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  1. Controversy around GTA? Never. It'll go way like every other time.
  2. Use The Google. All you have to do is download a quick and free update off of Live and they work.
  3. No idea who that developer is and that trailer means nothing since it's not gameplay footage. I don't trust Spidey games at all anymore.
  4. Ha no I wasn't saying that Des. But 5 years in relations to kid age is a lot difference. A 10 year old will be watching a much different show than a 15 year old. I just find it interesting that kids this age seem so into a series of shows that for all intensive purposes is "old" compared to them.
  5. Man you guys really get some young readership. You would think that since the show falls into me and James age childhood (20-25ish nowdays) that it would be more our crowd. Why so many young listeners I wonder?
  6. Blane

    Xbox Live

    The wireless adapter was entirely too expensive yet entirely worth the frustration it eased.
  7. Blane

    For real?

    Man Doug, please pay more attention in English class. How old are you anyway? Your posts are downright painful to read and almost impossible to understand sometimes.
  8. Blane

    For real?

    That story pisses me off more than anything right now. IT'S NOT A MAN.
  9. Well I see I don't have to worry about being the overzealous DC fan on the boards anymore.
  10. I'll second Mass Effect. I am VERY picky about RPGs but all the hype made me pick it up and I was utterly bored. 4 hours in and I decided it was being traded back in.
  11. To second your point Mike, this is the first previews episode I ever listened to from start to finish. They usually just don't do anything for me.
  12. Dead Rising is one of mine. I refuse to play it. I don't have an HD tv and it's impossible to play otherwise. Edit: And Half-Life 2 also. I may pick up The Orange Box for my 360 just to finish that game and move onto the Episodes.
  13. Sifl and Ollie. The Sifl and Ollie Show. Sifl and Ollie. The Sifl and Ollie SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.
  14. This is blatantly stolen from 1UP Yours but I don't care. The Pile of Shame is that stack of games you have that sits there that you either have been meaning to play or finish and never can get around to it. The idea is that it's a shame that you haven't played or finished such good games. I'd have to say my biggest ones are Final Fantasy X which I really want to finish to this day but lack my old save so I'd have to start over. Bioshock is also there but I am working through another playthrough to finally beat it. But both mostly sit there while I decide to pop in Madden or Rock Band instead. Also GTA: SA is there as well. (I forgot to mention you must actually own the game. Not just a game thats good that you haven't played)
  15. Blane

    For real?

    This was talked about on New Jerseys major talk radio station the other day. It's utterly ridiculous. The sad part is most of it is because of the litigious nature of our society.
  16. I have to admit I usually think the Crisis shit gets hated on a lot here but Yoda has a point. But the two Crisis events are what made me get back into comics so I can't hate it. I would give anything to have Supes and Batman starting their careers though.
  17. Great show as always. I never get a chance to drop some commentary in-depth cause I never listen while at the computer but always enjoy the show.
  18. I don't like the look of the animation either. Edit: I swear The New Frontier was the first thing I could even remotely except as animation style for anything not DCAU. I have such a strong bias.
  19. I <3 DDR and all rhythm based games. But as a drummer I have a pretty distinct advantage.
  20. I've heard SO many different things on white ink but I'll give you what I think. Generally it seems to depend a lot on brand and your artists ability. I know Megan (my tattoo artist) uses white a lot for highlights and such so she has experience with it. I think it's becoming a lot more reliable as its being used a lot more so various companies are working at perfecting it. Personally, I'm ok with it since it's only going to be used for small parts on my tattoo. If it doesn't hold up, not a big deal to for a quick touch up. I don't know if I'd go for an extensive tattoo with white ink in it. I'll give the advice I give most people, look at your artists portfolio and ask questions. They know better than anyone and can tell you what they think. You also have the benefit of being close/in a major city so you have a pick of the litter of good tattoo artists I'm sure. Short answer though, yes I'd venture to say it will fade more than other colors but nothing more than a yellow or any lighter shades. A good artist should be aware of this and know to put the ink in deeper to help prevent it as much as possible. What were you thinking about?
  21. Bump time. Only 1 hour left for the tux shirt, white ink, and some small effects type stuff.