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  1. Eddie as a villain sounds awesome. EDIT: Mike, that's the greatest thing I've heard all day.
  2. And according to Berlanti, it's also supposed to have a lighter tone. Which may be evidenced by the not-entirely-dark picture up there. I think that's the first press photo for Arrow that hasn't been taken either in a dark room or outside at night. Also, that new costume looks pretty rad. I like that the original green hood that Ollie's been wearing for the first three seasons is finally gone; maybe he's actually letting go of being a damaged stiff-ass from the island.
  3. When "kinda fun" is the best that can be said about it, and "pretty lame" is the average takeaway, that's still not good, especially when you need to sell the entire Lantern Corps as a franchise. But that being said, I think the tone and style of the Man of Steel DCU will actually fit the Corps really well. As much as Green Lantern can be fun, when the Corps is involved I actually tend to like the grittier and more epic stories.
  4. Holy crap, yeah. He looks so Jay Garrick it's awesome. So if we're getting an under-50 Jay Garrick and we already have a young Wildcat, does that mean we'll get a JSA at some point? Can Laurel's mom join too?
  5. I love that Batman has a motivation for attacking Superman other than "Superman is dumb and wrong." It's been a good while since we've seen Batman have to deal with something this personal. I also like the side character bits: Alfred outright telling Bruce he's wrong, Perry White calling out Clark for his journalism war on Batman, Ma Kent being a good mom, etc.
  6. Now THIS I like. This looks awesome. It's basically what I figured the movie would be when they announced it: Batman is the vengeful misguided antagonist, and Superman is basically just standing his ground and doing whatever he can to help, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Lex is a scheming manipulator. No idea what Wonder Woman is doing in there but okay. I'm kinda psyched now.
  7. When I heard that the new video was just BTS footage, I was a little bummed. Not like we haven't seen eighty billion spy photos of the set by this point. But when I actually watched the video I almost got choked up. It looks so good.
  8. Maybe one of Clara's copies (the Time Lady one?) had a baby.
  9. They don't really look alike at all to me, honestly.
  10. I want to see the footage of Affleck in the batsuit giving direction to everyone else during a scene.
  11. I felt bad about it, but I still blew him up with the rest of the synthetics in the end of 3. I also liked EDI, but only when she was in the ship. Once she became a robot I was like, "wait, what?" and I blew her up with the rest of the synthetics.
  12. I remember liking Ashley a lot more in 3 just because her new armor looked so cool. And that was about it. Basically everyone can go to hell except for Liara and Garrus and I'm happy.
  13. When I had to choose whether to let Kaidan or Ashley die, I had actually forgotten by that point that Kaidan was a character in the game. I still sometimes do, actually.
  14. Even with realism aside, Aunt May is kind of a useless and boring character if she's so old she can't tie her shoes without Peter. Making her younger and/or more able is different from the norm, but it's interesting. And it's not too different from what Ultimate Spider-Man did.
  15. I think the problem with that, though, is that season 1 already did that with Matt. He didn't want to kill Fisk, then he did, then tried to kill him, then finally went back and solidified his Daredevil identity by choosing not to kill. I think now the conflict might be Matt dealing with the consequences of either his choice not to kill or of others killing. If Matt can't persuade Elektra not to go down a darker path, he's gonna end up holding her corpse at some point, right?
  16. That movie was a lot better when Amanda Bynes was still human.
  17. Between Punisher and Elektra, season 2 is probably going to be Matt running around Hell's Kitchen yelling at everyone to PLEASE STOP THE KILLING.
  18. Confirmed by I am very pleased.
  19. That's probably the least crappy the movie's looked so far. It might be good.
  20. I have no idea how Black Panther is supposed to fit into the MCU, just in terms of look and feel. But then we have Guardians of the Galaxy and Daredevil, so maybe that's not really a concern.
  21. GET OFF MY VIRTUAL REALITY LAWN, OLD PEOPLE. The Matrix is life. From a certain point of view.
  22. That's a weird photo, but the other pic we saw of her was pretty fantastic. It's not 100% the way I'd picture Wonder Woman in my head, but I'm honestly happy it's this close at all.