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  1. Cisco is my favorite after the holy trinity (Barry, Wells, and Joe).
  2. KnightWing

    DC reboot

    It would be interesting if they started doing comics in the pre-New 52 universe again and those books started outselling the New 52 stuff. It could be almost like a Marvel 616/Ultimate situation.
  3. I was kind of lukewarm on it. Benoist is great as Kara and the "super" aspect of it is really well-realized (seriously, best TV superhero VFX ever), but there was definitely something missing. It's easiest to compare this Supergirl pilot with the Flash pilot, but where the Flash really worked, I think Supergirl kind of fell on its face. It's the personal/family angle of it all. There's no true equivalent of the Barry/Joe relationship, or even a decent Iris. Hell, Smallville's pilot established multiple different relationships that worked; pretty much none work in Supergirl. There's four different familial characters in Supergirl, two of whom don't talk, one who has only one or two lines, and a fourth who's practically an antagonist and not very enjoyable to watch anyway. Even Kara's "friends" at her workplace are more weird than friendly. It is a pilot, of course, and it's pretty crammed with plot, but still. That human element is why The Flash works, it's why Lois & Clark worked, and it's why Smallville worked for a few years at the beginning. Supergirl needs that too.
  4. A 25% increase! At this rate, Agent Carter's 10th season will have 59.6 episodes!
  5. The third one is the best from a plot/character perspective. It's the only one where you really care about the characters. The fourth is the most fun.
  6. I think Hush is a very decent story that's elevated to epic status only because it's a showcase for Jim Lee's art. And that's the thing about Jeph Loeb: when he's writing a straightforward, decent story with a fantastic artist, his books can be great. But then you get Ultimatum and it's just... eeeesh.
  7. Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum were the main reasons he got basically blacklisted among comics fans.
  8. Do you guys, like, chew on your lightning cables?
  9. Oh, now I love the lightning connector. Super-fast, connects both ways, and my original cable from my iPhone 5 from 2012 is still working perfectly.
  10. I'm on my third myself, and it's barely holding together. It's no wonder they ditched it with the new MacBooks.
  11. I still remember him as Ed.
  12. It started with quieter character moments and ramped up into epic-town.
  13. Not really. Movie-Cap is occasionally silly, but Ultimates Cap is notable for being an America-centric jingoist dick who solves problems exclusively with his fists. Movie-Cap repeatedly shows empathy for everyone, regardless of nationality, and would sooner take a punch than deal one when he didn't need to. In Avengers 2, Cap is the only one to stick up for the Maximoff twins' point of view before they actually switch sides.
  14. Atmos should never do that. I go to an atmos-equipped theater all the time, and if anything it's too quiet most of the time. Whoever was running that screening must have not known what they were doing.
  15. Three weeks late, but this is perfect.
  16. I remember having an argument with a random person online who insisted that if matte lines weren't visible around the snowspeeders in The Empire Strikes Back, it was an objectively bad movie that needed to be burned. He also insisted that Lak Sivrak was one of the great losses of the original cut of ANH, and I had to google who Lak Sivrak was. And to make me need to google anything about Star Wars is a pretty incredible level of... well, I'm a fanatic, so whatever's above that.
  17. For me, at the moment, DC TV > MCU > DC Movies.
  18. The first half is a lot like that Black Widow trailer. The second half is legit superhero stuff.
  19. That movie looks like a great excuse to stay home and watch That Thing You Do instead.