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  1. Randy hasn't shown raw power but he has GREAT dirty boxing and with Brock not having been testing so much like that I could see a knockout by Randy. And giving Affliction makes NO sense for the UFC. It'd be like WWE co-promoting with TNA. You don't help the competition. The UFC is making money hand over first and has no reason to try and help the little guys up.
  2. It makes NO sense for them to co-promote it and I still wouldn't rule out a one fight deal somewhere down the line. As per Brock, I like how this site is a exact opposite of the consensus on the Oratory which seems to agree that Brock is taking it but giving Randy a chance. I think it will be a lot closer than people think but I have to give Randy a slight edge. Nothing about this fight would surprise me though.
  3. Nevermind I re read the thread. I'm an idiot.
  4. Where are all these avatars coming from anyway?
  5. I love this movie and own it on DVD. Excited to see this.
  6. I haven't read the thread or the poll results I'm betting this is a marvel love fest?
  7. Really? Mad Love is easily my favorite Batman episode. The others are fun enough but the best or even in contention I feel.
  8. You're wrong about Degrassi. Kevin is himself not Silent Bob and Jay is just Mewes.
  9. I only have the Season 1 boxset. Would it be dumb of me to just get this instead of the 3 separate?
  10. Amazing. There are so many small touches on The Joker that really meant a lot to a huge fan of the character like me. Spoilers Below. Greatness.
  11. Earth-2: Home of the Internet Geek Nitpick.
  12. I hate poker...yet I love it. But down 85 bucks isn't fun.
  13. I am all over this. I haven't seen a good dumb action flick in quite some time and this seems fun.
  14. I just turned them on now. Thanks for reminding me I had them in On Demmand
  15. I can't wait for this game.
  16. Hate it. That issue is EASILY my favorite comic book and the reason I got back into comics. The last frame, the (imo) definitive picture of The Joker is ruined by the new colors...or lack there of.
  17. Obviously theres Death in the Family although I could never really get over the art for that book to truly love it. If you want something somewhat whimsical theres The Last Laugh which I love.
  18. Spoiler is one of those characters I liked but could never figure out why. I really enjoyed War Games and was kinda bothered with her death and am glad she is back.
  19. 13 and a half hours total.
  20. Thanks James. I can't tell ya how happy I am that it's done. Plus the pictures really don't do the details in the face justice.
  21. It's been rumored for so long. I can't see it coming any time soon with Starcraft 2 and Lich King in the work. Maybe afterwards but it seems like it's at the bottom of their list. I'm hoping Too Human quells my loot obsessed gaming craving.
  22. It's because it's where the money is. You go after the biggest fish because it gets the most attention.