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  1. Aw thanks! TBH looking back at all of the old justice babies comics I too am pretty impressed by my teen self's handle on gesture XD. I tend to mostly gravitate towards realism now – in the last few years I've gotten super into figure drawing in particular. I don't know how much of my old style has carried through lol but my drawing insta is @most_appropriate if you want to check it out :)
  2. Hello! It's been...a long time since I've posted on this site. 9 years?? In browsing through some old files on my computer, I found a never-before-published episode of The Justice Babies...I figured it might as well be posted somewhere. Better late than never, right? Enjoy!
  3. Veronica Mars Season 1: It took me a few episodes to get into it, but once it did I thought the season was excellent. Season 2: Way too many clues that left me extremely confused and I thought the Big Bad reveal in the last couple of episodes came out of pretty much nowhere. At least in season 1 we got to see so the reveal at the end wasn't completely shocking. The season 2 character was starting to become my sister's favorite (though I honestly never really saw the appeal) before we found out they were the bad guy. Still, I enjoyed watching this season overall. Season 3: Lots of Logan/Veronica, which I liked, but not as much Wallace or Mac, which I didn't like. Also, I laugh at how badly the town of Neptune wishes it was Palo Alto. The wannabe-Stanford Hearst College, rich people owning software/technology-related companies, the spoiled rich teenagers who think there's nothing else to do in town but drink and do drugs, the actual slideshow about Palo Alto in a season 2 episode...the list goes on. For the record, Palo Alto is way cooler than Neptune, and not just because Neptune doesn't actually exist.
  4. A few days ago I finally started to watch Veronica Mars and today of all days Netflix decided to remove it from Instant Watch. I just want to finish the last four episodes of season 1, is that so much to ask?
  5. Ava


    James Franco was at my school today. He was filming random people walking, talking, eating lunch, etc...I wonder if he caught the streakers on camera. (There were five streakers today and I knew all of them. So awkward.)
  6. Ava


    High school's almost over, I know where I'm living next year, and on Facebook I found a bunch of other Very Potter Musical fans going to Cal in the fall. So psyched for college!
  7. George Takei is my new hero.
  8. Ava


    Apparently on Friday President Obama called one of our school's journalism teachers on her cell phone and told her that he was really impressed with our school's journalism program. I want to be the high school journalism teacher who gets phone calls from the President.
  9. Ava


    I once saw a whole webpage devoted to the similarities between Christian Bale and Kermit. It was awesome.
  10. Going to Berkeley next year! I'm psyched. =)
  11. Ava


    Getting rejected from four colleges in one day is not fun. On the bright side, I'm currently choosing between UCLA and Berkeley, so I guess I can't complain too much. =)
  12. I just got caught up on Community yesterday. What a great show.
  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Mike, your comic is awesome. =)
  14. Ava


    Wow, our exchange student from Austria could not have picked a worse time to come to California. Heavy rain, a power outage, AND possible trace amounts of radiation? Oy.
  15. Ava


    I'm not sure if it applies to grad school, but I'd think it would, just because Pi Day is a day that everyone at MIT, undergrad and grad alike, should be able to celebrate. =) Honestly I have very little idea of what I'm going to do in college. Maybe something with writing or something with computers...who knows. How about you?