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  1. There are actually a few episodes that aired out of place. One of these, No Mutant is an Island, was the one where Scott quits and goes back to his hometown where The Purple Man is using mutant orphans for personal gain. The Professor detects Jean in the sun and returning to Earth at the end of the episode. The question is if the DVDs are going to have the episodes in order by Airdate, intended airdate, or production order.
  2. Personally, I'm torn here. On one hand, I do feel that if McDuffie had had more creative control, we could have had something like Justice League. On the other hand, you work with the tools you were given and try to make the most with them. To be fair as well, he did dig his own hole in this case. You can't complain about your job in a place you know your boss will read it. Geoff Jones, I could see getting away with it but that's because he is, quite frankly, DC right now. Dwayne, consider yourself lucky that your Milestone project isn't going into development hell. Still, maybe we'll get someone awesome on Justice League now. *fingers crossed*C'mon Gail Simone.*fingers crossed*
  3. Just busted Super Metroid back out after a couple of years. God, I forgot how much this game brought the awesome.
  4. May your break be filled with relaxation, joy, and less ostriches than would ruin your vacation.
  5. I think you're on to something. And now that you mention it, Kermit the Frog does look suspiciously like a Slitheen.
  6. The sad thing is that I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who thought that.
  7. He proposes to Veronica. However, more likely than not, he takes Betty as a mistress or so the cover will lead me to believe.
  8. Sorry, figured it would be in this section so I didn't think to look in general. My bad.
  9. From The Hollywood Reporter: Yeah, quite frankly, I wonder if they realize that the original movie was terrible and there are people out there, myself included, that occasionally forget the movie ever existed to begin with.
  10. Like I've said before, Donna grows on you. I personally loved her by the end of The Runaway Bride but I know one of my buddies hated her for most of series 4 until The episode after The Poison Sky (not saying the name since it's a slight spoiler). I'll agree that her sketch show could be irritating to say the least but if we let one aspect of an actor's career influence the rest then Jamie Fox is just another comedian, Will Smith is the Fresh Prince, and Wil Wheaton is annoying. As for Martha, she really became a better character once she joined UNIT. In fact, most of the companions in the new series become better later on. Captain Jack was kinda two note to me prior to Torchwood.Mickey gained purpose after leaving the TARDIS. Same for Martha.
  11. Yeah, that's kinda standard moving incentive. Moving isn't something you do because you feel like being nice, it's something you do because you're either getting paid or getting food. The worse part is that you were volunteered. You have my sympathy.
  12. If this is the last season, I will be very disappointed. While it was epic, I still felt like we had no real answers about Sari. Along the same lines, it seemed like if you were voiced by Cree Summer, you just fell to the wayside. Female Starscream just appeared in the one episode this season and then she went poof. Blackarachnia is just kinda of left to her own devices in the past. I want another season not just because it would be awesome but because there are just too many plot holes for my own tastes.
  13. To be fair, in all three seasons there are a good chunk of filler episodes. Out of twenty episodes in season one, I counted at least six that could be discarded. Other thing can be condensed down (The vision of Avatar Roku that warns about Sozin's Comet could happen at the Southern Air Temple for example) with pretty much the first three episodes and the last three being the only ones that have to happen bit for bit as they happen in the series. I will agree that it's hard to adapt something as sprawling as Avatar and I do not envy the person who has to shrink down seasons two and three because the only way to really cut down on season two is to eliminate Long Feng, which, quite frankly, takes a lot out of the story. Season three seems easier on the surface but even with the filler episodes exorcised, compressing Sozin's Comet down to about an hour of screen time is damn near impossible.
  14. I meant Poison Ivy, actually. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Mystique's movie "costume" at all. Reptilian skin=/=hot. Oh, okay. Yeah, in the comics, her costume is anything from a green, leafy leotard to some strategically placed leaves.
  15. Oh my god, Crazy Quilt was kinda threatening and cool. I shouldn't have been suprised by a show that made Aquaman badass but still, Crazy Quilt was a smart, effective bad guy. Who'd have thunk it?
  16. I love Wil Wheaton, I just hate Wesley Crusher. Most people who hate the character hold nothing against Wil Wheaton for playing the part. Hell, he hates Wesley more than anyone else it seems like. That said, Wesley does get better as the series goes on but, oh god is he annoying during the first season. The fact that they let him stay on the Enterprise after The Naked Now just shows that Picard is a very forgiving man. Anyway, watching Troll 2, and yeah, so just threw away my popcorn.
  17. Then, years later, Pureheart Prime punches the walls of creation, nullifying Jason Todd and Archie's marriage. Or Archie makes a deal with the devil to save Miss Grundy's life in exchange for their marriage. Whichever.
  18. With the exception of a mini-series about the same time as the movie, she usually wears just the white dress with the skulls or some kind of leather outfit. It hasn't been updated since 2004, but here's a costume gallery of Mystique.
  19. And that pic just made me feel all levels of happy. Thank god they are keeping some of the more out there moments of the GNs.
  20. Poison Ivy Trailer. Wow, Ivy is kinda hot and creepy looking at the same time. I also think she's naked. I mean, she's wearing a shit but I don't think that... yeah... I think we see her shrubbery.
  21. I'll admit one reason is that she isn't Dr. Crusher. I know that's not a very legitimate excuse but it is one. But I do have legitimate reasons also. Part of it is her attitude toward Data during much of her time on the show. I know she gets better about it toward the end of her run but still, cyborg or not, you're a doctor. Have a bone of fraking compassion. She always just seemed kinda cold to me. I'm sure I would have liked her better if I didn't have much better doctors to compare her to in the history of Star Trek but when you have characters like Dr. Bashir, The Doctor on Voyager, McCoy, and Crusher then you have a lot to live up to. Still, anyway you slice it, she's still preferable to Wesley Crusher.
  22. Its really a very good show towards the end, even with Troi. Season 3 onwards is well worth watching. That really is the trend with most Star Treks. Season one and two of most of the series is focused on figuring out the direction of the show and characters. Season 3 of TNG is when we get rid of Dr. Pulaski. Coincidentally, it's when Roddenberry had less to do with the series. DS9 is a major example. Season 1 and 2 kinda just establish the tensions with Season three introducing the Defiant and the beginnings of the Dominion War. Voyager delays it a season until four when things start picking up (Voyager is my favorite Star Trek Series. I know, I'm ashamed of me also.).
  23. And if push comes to shove, you ask, "So, when do I get bribed to vote not guilty? I don't? Then when are you going to bribe me to vote guilty?"
  24. They'll just cop out with Archie having become a member of a polygamist sect and he's marrying both of them. Or Reggie. I could see Archie marrying Reggie.