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  1. I obviously have no problem bringing pre-existing shows to Earth-2.net, but I'm very selective when it comes to that. First, I'd want to be sure that the Earth-2.net community wants a Buffy podcast. Second, the show has to be of a certain quality. And third, they have to be able to stick to a set schedule.

    Fair enough

  2. I like a lot of the E-2 podcasts, WFP and FYEO in particular, but there is a podcast that would be perfect for this group. I am a fan of Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse, and there is this episode by episode recap of Buffy/Angel podcast called The Watchercast. I think it would be perfect as a member of our Master's growing empire of podcasts. What do you think?

  3. Well guys, I don't do much on here, but I had to share... Two weeks ago, I asked my girlfriend of 6 months to marry me. Her name is Michele by the way. She said yes and we announced it to my parents at breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. Sadly she had to go back home to Illinois, but next December we'll get married. A little dig at Mike though, she's a sexy (to me anyway) redhead. LOL

  4. I want to keep a running log of the wacky ideas I've tossed out during Bigger on the Inside. Feel free to add any I've forgotten.

    River Song is The Master.

    The Master is The War Chief.

    Time Lords can fly. (A joke... sort of.)

    Ian broke the TARDIS.

    The unnamed woman from The End of Time is Susan.

    I liked the Ian broke the TARDIS idea. It makes more sense than the shape shifting circuit just freezing up. Also we know what kind of trouble guys like Ian are right????

  5. Tom Baker to Peter Davison got my vote. It's the 1st regen I ever saw, and it still feels epic to me. All the flashbacks of his enemies saying his name, followed by his companions doing the same, followed by the Watcher's merge made the whole thing sublime IMO. Peter to Colin is a close second, followed even more closely by Eccleston to Tenant.

    Thank you Sammi, at least someone agrees with me that the Watcher idea was cool.

  6. Actually, I wouldn't mind a Robin TV show. If the networks want a teen drama show like Smallville, Robin is the best bet because he has name recognition, and can partner with other teen heroes. Plus, Dick Grayson shags a lot of hot girls, which is needed for a teen-centric action / drama.

    Hmmm, a Teen Titans live action show wouldn't be a bad idea.

  7. Yeah, I'd have to agree I wasn't enamored of Simms's Master either. I grew up watching Delgado and Ainley<sp>? as the Master. When they brought an American to play him in the TV movie I was a little annoyed. If they had kept Jacoby's way of playing the Master, or told Simm to play it like Delgado I might have liked Simm as the Master more than I did. As it is, it was a bad choice of portrayal.

  8. Most of those were pretty bleh expect for Green Lanterns, which were hilarious. Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman had some funny ones too. I was pretty annoyed that Catwoman, a character who has been a hero in DC for year and years now, has a fatality as though she's a villain.

    Thank you, thank you. At least give her a choice like in later Street Fighter Games to have either a good or evil side. That way she can have both brutalities and fatalities. She's an anti-hero, not a villain like Joker or Slade(Deathstroke).

  9. Having no internet at the new house is driving me insane. The only option I have is to get net through Direct TV to the house, but it's so goddamn expensive that I need to somehow convince my roommates that they should chip in and help pay for internet they'll never use.

    Tried Fios through Verizon or DSL through Verizon?

  10. bothers me how easily Clark was going to bang some hot alien Queen-of-Almerac chick.

    Oh well. *shrug*

    Hot Alien woman with hypnotizing lips + Alien man raised by humans = Listening to 2nd brain from Clark, lol

    LOL, now you guys are making me want to buy all the seasons of Smallville, and watch it on TV for all this stupid shit. STOP IT!!!!!!