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  1. Picture taken by my artist today. 4th session. About an hour left.
  2. Not be be a negative nancy but it seemed like you guys forgot A LOT of stuff about the movie which seemed weird since you claimed to have seen it a couple times. Course maybe it's cause I've seen the movie waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times. But a lot of the best lines and things weren't mentioned and parts were out of order in how the movie progressed. I'm struggling to remember examples off the top of my head right now though. It just came off like you had watched the movie a couple days ago and had forgotten a lot of the details.
  3. Mike, I said you'll dig Spike because you always seem to dig scathing one liners on WFP. Well Spike has a TON of those. Plus yea, he's just awesome. Played by the guy who did the voice of Lex Luthor on Doomsday too.
  4. Oh fuck yes The Crow. I'm going to give this a listen now. I usually wait for work but episode 200 is special!
  5. Well theres certainly a lot of fiction going in with Ghost Hunters. Not much science though...
  6. Mike, I think you should check out a widely good reviewed episode of Buffy. If you can get into it, you'll probably dig more. I got hooked into the show by an ex. I hated it to start out (for no good reason really) and really turned my feelings around after watching about a season. It's really great writing. Plus you'd love Spike.
  7. HOLY SHIT. I used to have that custom coupe along with a big version of the Animated Series Batmobile. That thing was sweet
  8. That game did nothing for me. I played 4 and a half hours and felt like I had played 18. Just way too slow for me and the combat drove me insane.
  9. LOVED the review of New Frontier. Made me go and find a tor... copy right away.
  10. Wish I had that much to show 5 hours in. Nice work.
  11. Blane

    Cell phones

    A silver Razr that is beat to shit.
  12. What animated Clerks movie? Are you talking about what Clerks 2 was originally supposed to be?
  13. You always knew the word as the wrong spelling? Huh?
  14. Oh boy. I work 8 hour shifts over night. I listen to podcasts almost all night long, everyday. This means I have to have a decent rotation to keep new stuff going throughout my work week.... NPR: Wait wait...Don't tell me. Smodcast. ESPN: Around the Horn ESPN: PTI All shows. WFP. 1up Yours Retronauts EGM Live PC Gamer Podcast The Sports Game Guy Anomaly Podcast Real Time with Bill Maher Figure Fours Free Shows Bungie Studios Podcast I'll occasionally try something new but I'm VERY picky since I listen to only high quality stuff
  15. Oh come on. Like a celebrity in his prime dies randomly and you AREN'T going to assume suicide or OD? Sorry but that's the way it goes. It's nothing to be ashamed. It was shoddy reporting, yes. But people aren't shameful for going for what was in almost every other case the most likely cause.
  16. What the hell is the point of those comments anyway? Like really? What makes you originally make that post?
  17. I still don't get how in this day and age people can still have "No interest" in another system. I've never been a big company fan boy for anyone though. I went from Atari to NES to Genesis to PS One then 2 then Xbox and now 360. But I'd be a fool to say I wouldn't mind having a PS3 or fuck even a Wii.
  18. NO BUYS. Hideous looking.
  19. The power glove reference. Pardon me for not recalling the real name. I was like 10 when I saw the movie :happy:
  20. Just wanted to come in and say I laughed at The Wiz reference. I'll edit in some more thoughts later. Good show
  21. Blane

    JBL v Y2J

    Can't be shocked that Y2J lost. I think he'll turn it on a lot in the feud with JBL. They will produce great promos off of each other. Not sure how the ring work will be but I think they can be atleast above average. But I don't get how anyone can hate two great mic guys feuding.
  22. Mike, are you of the Peter Parker shouldn't age school of thought? If so how is that any different? It's the kind of thing for me but with marvel. I can easily see how someone could get sick of Bruce as Batman cause I'm almost certain I'd get sick of reading about Peter Parker being Spider-Man. That said, I really can't imagine anyone else but Bruce underneath the cowl. Not to mention I think he's a GREAT character as a man not just a hero. But without the cowl, he becomes a lot softer and he would take a lot of what I like about him away.
  23. What is this Hock-Eee you speak of? Is that that abortion of a sport that Gary Bettman ruined?