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  1. Break out the pudding... 'Grats, mang.
  2. First thing I thought was this story... Motion sensor + drums? Eh? Just a thought.
  3. Bwhuh.... how anyone would bother with that is beyond me.
  4. Finally beat FreeBird on Expert in GHII, probably going back to FFXII soon.
  5. Hah, I actually just saw these yesterday. Still fantastic.
  6. Snidely Whiplash Fearless Leader Boris and Natasha World-conquering, that's what we got here.
  7. I wasn't aware how powerful Quickenings were until not too long ago (and the extra mana bar you got~!), so now I feel stupid not going after them as soon as possible.
  8. I'm having problems with the ice esper boss and those fukkin' elementals it makes. Any suggestions?
  9. Oh man, as an Ace Combat junkie, I would kill for that game. Still, I'm too cheap to get a PSP. Havn't played the game but sounds like a winner.
  10. Guitar Hero II. Although it's mostly fantastic, I've been having problems with it "skipping" mid song and then getting off-sync. After the tenth freaking time I'm ready to put my fist through the TV, peticularly when it happens during Freebird. I've heard someone else with the same problem but have no idea if its the PS2 or game that's faulty.
  11. Pfff. What-ev. I'll still be happy with my original DS. Never saw the need to pointlessly shell out cash for an upgrade.
  12. Oh, I just remembered a real good one. When we got a Gamecube, we got an off-brand mem card (big no-no, btw actually) and after having it for about 4-5 months, the whole thing just entirely exploded (corrupte, whatever). Lost all our SCII and SSBM data, which had everything unlocked, so we had to start from the beginning again.
  13. Just had one today playing Sunset Riders, losing my last life on my last continue on the final boss. Almost chucked my laptop out of the window. Damn you, Richard Rose~!