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  1. Bill & Ted Face the Music - Saw this at a drive-in in the summer. Still enjoyed it on rewatch. New Mutants - I wasn't looking forward to this after the first trailer. Seemed like it was a horror film. I don't like horror. I don't know what happened between that first trailer and the 17 years it took to release the film. Well, reshoots, because this is nowhere near horror. Instead, we get an incredibly boring movie. The cast tried, but there was nothing in the script.
  2. It is a movie that I never would have liked. But after 3 months of it being played on loop, nonstop, on the TV wall at work, I can say this: I HATE Elf more than any other piece of media.
  3. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky - Another viewing based on the New Day Podcast. The cartoon violence was fun and the dubbing was entertainingly bad.
  4. A few months ago, I was listening to the New Day Podcast. They had a trash tournament of the best action movies. (I say trash because there was way too much "I've never seen it".) But it did make me want to watch a few movies so, success? Bloodsport - Kinda disappointed. Maybe it was undue hype, but I was expecting something classically amazing. It was mostly cheesy fun, but nothing more. I could see me loving this had I seen it when I was ten. The Raid - I really enjoyed this. Has some issues (some of the camera work was too jittery, which I get was the intent, but hard to wa
  5. I've been getting security warnings about the forums since the 2nd, and thus haven't been able to access the forums. Something about a bad certificate and cloudfront. Happens on all my devices. Dug out an old phone to log in. Any ideas on what's up?
  6. Flipping thru some old comics and saw this. I knew that episodes were sold on VHS tapes, but the entire series costing nearly a grand? Was that actually a thing?
  7. Professor

    The Music Thread

    So, listened to Chris Jericho's podcast episode with the Classic Album Clash between Aerosmith's Permanent Vacation & Pump. Now, when analyzing lyrics somethings are less obvious and songs can have different interpretations for different people. That said, I don't know how Jericho came to the conclusion Janie's Got A Gun is about Gun Control.
  8. My favorite is Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo.
  9. Wizard is something thing that I have a memory of great fondness for, but very little actual memory of the magazines themselves. About once a month I would go to the grocery store with my mom (which was an hours long process). I'd go straight to the spinner rack and grab everything and sit in the pharmacy chairs and read everything. And Wizard was always the last thing I was reading when my mom came to get me. And then I got ice cream. Pretty much everything you guys talked about in this episode does not ring a single bell to me. Strikes me as odd. And randomly, when Dan
  10. WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov from this past weeks NXT UK is 25 minutes of two men beating the shit out of each other. And it was awesome. This is all.
  11. Marvel is doing a thing with AAA.
  12. Revenge (2017) - Shockingly, it is a revenge film. It was okay. Main problem I had was the pacing. It took too long to get going. Then every scene afterwards went on a tad too long. Very linger-y. I get that was the style they were going for, but didn't work for me.
  13. From what I remember from a podcast I listened to in April, Gustin is only under contract for one more season and contract talks had stopped during lockdown. Edit: My memory is better than I thought. Looks like the show runner wants an 8 & 9.
  14. The Hurricane Heist - I wanted stupid fun. It is about a heist during a hurricane. That screams stupid fun. The trailer even blasts Rock You Like A Hurricane while spewing horrible taglines. This was just bad. Uninteresting and worse, just plain boring. And no Scorpions in sight. Took itself way too serious. Peppermint - About as standard a shoot-em-up revenge film as you can get. Rocky - Not exactly sure what to think. First time watching, yet I knew 75% of this movie (via general pop culture really). A bit of a problem I have with most classics: if I know the ending, I get