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  1. Will be fun to get this off the ground.
  2. I got the 80% and have no idea what to do next either so I mainly play Brawls and go on the Wii-Fi Network and battle. I love this game though. Melee for Gamecube was better in some ways and this is better in others. Mostly the new characters, weapons and levels is what makes this game. But for speed of the game and characters Melee is better.
  3. Had a little error in the ep this morning which is corrected now. Also thanks for the constructive crits as well as edit help and thanks Mike for the thanks. I learn from trying. Anyhow got more podcasts to go. BTW it won't let me add a profile image to my name. Says too large when it's all the right specs.
  4. I've been able to edit them a little easier as of late and I am going to start removing all the coughing anyhow just had a lack of time. As for the episodes I also got Episode 7 online now as well. Any editing ideas shoot them my way as I do that part of the show as well as co-host in mostly the Supplementals. Mike instead of one sentence use the bullets in word to show a brief few words/sentence on what you'd like to hit upon but don't read from the script directly. Still reword it from that.
  5. Well Supplemental Episode 3 is delayed as Mike of TFG1 accidentally saved over his audio file. So in the place of it is next week's episode of the TFG1 Season 1 Recap. Now online on iTunes and the feed.
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  7. Thanks for the welcome in here. Yeah I am still learning but am getting much better as I encounter these issues and learn to fix them.