guv'nors, which he was in with James Cordon, in film theatres and I saw his work there. I am not sure if he would play it in a silly, clownish way or a serious mannor however looking at the rest of his resume but in the single role I saw him in he was really quite good if not pretty broad. Still, what else can one expect from a updated Camila Dell'arte show? -Skyler
  15. Has anyone seen this story on what Davis was planning for TSJA if it could have kept on? I'm unsure of the validity of this but it seems to be real. The big news story of the piece is that Luke Smith was to have come out to Sarah Jane after hinting he may find a Boyfriend at school, Sarah Jane would have been as accepting as ever to simply reply "As long as it's not a Slitheen, I don't care!". -Skyler
  16. The Rifftrax crew posted a picture on tumblr, Twitter and Facebook today to announce that they have the rights to the first Peter Cushing movie 'Dr. Who & The Daleks' and it will be out as a VOD download on Thursday at I've never had a VOD on Rifftrax before normally going for DVDs or MP3s but I for one am thrilled by this. -Skyler
  17. I see you points with the May problems and the cutting of the Oscorp guy's last scene however I still rather enjoy the film and did not have a problem with the villain plot. Sure it's silly but it seemed to work with the Marvel comic book set up to me. Granted as more of a DC guy I don't often read the Marvel titles although I watch the films. I have only seen The Amazing Spider-Man the once but after I saw it that time I thought it may be my favorite Marvel based film besting Avengers leaps and bounds (which I don't know where I place in the grand list of all Marvel films but I rank about third or forth in the new Marvel-owned continuity films series). Perhaps I need to take a good long look at all the Marvel films over again before I rank something like that. About the review proper I was surprised you did not say Garfield 'Is British...and American' As if I recall he was born in the states. -Skyler
  18. True and I thought of that as well but it does not make it any better an episode. -Skyler
  19. If anyone cares the US version of iTunes has an episode for free download. Unfortunately it's 'Fear Her'. -Skyler
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    DC reboot

    He was never a terrific writer but I never felt bad that I paid for an issue before. -Skyler
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    DC reboot

    Has anybody been reading Green Arrow since Ann Nocenti started writing it? I'm seriously thinking of dropping the book even though it's one of the few monthly books I make a point to buy and GA is one of about my top three favourite DC heros along with Superman and Nightwing. Nocenti does not seem to understand who Ollie IS. Not in the way he speaks, acts or thinks. The stories she is trying to tell come across as all over the place, boring, clumsy and heavy handed. Here first ark was finished by GA getting kidnapped, away and kidnapped again for filler and yet the interesting ideas are glossed over or dispatched with as quickly as they came. Issue #11 brought a Occupy Wall Street inspired story that seems dated already and like I was being ranted at by people who may have some good points but are going about it all wrong, much like Mike said kids at the school he works at do. Also even though she has Ollie say the Dark Arrows as they are called should not be trying to set him on fire and stealing from a charity he does not seem to have a view stated on the issue they are debating in the fight. Ollie has been liberal for a long, LONG time and will still be one as the series moves on but my god, why is the political message not coming from him and why does the comic yet feel more like a pamphlet with a retractable stick with the message printed on it to beat it into your head? From what I can see of her past work I assume she can tell a good story as well as make her politics known. She has a lot of fans saying she can do just that, so why is it so off here? I'm really getting quite sad with the series right now and if it were not for the Arrow TV show coming up I'd expect it to get canned soon too. Is it too early to get somebody new on again or to ask J.T. Krul back? -Skyler
  22. I know it's not a popular thought as the film is really dividing audiences but The Amazing Spider-Man may be my favourite Marvel film all together. I enjoyed it leaps and bounds more than The Avengers at least. The only thing that I disliked was Richard Parker not saying 'I love you' or ANYTHING more than 'Be good' to Peter before running off. As for your thoughts though: While Shana pointed out Andrew Garfield's actual age later on I still find it hard to believe he was a year and a half older that Toby in the 2002 film, despite really looking right out of high school. Osborn's lacky was supposed to have another scene after the bridge bit but it was cut as were Curt Conners's family.(http://www.vulture.c...Culture+Blog%29) Trailers not having bits that are in the movie does not bother me as a lot of the time they start to be put together long before the actual film is finished cutting. They have no idea what will end up on the screen but just try to make a campaign that looks alluring. The example that sticks out to me is Anchorman which had very little of what ended up in the film in the trailers and TV spots because between normal cuts and the fact that it had an entirely different plot before the test screenings there was about a good two hours of completed footage for the the movie just cut (later made into it's own DVD). The stinger being a part of the trailer is irksome to me however but is not a fault of the film itself. Speaking of the stinger what did you think of that? I do love hearing your thoughts Mike even when I disagree and it was nice to finally hear from Shana as well! I hope this leads to many more reviews from the two of you. -Skyler
  23. I forgot to add the story I bought last month so my collection is now as follows" Patrick Troughton Seeds of Death Peter Davison Black Orchid Resurrection of the Daleks The Caves of Androzani Sylvester McCoy The Happiness Patrol (Added June 18th) Paul McGann Doctor Who: The Movie - Special Edition David Tennant The Complete David Tennant Years Matt Smith A Christmas Carol (Blu-ray) Series Six, Part One (Blu-ray) Series Six, Part Two (Blu-ray) I also have some new series stories on DVD-R taped off of TV re-airings (and thus some are edited and some are not) Matt Smith Series Five. iTunes files Matt Smith Series Five. The Prequel Scene for: The Impossible Astronaut -Skyler Quote MultiQuote Edit
  24. Has anybody picked this up? On a whim I bought issue #1 as I enjoyed the first Kick-Ass Hardcover and film but I was told I need to read Kick-Ass 2 first to understand it. Is that really true? I mean this is supposed to be a prequel to Kick-Ass 2, right? I suppose it could be a Psycho IV/Godfather II sort of thing where the story time jumps. I don't have the $30 for Kick-Ass 2 right now (how is that, by the way?) so should I wait to read it until after the other or just go ahead? Last of all, if I do wait to read it should I keep buying the issues anyway so I have them when I'm ready? I was never able to find Kick-Ass 2 back issues when I was looking last year for them but when I was not I would find a large amount of say issue 4 and six but nothing else. That's a lot of questions, to be sure, but help is much appreciated. -Skyler