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  1. Yup. One of my local Goodwill's at one point had an entire shelf and I gagged when I looked up the original prices.
  2. Avengers: Infinity War: I hate it less than when it first came out. It's still far from my favorite Marvel film but one thing that I love about it is that it does feel like a Comic Book Crossover... which also doesn't necessarily help the flow of the film at times. Brokeback Mountain: So much of Queer Cinema is hinged on this film. It a very excellently made and important film. It's been like a decade since I last saw it and I think I'm good for another decade. Dramas are sometimes just hard to go back to watch. Deadpool: So entertaining. Die Hard: Because if I'm going to make a joke about Die Hard not being a Christmas movie on Twitter, I might as well commit to it. Films: 200 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 6 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 22
  3. I Accuse My Parents, Hobgoblins, Pod People, Carnival Magic, Final Justice, The Day The Earth Froze, Night of The Bloodbeast, Cry Wilderness: The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon. It was a good year with very few bad riffs. Twitches Too: It's alright I guess. I don't know if we needed a sequel to Twitches but ehh. Highlander: The Source: Gods I forgot how dumb this film was! ORBITAL WOBBLE! X-Men Origins: Wolverine: I don't think it's as bad as The Last Stand but it's not great. It does have a great opening sequence though. Batman and Robin: Honestly, I'm glad that time has come back around on Batman and Robin. If you go in knowing what you're going to get, it's an enjoyable experience. Films: 196 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 6 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 22
  4. Home For The Holidays: It's a cute enough film, Jodie Foster does a good job of directing. I laughed a bit. Pilgrim: About halfway through, I realized that this was basically Saw with Cranberry Sauce. Meh. Films: 192 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 5 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 15
  5. I can understand that. I'm the kind of guy who will spend time reading lore in a video game that you don't have to. I will say that once you get into the actual Dawn of X titles after HoXPoX, the Infograph pages are still there but they feel less common. They also start to get more varied. Some of them are diary pages, some are the standard info dump, and occasionally you get Mr. Sinister's Gossip Column.
  6. High School Musical: I am not the target audience and I have no nostalgia for it but it's not bad, just kind of whatever. I can see the appeal though if you were there at the time. Chicago: This was the film of my Senior Year for me. I saw it so many times in the theater. Love it! Also foreshadowed the 24 Hour News Cycle pretty well. Repo: The Genetic Opera: Is it great? No but it's catchy. Black Panther: It has some problems but it is still one of Marvel's Best Films and should be commended for what it was able to do! Rest in Power, Chadwick Boseman! Films: 190 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 5 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 15
  7. I'll second Mike's recommendation of Cerebro. I'd also recommend the Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Iceman episodes. I spend a lot of time thinking about X-Men (it's the only weekly books I read anymore) so it's a nice way to get caught up on continuity. It's not as Deep Dive as Jay and Miles but definitely easier to cover the small stuff.
  8. The Peanuts Movie: It's a really cute movie. It captures a lot of the feel of classic Peanuts! It does retread some territory but still cute. Maleficent: Angelina Jolie puts in a strong performance and at least it feels like more effort than most of the other Disney Live Action remakes. Films: 187 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 4 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 15
  9. The more I did research today, the more I am strongly considering checking out more of the Santo films next year if they're just as gloriously batshit as this one was. I've seen it before but this time really struck me!
  10. Thor: Ragnarok: It's still one of my favorite MCU films but, okay, yeah, I'll concede to Ian's point about Korg being a pretty terrible character. I don't mind most of the other cases of humor in a serious scene but most of the Korg stuff could have been cut and everything would have worked much better. Other than that though, Hela is a great villain and Tessa Thompson is awesome in anything so of course she's great here! Solomon vs The Vampire Women: MST3K episode. I absolutely love it because it's a film where famous Luchadore Santo takes on a cult of Vampires. It's hilarious and great, even without the commentary! Films: 185 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 4 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 15
  11. Easy A: One of the most intelligent teen comedies I've ever seen. Everyone puts in some great performances and its often very funny! Spider-Man: Homecoming: It's a fairly decent Spider-Man film. I had fun with it. Films: 184 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 4 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  12. The Devil Wears Prada: So many things working well in this film. Meryl Streep is perfect in it. Knives Out: Outside of just being a funny at times film, Knives Out is wonderful by working with and subverting all expectations. It's also a pretty well crafted mystery with everyone involved putting in wonderful performances! Sunset Boulevard: It's one of my favorite films of all time. It's a classic for a reason, just an expertly put together film with great performances from everyone involved. Films: 182 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 4 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  13. The Fast and The Furious: You know, I had somehow went all this time without seeing more than the second of these. I forgot how mundane the first one is. They're just stealing DVD players, not driving cars using helicopters. I was almost disappointed. Might make the attempt to watch more to see that real batshit moments. Dark Phoenix: I dunno. I'm mostly just glad that we're getting a fresh reboot after this but I dunno. Films: 179 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 4 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  14. We Summon The Darkness: It was alright. It had some fun moments but it kinda left me a little cold. Twitches: Rewatched with friends. It's okay, nothing special. Hocus Pocus: Like most people, this hits the Nostalgia zone. The Sisters make it worth watching. It's fun most of the time. The Craft: I sometimes go back and forth on my opinion of The Craft. I'm mainly annoyed by the third act which, while the film at its most visually interesting, is marred by the fact that it kinda changes everything up to that point. You Might Be The Killer: I love a good, self-aware horror film. You have to walk a fine line. You Might Be The Killer does a fairly decent job of it. Might have to make an evening of them next year. Born: Holy Fuck! What a fucking bad movie! This is The Room levels inept film making and that might be why I love it! The main premise is that Allison Brie is impregnated with a demon baby and she kills people. This would have been a real Tranquil Tirades bait film! Just gonna drop a clip in that is still not the film at it's most bat shit. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2: On one hand, you have a really good narrative about family vs blood relations. On the other, there are times that I am so freaking annoyed by Drax. Like constantly annoyed with Drax. The Rugrats Movie: I got some nostalgia for it but it hasn't ages the best. Coco: One of Pixar's better films in the last few years, especially with how unique the animation is. Drowning Mona: It's rare that you have Danny Devito play the straight man in a comedy but here we are. This has one of the best casts I can remember (Jamie Le Curtis, Bette Midler, Neve Campbell, Will Ferrell, Casey Affleck among others) and most of them do a pretty good job. Films: 177 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 4 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  15. Fright Night: The remake. There are some nice parts. David Tennant and Toni Collette for starters. Then you have the CGI Blood which is just meh. Hereditary: Speaking of Toni Collette, the fact that she didn't get an Oscar Win, let alone a nomination is a tragedy. Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter: In a lot of ways, this feels like the last, mainly serious film in the series. Most of the next few have random kills played for laughs. Still, this one feels nice! Psycho: If there's one film that I would like to remove from my mental facilities and experience without any previous knowledge, this would like be it. Scream 2: It was the only one of the series that I hadn't watched yet this season. Insidious: Always forget that you can make an effective horror film that isn't rated R. Vampire in Brooklyn: There are things I love, namely the chemistry between Eddie Murphy and Angela Bassett and the way it spins the vampire myth. But some of the humor falls flat and gets annoying at times. Still, it's good. A Nightmare on Elm Street: It's a classic and the practical effects are fucking awesome! Films: 168 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 3 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  16. Don't be Afraid of the Dark: Moody, atmospheric, and some good digital creature effects. I kinda love it. Coraline: I will never not love Coraline. Stop Motion Animation is kind of perfect for Horror honestly! Scare Me: Definitely a unique film. I'll agree with Dread Media that this is kind of an anthology film. Sidenote: I've had the line reading, "The Big Talent Show Live" in my head since yesterday. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: So freaking stupid and I love every minute of it. Like, yeah, it's so dumb but it's so fun at the same time. Films: 160 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 3 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  17. Hell Fest: A slasher about a Halloween Haunted Attraction. It has a good premise, some of the actors are much more into it than others, but its still pretty meh by the end. Urban Legends: Final Cut: The original was a fun use of your time. The sequel can barely keep the premise and is somehow ripping off Scream 3 which, yeah, choices! Night of The Demons: This was fun! More Linnea Quigley but Amelia Kinkade as Angela is the real delight here. Warlock: The Armageddon: Barely a sequel to the original. Is this a separate Warlock from the first movie, a different one, and why are the Druids so dumb? Fallen: Denzel Washington hunting a serial killer who's a fallen angel who can hop bodies with a touch. It has some pacing problems but Denzel and John Goodman really drive thing one home. Scream 4: I like Scream 4 a lot but I somehow see next year's review being as long as this years because of reasons. Bad Hair: You would think a movie about a Killer Weave would be bad but it has some great moments of humor, some fantastic tension, and the acting is pretty strong. Films: 156 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 3 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  18. Well, now I know what I need to track down a copy of for my Halloween Movie Night next weekend!
  19. She did a ton of Horror films in the 80s. She was also Suzanne in Night of the Demons and Denise in Silent Night, Deadly Night, and is still doing films in the genre.
  20. Inferno: Crazy dream logic horror film. Is it as good as Suspiria? No but it's still a fun ride. Host: On one hand, Kudos on doing a film using Zoom as your basis. On the other, ehh? Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-rama: Is it good? Fuck no! Is it fun? Fuck yeah! Halloweentown: Debbie Reynolds is what makes this film. Definitely more for the kids. Twitches: I liked it a bit more. Also, obvious villain is obvious. Paranormal Activity: I was honestly kind of bored. I dunno, I'm not the biggest fan of found footage films to begin with and maybe it's just because all the things that are supposed to be scary are part of the lexicon at this point? Halloween H20: It's far from a bad film but it's definitely a Post-Scream Halloween. I do love that the last 20 minutes are basically just Laurie Strode vs Michael Meyers. Films: 149 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 3 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  21. Halloween: It's a classic. In someone else's hands, it might have been less successful but everything worked out so well that it shaped the slasher genre basically. Suspiria (1977): A beautiful and interesting film, just a sensory overload at times with the music, color, and sound. It's also very straight forward as to the morality of the witches. Witch-Hunt: Blah. They wasted a perfectly good story about witches and a haunted card game. Silent Hill: There's a lot of good set pieces though the problem comes that so much of the plot is dictated by trying to match up to the game. The WNUF Halloween Special: Gods, I love VHS! The Exorcist III: I knew it was supposed to be good, I wasn't expecting this good. I've been thinking of the Nurse's Station Scene since I watched it yesterday! Event Horizon: Sci-Fi Horror is always an interesting genre. Portals to hell are a bitch. Urban Legend: Of all the Scream Knock-offs, it's probably the best. Rebecca Gayheart and Loretta Devine are definitely the highlights of the film! Films: 142 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 3 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14
  22. If it's anything like the Price Drop Square-Enix put Kingdom Hearts III through after release, you won't have to wait two years.
  23. Tragedy Girls: Fun little horror comedy. I like a film that succeeds in celebrating platonic female friendship. Even if they're both psychopaths. Jennifer's Body: I owe Megan Fox an apology for years of bad mouthing. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Definitely worth reassessment. Films: 134 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 3 Mst3k/Rifftrax/Other Assisted: 14