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  1. I want John Shea to show up and stare Jesse Eisenberg into submission, just like he stared down that cobra in the Lois & Clark pilot.
  2. Apparently up to this point, he's been a really nice guy with a very loving family, but he's never been able to escape the shadow of Little Ani. It's awful.
  3. If it's in development, then it won't be out until Fall 2016 at earliest. Who knows what the CW-DCU will look like in over a year. And hey, if Legends of Tomorrow is only a mid-season replacement next season, and it doesn't come back in the Fall, then maybe there is a gap there. I feel like they should just call the channel the DCW at this point.
  4. That's super weird. I mean, it's good that they're laying down detailed guidelines for the character, but those just seem badly-written at best.
  5. The Rebels season 2 premiere just aired. It was fantastic.
  6. You can download it in 8K resolution here.
  7. Pretty much the entire reason to watch Batman Returns is to find all the epically comic-booky shots like this one: Otherwise it's best to shrug and move on to Batman Forever.
  8. Which is basically what her comments amounted to. I actually thought the article made a good point: rather than judging a violent game for existing, she/we should be pushing for more non-violent games to be made as well. Expand the market, don't shrink it. Violence isn't the same thing as various social ills like sexism; it isn't a blemish to be purged.
  9. She put forward a value judgment upon people who enjoy over-the-top violence in video games. It would be one thing if she said, "man, this level of gore is just not for me," but she made it into a moral judgment upon the game itself and those who enjoy it—which carries more weight because she's recognized as someone with an important voice in the social issues of gaming. I mean, I'm not really a fan of Mortal Kombat's fatalities, but I don't go around telling all my friends that I'm disappointed in them because they like it.
  10. It looks exactly in line with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which is cool in my book. Hell, the bird dog is pretty much literally a combination of the princess from Ico and a colossus.
  11. If it hadn't been, it wouldn't have gotten the level of support it has already.
  12. A lot of people have been praising Sony for taking time out of their conference to help to promote a kickstarter for a game everyone loves.
  13. Which is why I hope the "remake" in the title means it's an actual remake, not a 100% recreation. And, really, the battle system is basically the only aspect of FF7 that they really could keep. Unless they wanna redraw all those isometric backgrounds.
  14. And it was bleeding over into the DCAU and the general geek zeitgeist, too. I grew up in the 90s, and there's a reason that anytime anyone asks me if I'm more a fan of Marvel or DC, I don't even blink before saying DC.
  15. I like how he cites Galactica but apparently has never seen the modern Galactica which already did the "human" element of sci-fi he says doesn't exist yet, pretty much point for point.
  16. If they go without any huge breaks, and assuming 4 episodes per month (which still means 1 off week every two months), 15 episodes would be just under 4 months. A full 23 episodes like he's saying would go into June. Although if they wanted to be smart, maybe they could keep airing it into the Summer. The CW only programs 10 shows at a time, and they all stop in Summer. Maybe Legends of Tomorrow is a way for them to keep their ratings up and keep their superhero brand strong through Summer.
  17. It was also said recently that all of the footage shot for the trailer was literally just concept footage made for the trailer, and that it isn't from the show itself.
  18. A strawberry moon rises this night.
  19. Sigh. I would have liked to see it happen, but it was looking to be more of TRON: Legacy, which wasn't really the right direction, I don't think, especially because Kosinski was being kept as director. TRON needs a director who can better harness fun and emotion. Hell, I actually think I'd rather have someone like the Wachowskis direct TRON than Kosinski again.
  20. Sorry, I can't hear the sound of your cynicism over the sound of the gatling gun being fired by that viking warrioress on the back of her tyrannosaur.
  21. KnightWing

    DC reboot

    The artists have been told to make pages that can be easily split in half and then recombined in the trade, like what happens with digital-first comics now. IT's still awful