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  1. To have my littlest sister not be a flaming BITCH. For my parents to stop haranguing me about my weight and what I choose to do with my life.
  2. Rewatched this last night. Was a lot better the second time, especially because I wasn't watching this with the parents. Also, congrats to Cruise on alternately making me laugh out loud and frightening the living daylights out of me as Les Grossman. oO;;
  3. Tropic Thunder. 's been a long time since I saw this.
  4. Playing through Suikoden V at the moment, along with various Guitar Heroes, Katamari Damacy, DanceDance Revolution, and Soul Calibur III on the side.
  5. Venneh

    The Music Thread

    With my iTunes on shuffle; "Lucrecia Crescent", Masashi Hamauzu, FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus OST
  6. I felt that Howl's Moving Castle was a pretty decent retelling of the original novel by Diane Wynne Jones; it resembles the original, but it doesn't follow it closely that much. And I kind of liked the amalgamation that they chose to do the outside of the castle as, personally. Also, James, please let me know what you think of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time when you finish it; I've heard very good things.
  7. *waves at everyone* Thanks, guys! This is why you never trust anyone with these adaptations. Unless they prove they won't rape the franchise.
  8. I was wondering if this was going to go anywhere or not. If they're banking on Wolverine, then I'm kind of disappointed; the two movies, from what I understand, are worlds apart, so one is not necessarily indicative of how the other one will do.
  9. See, I just go into adaptations with extremely low expectations; that way, I'm surprised when good things actually happen. I'd just at least like to see basic resemblances to the characters, in terms of physical appearance. Some of the characters clearly look Asian-esque, or Inuit, etc, which was part of what drew me to the series when I watched it. Most fantasy settings are based on a European tradition, while this clearly took its influences from other cultures.
  10. I thought it was pretty decent. Haven't seen since I went to see it with my mom, which may have influenced how I felt about it; completely the wrong movie to go to see with parental units. ^^; Should probably change that. Preston's and Dread's thoughts on Cruise are seconded; this was the best acting I've seen him do in a while.
  11. To do laundry? To raid the pantry? Yeah, see, if I try to do that, my mom bitches at me about my weight (varies as of late from high 180s to low 190s), which is just fine kthnxbye. I mean, yes, I love them and all. I just can't stand being under the same roof with them as of late for more than forty-eight hours.
  12. C'mon, it's at least worthy of a drinking game. That makes everything better.
  13. *hugs* Women can be real bitches. 'm sorry that you're dealing with the more psychotic ones of the gender. It's been an interesting twenty-four hours. Since arriving home from college for winter break, the following things have happened: -I found out that teh Dell (which has been dying for a long time, and was made of shit in the first place) finally had a hard disk crash, so now I had to deal with attempting to get my dad's HP laptop hooked up to the wireless network I secured back over summer. Finally managed to get them hooked up after a good two months of trying. -Furnace apparently died, so I've spent most of today wrapped up in various layers and blankets and feeding a fire to keep warm. Apparently it had something to do with a circuit board, it was expensive, but the heat's finally back on. -My littlest sister has been being a flaming bitch like she always is, more specifically about her cast not being off in time for her b-ball game tomorrow and finally caused an hour-long screaming fest/meltdown that ended up involving both my parents. ...Remind me why I come home?
  14. Aww, c'mon! That would make the movie worth it right there!
  15. Excellent choices. My favorites fall out something like this: Favorite Series: 1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - This series has it all; amazing and unique art style, interesting and involved plot, intriguing, well-developed characters. 2. Revolutionary Girl Utena - An absolutely amazingly written and acted series with lots of depth, heavy character development, stylization, symbolism and allegories, and people with lots of issues, that has a lot of details you'll notice on subsequent watchthroughs. 3. Baccano! - This series manages and develops thirty characters in three different times/storylines that all intersect with each other, and manages to wrap it all up and do it well, all in the space of thirteen episodes. 4. Paranoia Agent - Classic Kon mindfuck, with interesting incidental characters who end up all linking to each other, and a crazily convoluted plot. 5. Victorian Romance Emma - This is far from your standard shoujo series. The historical accuracy, which adds in a defiance of typical shoujo standards, and the way it invests you in every one of its characters make it shine. The slower pacing of the episodes and the romance feels just right, and the faithfulness to the manga source in story and art style are a real treat. Favorite Movies: 1. Grave of the Fireflies - An absolutely heartbreaking film; just be sure to keep anything you can hurt yourself with far far away. 2. Adolescence of Utena - Best described as the TV series retold in two hours or less with different plot elements bought up or discarded, with some characters absent, and lots and lots of symbolism and, some would argue, a heavy dose of crack. 3. Paprika - Another classic Kon mindfuck, based in the line between dreams and reality and how they can blur, with a beautifully convoluted plot and interesting characters. 4. Howl's Moving Castle - Excellent retelling of the Diana Wynne Jones novel, absolutely beautifully animated. 5. Pom Poko - satire + the Japanese financial boom and its environmental effects + Japanese folklore = xD
  16. Thanks. Heh. The question is, are they going to keep the pervertedness for the movie? Or are they going to rape it like they seem to be doing everything else?
  17. I'm pretty sure that the only anime that I've seen that's more depressing than Saikano is Grave of the Fireflies, if you've not seen it. Just be sure to keep anything that you can harm yourself with far far away. 'm watching Seirei no Moribito (translated as Guardian of the Sacred Spirit), about nine episodes in. It's got a pretty solid plot, intriguing characters and political machinations, and solid animation, as to be expected from Production IG.
  18. Ahem: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I have friends who are die-hard DragonBall fans, and who have vowed to never pay to watch this. I'm trying to convince them to obtain it for free when it gets released on DVD somewhere down the road and do a drinking game to it; it'll probably make it a lot easier on them. The whole thing just looks incredibly worthy of a drinking game from the trailer alone.
  19. We don't know how he'll do. McCartney did a pretty decent job as Roxas' VA in Kingdom Hearts II, and everyone thought he'd suck horribly at it. Granted, 'm not optimistic, but I'm still willing to give him a chance. 'm just amused and slightly horrified that all of the characters, who at the very least have variation in their skin tones (if not ethnic backgrounds), are suddenly now all clearly white. Then again, some part of me is just vaguely wondering if this is a joke.
  20. My friends and I that watch it together have stopped even attempting to take this seriously. We'll just spend most of the hour yelling at the TV screen. Though with this last episode maybe the writers are getting their groove back. The massive retcon that happened this season was interesting, to say the least. (I started watching this earlier in the year (it was either this year or last year, can't remember, I think in terms of school years at this point), back in season two with the Latin Wonder Twins.)
  21. Thanks. There are some promising elements, but it's kind of painfully obvious that this is the artist and the authors' first series.
  22. 'm rewatching Firefly and Serenity mainly because it's break and I don't have anything too much better to do, and finally watching all the way through season 3 of Battlestar Galactica in order to get ready for season 4 finally picking up again (c'mon January 16th!).
  23. I've paged through the manga at the local Waldenbooks/Barnes and Noble. The artwork is not that good. And the story's honestly nothing better than you could find on If they were looking for a sequel, they could've done a lot better job than this.