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  1. has anyone else checked out the movie for hollow earth? i want other people to talk about it with!
  2. OY! Jack, sorry for the confusioning, I actually tried to make it smaller with photoshop by changing the image size, perhaps I should go even smaller? Shrink ray perhaps? As to avoid more confusion? BTW, did you check out the movie?
  3. Ello ello everybody. How goes it with the going? Well, I'm a bit of a newbie round these parts. I just decided to post because I wanted to ask if anyone out there has heard of this new indie flick called Chronicles of Hollow Earth: The Next Race? It's a pretty sick movie. I heard about it, and got the dvd. It kinda reminds me of like Dune, it has this really crazy story. There's this race of genetically altered superhumans called Ghen, and they like enslaved mankind after this crazy long war. And then hilarity ensues. Jus kidding, a bunch of crazy stuff happens..and you just gotta see it. I
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    since im totally lazy and dont want to look shit up for myself and havent been able to scavenge the nearest borders and catch up with my comics... someone fill me in on what been going on lately!! whats new with the new mutants? what happened with the whole 198 biz? etc etc. umm, get wild!
  6. i read online that billy bob thornton will be freddy kruger
  7. no harry potter till next year. curse that strike. well, at least weeds is back and heroes and lost is back this month
  8. UMM jus tried posting the code, FAIL! says i am venom. followed by mystique. the end.
  9. i think id be more afraid of wolverine, if u like pissed him off. hed claw you a new asshole. so definitely its a toss up between wolverine and suge knight