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  1. I hope that works out for you, suave. Thanks, guys. Well, we haven't heard anything further, so I'm assuming she's still alive at this point.
  2. My mom just found out yesterday that one of her close friends never recovered from the last surgery to remove the tumor that's come back in her brain, and she's now lapsed into a coma, and they're pretty much just waiting for her to die at this point.
  3. Watching SpongeBob with the little sisters. 's not as funny as I remember it.
  4. That's the thing. As everyone's pointed out, the concept sounds interesting, but the clips aren't really living up to it, and they've put it in a shit slot with a bunch of better shows on in terms of the genre it's going for. It's probably not going to last very long.
  5. How Rorschach Stole Christmas. Enjoy.
  6. Oh, the wonders of miserable voice acting.
  7. You didn't know this? But, yes, the man is made of so much awesome.
  8. AJR: If only that was a real game. Koete: HAH.
  9. The clip looks okay. Thing is, this is on in Battlestar's timeslot Choice between that and this, I'll be watching BSG hands down.
  10. See, everyone's always thought I was in college since I was a freshman in high school. So I doubt I'll be carded when I'll actually need to be carded (ONE MORE YEAR GODDAMNIT).
  11. The Pandemic duology from South Park. It's apparently based off the Little Mermaid, and my friend who saw this while she was in Japan (currently on her way back) described it as ADORABLE, and a pretty good film besides. She compared it to Totoro (you seen that one?).
  12. Another ode to the HATING of snow: Driving home, and sliding when you brake, and then fishtailing. And you're only going 35 when this happens. And suavestar, whatever makes you happiest at the end of the day. We're here to listen. Good luck!
  13. xP 'm going to call and harass you at some point. Just warning you now.
  14. Yes, but you're two, soon to be fourish hours away from me. And other people in the area aren't 21 till after Christmas. Or are not back yet. As such, GODDAMNIT.
  15. He sounds fucking annoying. Fry doesn't. West wins.
  16. I would've liked it to be Fry. Because JAT is good at making him one of my single most loathed characters in FF ever.
  17. See, then I lose my high-paying job (I get something like $10 an hour, when all's said and done). And my access to alcohol out here is lacking. Which sucks. Because it would be appreciated. So much...
  18. ...Wait. I thought Tidus was James Arnold Taylor. *Wikis* Actually, yeah, he is. ...And I didn't know that Bender was Wakka. Which makes that horrible accent slightly more bearable.
  19. Be safe, peoples. I get to go to work at 8 in the morning and sit in a heated shack in the middle of nowhere for eight and a half hours tomorrow and Sunday. At least it's pay... Oh, and it's supposed to snow even more. And it's already up to my thighs out here.
  20. Because I didn't know that when I played it? Come to think of it, I still don't know which ones they played. Do tell?
  21. FFX is pretty solid; it was the videogame my parents got me with my PS2. Good battle system, overall decent characters (even if I didn't like the leads), and a great plot. FFX-2... the battle system's probably the fastest-paced in the series thus far, the newer characters are intriguing and the costumes are pretty. Otherwise? The returning characters all got a lobotomy, the plot is crap, and continuity is absolute bullshit (one character goes from sweet little kid to teenager in TWO YEARS).
  22. I still say retcon is going to be the order of the day so they can make an X-Men 4.
  23. Wait. I thought they were done with the X-Men franchise, not including the spin-offs, period?