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  1. in his very first episode. Torchwood: Children of Earth will show in the UK and the USA in July.
  2. Happy Birthday. May your cake be as far from a lie as a cake can be.
  3. DOES NOT COMPUTE. Fine, fine, Voyager is an acquired taste, I get it. I love Voyager, everyone else thinks it's the bane of existence. It happens.
  4. "The Bride of Chaotica" episode of Star Trek Voyager. One of my favorite episodes in the entire franchise, at least in my top 10 favorite Star Trek Episodes. Kate Mulgrew is just so fun in it.
  5. So, I'm planning on going to Wizard World Chicago and I cannot get any of my friends to freaking give me their money so I can order our passes and get the hotel room booked. Seriously getting on my nerves because it's hard to find a reasonable hotel room for three guys, none of which want to share a bed (kind of) and I don't want to lose the one I found. Also, thanks Preston. It's kinda sad. I was getting to love the mistake in slang.
  6. Martha's family I didn't care for because they were used as weapons by The Master and were that easily manipulated into doing what he wanted them to do (Except Leo. He does nothing and could have just as easily not existed.). It's heavily implied that Clive and Francine broke up because of the girlfriend and Clive is working to get Martha home from the Doctor in The Sound of Drums, just as much as Francine. Tish is a puppet, getting jobs because The Master wanted to lure Martha and the Doctor into traps. Cousin Adeola gets used by the Cybermen at Canary Wharf. For that matter, Francine is the biggest puppet of them all: she has a bad feeling about the Doctor, believes what she's told to think, and then used to try and destroy The Doctor and Martha. Then, to top it all off, The Master tries to get her to kill him. As for why the Jonses was kept around by The Master, they were ammo against Martha. She had to live with the knowledge that anything that happened to them was because of her. Plus, humiliating them was fun for him and his way of attacking Martha, even if he couldn't find her (I figure the reason why The Master burnt Japan to a cinder was because he knew Martha was there and why take chances?). Frankly, Martha's family exist so super-villains can use them for toys. If she marries Tommy Milligan, I would not be surprised if he isn't being used by the Slitheen for something within a year.
  7. I voted for the Noble's myself. Sylvia, while a harpy much of the time, did make me happy at the end of Series 4. She is Donna's mother in the end and her telling the Doctor that he should leave is the thing I would do if I found out if someone nearly let my child get killed. Wilf, well, Wilf is all levels of awesome. It really also makes you think how much different the series would have turned out if the actor who played Donna's father hadn't passed away. Donna's father, from what we saw of him in The Runaway Bride, probably wouldn't have been quite the character Wilf turned out to be. Anyway around though, while Jackie Tyler grew, Wilf just being awesome puts Donna's family over the top.
  8. Yeah, Superman is a dick.
  9. No matter how crappy your birthday gets, just remember, you can always come here, rant about it, and get people telling you that they hope that next year goes better and sometimes, that's all you can ask for. Oh, or you can get completely shit-faced,, drunk dial, and guilt people into coming to your place and play twister. Whichever.
  10. Good news everyone. From io9: The only way this could be more awesome is if the Arrested Development movie was officially in production as opposed to it's current development hell.
  11. And the VHS tapes, and the YouTube clips, and the DVD's, and the... ah, I give up. It is magic, but how powerful is Mephisto? He could take down the Beyonder, if "One More Day" is any indication. If anything, "One Day More" demonstrates that Mephisto is so bored that he's willing to toy with one of Marvel's lower-powered heroes. Maybe it's just an indicator that Marvel needs to consolidate it's Devil analogues into one demonic Super-Conglomerate that can get equal page time as opposed to Dormammu backing The Hood over here then you have Shuma-Gorath over there playing cards with Blackheart and Chthon while Belasco takes teenage girls as apprentices. Seriously, Marvel has way too many Devil's to the point where it's one big fallen angel clusterfuck. No wonder Mephisto can get away with wiping DVRs when the guy living three doors down is also a living personification of evil, you're bound not to notice that you saw Spider-Man take his mask off and then the footage is gone the next day. It's a surprise that they don't all end up on Maury with Damien Hellstorm trying to find out who's his daddy. (Yes, I know it's Satannish but that just proves the demonic super-power quota further.)
  12. Preview for Batman: Streets of Gotham #1. I enjoyed it but it had some Harley in it so I was very enthused. It's a nice bonus to getting some more Manhunter.
  13. Just watched Ghostbusters. Still so freaking awesome.
  14. Oh my god! As a huge Saved by the Bell fan, that just rocked so hardcore, especially because they mentioned the Indiana move. w00t! SBTB Reunion!!!
  15. The best part is that there are at least two more Bucky appearances between here and then of Zeta.
  16. The Pilot Episode of Arrested Development is currently free on iTunes. STEVE HOLT! But seriously, go and download it if you haven't seen Arrested Development yet.
  17. Reading that, the only thing that goes through my mind other than a quote from Steel Magnolias is, "That is awesome!"
  18. I'd guess Daisy is the crazy kind of Star Sapphire. Mickey (Not a Duck but supporting cast) is part of the Indigo Tribe. Launchpad is either a blue lantern or a Sinestro Corp member (You hope you'll survive and fear for your life when you're in a plane.) Darkwing is a Green Lantern. A customer at work just handed me a candle after I helped her find her textbooks. She just had it in her purse. So freaking random.
  19. Just watched the new (well, 2 week-old but same diff) episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. God I missed this show.
  20. Personally, this makes me happy. As a person who still watches Futurama everyday, I will be happy to get some real resolution. Going into the wormhole just kinda felt like, "We need to wrap things up in a way that seems like an end or could be used to bring us back. Go!"
  21. Final Fantasy 9. I forgot how much I liked this one... well, except for Dagger's whining. The point in the game where she gets her Heroic Blue Screen of Death doesn't come soon enough.
  22. There's only one response to that: Torchwood Babiez.
  23. I think I found a doll scarier then Rape Whistle Ronald.
  24. My main problem is that the Semi went from being the most awesome thing in the game to craptacular. It was a tank before a patch then the patch, it hits one vehicle and the tires fall off.