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  1. Wow, That's pretty fuckin' bad. I hope this is an early concept. What's up with the leather pants and motorcycle boots. Fuckin' gay! Oh my fuckin' god, I hate this! Is that really what he's gonna look like? Holy Fuck! Does he look even remotely like an immortal Asgardian God of Fucking Thunder too anyone? Anyone? He looks like some fuckin' cos-play douche bag fan boy. It's like they took the guy from fuckin Nickleback and dressed him up in some home made costume made outta' fuckin' tupperware and their mom's tablecloth. Holy Shit!

  2. Frank Frazetta was a giant to me. I owned all of his art albums from the 1970s and let me tell you, they were dog eared. I would pour over them for hours. His work lit my imagination on fire.

    When Dread and I reviewed FIRE & ICE on Dread Media (episode 108) we watched the extra documentary, featuring Ralph Bakshi talking about Frazetta. He told a story regarding Frazetta showing up at his studio to check progress on the film. The other artists, illustrators and designers in the office that day were literally, and I mean literally, fainting at the sight of him. He was an absolute rock star to these guys.

    I had a grin from ear to ear when I heard that story. It was perfect. He was royalty. a god among men come to earth briefly to bless the work of his mortal worshippers.

    R.I.P Frank Frazetta. You were a hero to this mere mortal.

  3. The official answer, apparently, is no, this not related to CLOVERFIELD. The fact that Abrams is directing kind of lends an air of truth to that statement. Plus, Speal-burg is involved. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, I hated Abram's STAR TREK reboot.

  4. On Stephen King - I'm a casual King fan at best but I'll throw out some comments. The comics pretty much suck. They're nice looking but that's about it. Save your money.

    Short form or novella adaptions? THE MIST is probably the best of that bunch. I've read 1408 but I haven't seen the adaption. I'm a big fan of the TV adaption of IT; Cheesy, monday night movie fun. Of course, Kubrick's THE SHINING is up there. I have to admit to being curious about the adaption of DREAMCATCHER. I've always wondered just how bad it could be.

    I've read all of the DARK TOWER novels and I consider the first one a masterpiece and everything up to and including WIZARD AND GLASS is pretty great. After that he had his accident and the rest of the series steadily declines in quality until it is partly redeemed by the conclusion. Probably my favorite King story of all time, though, is a little Lovecraft pastiche called JERUSALEM'S LOT; Dark, gothic, slimy fun. Seek it out if you dare.

  5. Well, to be fair, TDK had Dead Heath Ledger to draw in a lot of viewers that would normally have never gone to a Batman picture. But, yeah, I'm sure you're right. IM2 will make money based on the theory that people will pay to see it.

  6. I have to admit, the one thing about HUMAN CENTIPEDE I do find intriguing is that I can’t remember the last time we got an honest to goodness mad scientist movie. Seriously, I’m thinking maybe THE FLY (1986) or RE-ANIMATOR (1985). Have there been any since?