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  1. Meh, I assume you'll all find me soon enough.
  2. Okay, I thought that was him in there. I'm just wondering what the hell he's doing in a movie like this. This is probably going to bomb. Horribly. Aside: Can anyone think of a movie adaptation of a video game that was actually, you know... good?
  3. More stuff popped up overnight. <-- More Watchmen images, heavily featuring some of the book's best scenes with the Comedian. And probably the biggest thing: <-- Exactly what it looks like. It's a viral site for The New Frontiersman. As of this time, there's nothing on the site yet, but I'd expect more soon.
  4. For class? Lu Xun's short story collection Diary of a Madman. On my own? Considering reading through American Gods or Neverwhere sometime soonish.
  5. Never. ^^ And they still don't know my last name. So that's a hell of a lot of Hannahs to go through. xD
  6. If it was for their double cheeses or fish filets, then yeah, I might do this. Also, I am on Facebook; I just don't have my real name on here.
  7. MOTHERFUCKING WORD. Labor of love, here. And honestly, I do hope the judge sees this.
  8. Venneh

    The Music Thread

    Ohh. I like this. Let me know if you find a MP3 of it somewhere!
  9. Venneh

    The Music Thread

    Hm. Try YouTube, perhaps? Also, if you've ever listened to Apocalyptica, that might be worth a try (four cellos who started out covering Metallica and branched out into their own cello rockish sort of thing). Listening to the Dr. Horrible OST. On "Bad Horse 1" at the moment.
  10. Starvos, do you know which applicant videos made it onto the DVD? (They had this whole make a video application for the Evil League of Evil contest for the DVD, I'm interested to see who made it through.)
  11. I've been back two days. I should not be this busy. oO
  12. When I actually have money, I am so getting this. So, favorite song in the program for people? I'm a fan of "In Their Own Way" and "On the Rise".
  13. Are you contracturally obligated to that specific title? Because I do honestly think that there might be better titles out there for you to use that might fit your poetry better. If you want to use that title, it's just fine. Just be aware that the leap that Preston made might be the first thing that people think of when they see it.
  14. <-- The Minutemen! <-- Japanese trailer with even more awesome footage that we have yet to see They're still saying the 9th of March, so that's a good sign.
  15. Venneh


    Thirded. My friends and I would fucking love to wear that.
  16. Mainpage is back up, and with it my access to the forums. So I think it's working now? And don't worry; stuff happens.
  17. ...It actually doesn't sound half bad, really. I'll have to see the style and the actual writing before I judge for sure. Also, this needs to be said: STOP OVERWHORING WOLVERINE. I mean, God, he's a decent enough character, but he is not the be-all end-all of the X-Men.
  18. Got The Dark Knight and the special edition of Hellboy 2 over the holidays.
  19. Venneh

    PS2 memory cards

    Go with official memory cards; they'll be far cheaper now, and you're less likely to lose data.
  20. WiiFit and BMI are both bull. If it's your first time on it, I swear they'll tell you that you're less fit than you actually are.
  21. Ahem: DO NOT WANT! Sorry, but that just sounds painful for ALL involved.