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  1. I'm with Mike on Darth Vader's reveal to Luke. It was always just a fact of life. Wish I could have had that experience of just total surprise and suspense. Anyone else seen this?
  2. The Dark Knight Rises was ... wow. Just wow. I cannot adequately describe how amazing and entertaining it was for me, as big of a Batman fan as I am. My one complaint is that they changed the sound mix of the 6 minute prologue sequence. They left one line the same from Hardy's performance from the original release. I heard the original and it was perfect the way it was. And now you've got guys shouting in an airplane where the ambience is turned down big time so it sounds like they have no need to shout. I really hope they change it back for the blu-ray release. Out of the trilogy, The Dark Knight is the best. But that is nothing against nor does it take anything away from The Dark Knight Rises. I can't wait to see it again tonight! And then in Imax!
  3. The first half of Season 2 started off great, but things definitely slowed down, and it felt as if a couple episodes could have been condensed. But things definitely picked up with the midseason finale and the second half was non-stop excitement. If anyone is interested in how Shane's story follows in the comics, and would like to see a video of it, beware though, there be SPOILERS ahead for those who have't seen all of Season 2 or read the comics:
  4. TDK_theBatmaN


    I absolutely LOVE that idea. I think an ironic point to note, and don't get me wrong I enjoy Brian Azzarello's stories, but at Chicago Comic Con this past summer at his panel, someone asked Azzarello if given the chance, would he write a prequel storyline of Flashpoint Batman and the Flashpoint Bat characters. In short, Azzarello responded that it would be pointless and a waste of time because we the readers already know the ending, and he pointed to the Star Wars prequels as representing of storytelling failure as a result of such an instance. I also like the Star Wars prequels.
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    Not a team up, but still got what I wanted, in the instance that DC would do this.
  6. Oh I thought they still allowed comments on postings for their monthly previews posts so fans could say how excited they were for new books. Regardless, it's still unfortunate because now the consumers, the ones who legitimately care how the brand they purchase from presents itself, cannot express in a simple way that they dislike the static, stuffy corporate image they project with this new logo. I agree completely.
  7. It's still stupid. Even with the different colors and backgrounds in the C, it still looks like a generic template you would get with your powerpoint presentation. Also, convenient that comments are not allowed under DC's posting of their new logo.
  8. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO GRAPHIC NOVEL TO HIT SHELVES IN NOVEMBER 2012 Seems a little behind what with the American film out for a little while now. Alas, I enjoyed the film so much I'll probably get this anyway just for their take on the story.
  9. I love Bane's voice. I'm also one of the few who doesn't find Christian Bale's Batman voice ridiculous or funny. Also, I watched the prologue just somewhere online so can't weigh in on the noise issue. Bane doesn't sound like Tom Hardy so I think he'll disappear into the character similar to the way Ledger did with the Joker.
  10. Just something really awesome and really nice of Arkham City
  11. I don't think so. I think was the dick. I have two problems with the story. #1 Batman is a total asshole to better than . #2 And this is a HUGE SPOILER if you haven't beaten the main story of the game. SERIOUSLY, you don't want to know this if you haven't beaten the main campaign. You have been warned! ... . I get WHY it happened, but it kind of seems like it wasn't for story purposes but because of talent involved, which I think is a mistake in this case. . There is absolutely no justification for it. Also, basing on the relationships between these two characters in past comics and the animated series, Batman always treated
  12. I was surprised to see the Starfire thing. and the dialogue between her and Roy really REALLY made her unlikable. I had no idea about the Catwoman thing, and was literally shocked in a bad way. And did either Red Hood or Catwoman have Mature ratings? This was ridiculous. So much for broadening the readership DC and getting kids into comics. A parent sees their kid reading this, forget about it.
  13. Batman and Robin #1 reboot was pretty good I thought. The art seemed a little inconsistent, but I thought the Batman of Moscow, Russia had an awesome look. And the new villain is just really really cool. Issue spoiler