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  1. My wife and I really enjoyed this one. Parts were hilarious. Especially Maggie Gyllenhaal's chapter. They do romanticize pregnancy quite a bit but to show the reality would have interfered with the story they wanted to tell.

    I will listen to this and find out what the hell your problem with this movie was.

  2. Actually, original human torch is not out of the question. While the movie rights to modern F4 Human Torch are not owned by Marvel, original android Torch is till a Marvel property. I have heard rumors of at least a few Invaders getting cameos in Captain America.

    Also, there is nothing saying the immortal Thor could not show up for a brief cameo appearance. Hmm.

  3. "the character will be updated" There not gonna make Red Skull Cap's estranged son, are they? Like in that Ultimate Avengers review I just read over on Is It Wednesday Yet? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of this week. I will boycott this picture if that is the case. I swear to god. That'll learn em not to fuck with Cap.

  4. Hugo Weaving could work very well. Very well, indeed. Though, the risk here is that the villain could be more engaging than the hero. Chris Evans better bring it.

    Dread, I couldn't agree more. The studio has this whole Avengers campaign mapped out but they need to be flexible to allow each installment to excel to it's potential. The quality of these individual movies will make or break the big Avengers picture.

  5. Holy fuck, I forgot about the horse gatling guns! What if the horse turns it's head? Is it really worth possibly blowing your horse's head off for the (admittedly) orgasmic pleasure of horse mounted gatling guns? Hmmm. I guess I just answered my own question.

  6. It matters not whether he talks a lot in the comics. In the movies and in westerns in particular, the most effective male protagonists are men of few words. Their actions speak volumes and they rarely have jokey banter with the damsel. We can all agree, I think, that Jonah Hex, as a character, was a homage to Clint Eastwood and the characters he played, particularly his Man With No Name. Now, I'm not saying I want a spaghetti western clone but a bit of that attitude would go a long way with Brolin's portrayal. The closest I've seen to that in the trailers is the coffin scene which is a direct reference to FISTFUL OF DOLLARS but lacks the laid back deadliness of that picture.

    Brolin seems to be mixing some MAVERICK charm with his Hex. This may have been called for by the director in order to generate some sexual tension between Brolin and that "whore" Megan Fox but, in my opinion, he should be way to busy exacting vicious, single-minded revenge of the hot lead variety to be enjoying some sexual tension on the side.

    And yes, I too am worried about the VAN HELSING gadgets but I'm perfectly willing to give that stuff a pass if they get the rest correct. I want a tough, gritty, no-nonsense JONAH HEX. The supernatural stuff can stay as long as it's sufficiently creepy and not overdone. Think Roland Deschain from the first Dark Tower novel.

    "The man in black fled into the desert and the Gunslinger followed."

    On second thought, think DARK KNIGHT. After all, JONAH HEX is supposed to take place in the DC Universe's past, is it not? Why not a similarly dark, seamy, morally ambiguous tale in a western setting that legitimizes the comic book trappings by disposing of the camp?

    Is that too much to ask?

  7. Dread, I agree to a point. I would also like a weird western or a western horror (GRIM PRAIRIE TALES anyone? Anyone?). I just don't think this is it. Josh Brolin seems to be doin' his best beneath that too heavy makeup but he also seems to be doin' a lot of talking. Too much chatter. The best western badasses let their smokewagons do the talkin' for them. And don't get me started on dynamite crossbows. That's right out of VAN HELSING or something.

  8. I agree Stavros. Thor can go toe to toe with the Hulk. I need to see some Superman level feats of strength from this guy.

    I also agree the costume looks kinda' rubbery but I'll reserve judgement for the final product. Good beard, though.

  9. Des, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (1984) is actually a gangster picture. I believe what you mean is ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (1968).

    Having said that, I would like to place a vote for 'other' either TOMBSTONE (1993) or THE WILD BUNCH (1969). Both of which are amazing and both of which I own if you're interested.