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  1. Overreaction without research is fun! Pandemic and BioWare aren't being brought in to be in in house studios. It's not a Bunie/MS or EA/Redwood situation where they are going to be brought in to work on EA projects. They are staying independent and EA has said themselves that they want things to keep being run the way they are.
  2. I never got into Wolverine no matter how hard I tried. I'd say Green Arrow since it's a character thats mostly new to me.
  3. Blane


    Oh come on Des, Marvel does no wrong around here.
  4. Mega Awesome Ninja Car Squad?
  5. Harley and Ivy is a favorite episode of mine so I'm totally checking this episode out.
  6. Yea...I think once it's done I'll really be in love with it but you truly can't judge it. I HATED the look of it after the black only session.After last session I really see where it's going but Megan (my tattooist) continually suprises me with her talent so I think it will take the final session for even me to have an opinion on it. Takes a lot of trust in an artist to do that. Thanks for all the feedback again. I plan on getting more time in the chair sometime around my birthday (Sept 25th). My girlfriends birthday this month kind of put a kink in my usual tattoo budget.
  7. A point you make clear at every turn you can. How you think they can just cut out one of the biggest members of the JLA and not have a huge backlash I don't know. Quite frankly I think Batman is a great leader when need be. The clash of his personality and the other members of the group is one of the main reasons I ever got into JLA. It's a great foil to the other members and causes a lot more depth than just "we're all super friends who all get along!".
  8. Ha that reminds me, my girlfriends next tattoo she wants? Pixelated Goomba. I think I want to marry her...
  9. Man I want a shin piece so bad but I have terrible shin splints from 9 years of playing soccer. Shins would hurt like a bitch as is. Oh well I have to finish my massive rib piece first before moving onto my black and grey old school ship on my right shoulder. Yoda, do that Kitty idea. I guarantee an artist would find it INCREDIBLY interesting to do.
  10. 2nd Session - About a month or so ago, black undertones added. 3 Hours 3rd Session - 2 days ago,Color starting to be added... 3 Hours The hair looks bluish in that but I assure you it's a dark green thats used for shading before the brighter one is added. Total time in chair so fair - 9 straight hours.
  11. Ha word. Love me some Kevin Smith
  12. For someone like me who is always looking for more content 5 bucks for a monthly pass for consistent shit wouldn't be too crazy. But I still don't know if I would pay. Couple edits: 1. Commercials are TOTALLY ok with me. 1UP does relevant ads twice in every podcast and it's not an issue at all. 2. What about someone with me who just by sheer nature of how much I download could end up paying money for something that turns out sucking? The great thing about free podcasting is that it allows someone with the ability to have a good show to build up a fan base. If you start charging, people IMMEDIATELY become more cautious and less likely to check out new things. Even if it's only 25 cents people are going to be less likely to part with that money for the risk of something turning out to be crap. That happens to me 2 out of 3 new podcasts I try. If I had to dish out money for each one, I would probably just stick with what I knew was good and never add shows. The benefit of the medium being free is that if I download something and it's not for me, no harm done. 3. What spawned this question? I know it's not cause you have plans for doing it but I'm curious.
  13. I basically feel the exact same way Yoda did. It was alright and going in with low expectations definitely helped.
  14. Just in time for my night of work. Well done on that . Question....when do you guys think you'll be getting to Mad Love? I love that episode. Oh and if you ever want a third presenter...
  15. I go for color on my tattoo on Thursday... I can't decide what I'm more excited for...that or seeing this trailer.
  16. I dug the art there as well.
  17. I want to take a ride on a Harley...
  18. Why would seeding become a problem if you don't mind me asking?
  19. I really doubt you'll be posting them all. I do ALL my comic reading through my computer.
  20. Shoulda went watchmen...I just re-read it.
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    Nerd Moments

    When I was sitting down to get 3 hours of work for a comic book character tattooed on my body.