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  1. Looking forward To Static and, like everyone, JL/JLU. I do find it interesting that Mike and James are going to be talking about the Justice League before actually getting to Justice league due to the Static Crossovers. The crossover episodes are some of the best episodes of Static with one major exception that comes to mind but that's mainly because Batman acts slightly out of character. But, even that one has Harley and Ivy in it so it has enough reason to rock.
  2. Got my tickets for midnight, mainly because I want to get it out of the way. If the movie sucks, then at least I'm not devoting hours I could have spent doing something else watching it.
  3. So, probably not going Wizard World Chicago now since people started to bail on the trip, thankfully before I booked the hotel or anything. Yeah, I've decided I'm going to lock people into going in March next year. Damnit, I was even going to get a baby harness to carry Rape-Whistle Ronald around, too.
  4. Maybe it's just where I grew up, but "Yesterday" by The Beatles always works.
  5. I always find it funny that some of the best episodes of a series might come from the worst seasons ("Hush" and "Once More With Feeling" from Buffy for example.) I will wholly agree though. Of the first half of season 3, only The Runaway Bride and The Shakespeare Code did I find all that enjoyable and the last one only because I'm a Shakespeare buff. Blink is one of my favorite episodes of the Doctor Who revival and I'll agree that Sally Sparrow should have become a companion.
  6. I am really enjoying the game. It has a lot of shout outs to the movies. It does take a little while to get a hang of it (I spent a while figuring out how to fire my photon pack but I got it eventually.) Playing it on the 360 and I can honestly say that it's beautiful and there are few flaws. I have heard it's short but oh well, it happens. I'm only up to the second level that isn't a tutorial and I'll already say this is the best Ghostbusters game of all time.
  7. Playing me some Ghostbusters because busting makes me feel good. But seriously, after a little getting used to, you really start to get into it.
  8. Dear god, a little anal sex never hurt anyone! Why don't they focus on those invisible gremlins that are stealing their medication? I've told you before, stop calling eastern European nurses gremlins, its just offensive. Besides they're built like linebackers, you cross them at your own risk. They didn't sneak into this country to be our friends.
  9. To celebrate, I think I'll watch First Contact later to celebrate.
  10. Dear god, a little anal sex never hurt anyone! Why don't they focus on those invisible gremlins that are stealing their medication?
  11. Wow, I cannot count the number of levels upon which that rocked.
  12. Almost done with Storm Front by Jim Butcher. It's the first in the Harry Dresden series. I kinda like it and I'm sure I'll like the rest of the series more. Good use of Urban Fantasy.
  13. Well, we really only have Detective Comics, Gotham City Sirens, Streets of Gotham, and Batgirl left. I refuse to believe Dini can do wrong, and Rucka is in his element meaning Batgirl is the only one that might suck and, to tell you the truth, I won't be too surprised if that happens. Something about the covers and teasers just makes me shudder.
  14. Brainiac Attacks isn't in continuity and the majority of Old Wounds takes place between Sub-Zero and "Sins of the Father". I'd also say that "Holiday Knights" takes place after "Growing Pains" due to Clayface's needed to use Annie to find out where he was after being torn apart back in "Mudslide" while in "Holiday Knights", he has no problem turning into a bunch of kids and running around..
  15. And besides, Dick has seen with Jason Todd what happens when you leave the psychopaths unattended: They get delusions of grandeur and try to kill you. With a rabid dog, you put it down. If putting it down is not an option, then you keep an eye on it so it can't hurt anyone.
  16. Marvel's Press Release: So, for intents and purposes, the press release ignores that Bucky has become Captain America. At least DC didn't let one of the replacement Supermen take the title, run with it, become an exciting character in a new direction only for Big Blue to show up and invalidate the new Superman's existence (Like they're going to do with Batman but I digress.) Also, I wouldn't exactly call Cap's death the "most shocking and controversial event in comics history." Not unless you're already trying to forger, Marvel, who editorially dictated that Peter Parker sell his marriage to the devil. Yeah, this entire thing screams of Marvel trying to recreate the fever of Cap's death selling all those issues.
  17. Archie marries Veronica in #601. The cover artist has made some interesting choices. For starters, Betty is still there, crying, and she's looking at... Veronica? So, Betty is, as it turns out, sad over Veronica getting married to Archie? Betty has been chasing Archie as a passive agressive way of trying to get Veronica? Really? And Reggie, by the looks of things, is getting ready to get his gun out to shoot Archie or Veronica. He's looking at Veronica so I'm pretty positive that's who he's planning to kill. Is he doing it to prove his love to Archie? Meanwhile, Midge, Ethel, and Nancy are all happy to finally be on a cover. Dilton's wondering what's going on because he's behind Big Moose, and Jughead is either sleeping or thinking about the reception catered by Pop Tate. Whichever.
  18. The sad thing is that The Clone Saga seems a million time better now in comparison to One More Day. I miss a few years back when Peter Parker just thought he was a clone instead of being the kind of guy to make deals with the devil. So, I might give the trade a glance if I see it. Tom Defalco did do Spider-Girl so I have to think it will be written well.
  19. Ditto. It must be a guy thing. UGH, I had an assignment due at noon today, thought it was due at midnight. Oh well, so much for that.
  20. I feel very confidnt in the movie now that I know that they're going to give us the Deadpool we want rther than what they think Deadpool should be. Truthfully, if at some point, Deadpool is facing down the big bad of the movie and Deadpool says, "I can't die. I'm the title character." or something along those lines, I'll die happy right there and then. Of course, I'd rather live to see the rest of the movie but beggers can't be choosers.