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  1. So, I was going to transfer my Xbox live id to another XBox but then I realize I forgot the password. I go to the compy to recover it and, turns out, the Windows Live ID has expired, can't be recovered, and my Tag is therefore stuck on my roomy's hard drive. I can either keep using his hard drive or I can start a new ID and then have to start over with my points, not that I have that many but now I have to start over on everything.
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    The Music Thread

    The Greatest Show Unearthed- Creature Feature and I am strongly considering buying the album now if I don't pick up the new Utada cd instead.
  3. I feel your pain. My upstairs neighbors are, quite possibly, running a brothel. I don't know but most nights we have to complain about the rhythmic banging on the ceiling above us.
  4. Wow, that's mean. I'm nominating you for a People's Choice Award!
  5. Read the Gay Agenda article. I agree, the show may have a so called "Gay Agenda" but it's nothing out of the ordinary. It's the 21st century, big whoop. Having gay characters is completely normal, it's not as if no one before 1950 was gay. Besides, it's Captain Jack. Who wouldn't want him? I envy being in your shoes again. Season 4 is my favorite season overall. Catherine Tate's Donna Noble really grows as a character. She's a lot less shrill and, to tell you the truth, my favorite companion of the new series, mainly because she's not going to fall in love with the Doctor like Rose or Martha. Won't say any more so as not to spoil it for you but it really is a terrific season. I do recommend watching the first season of The Sarah Jane Adventures and second season of Torchwood first since both have slight spoilers later on during the season.
  6. Nostalgia Chick: Babysitters Club Yeah, I admit, I read them and this is all so true.
  7. To be fair, it was an anthology episode, not a normal one. The same episode has Homer as a classical actor in Macbeth, Selma as Elizabeth 1, and Lisa as Snow White. It's out of continuity so it worked.
  8. yeah I think we will and since her "growing" up or upgrade she's not as annoying anymore at least not to me. Did you watch This is Why i Hate Machines? Yeah, it was a pretty good episode also. Captain Fanzone is one of my favorite characters in that, he is a good representative of how most normal people would react to giant robots. No awe, and they're amazing. No irrational hatred for the sake of hatred. He has a genuine beef with all these machines and, yeah, it's probably not going to change but he also knows they can be useful. Sentinel Prime is, meanwhile, still the character I want to see shoved out into space. He's very lawful neutral and, yes, he kinda means well, but he's more about the law then the occasional need to put the people in front of the law. Oh, and the expression on Lugnut's face at Shockwave being called Megatron's most loyal subject? Priceless and I hope it goes somewhere.
  9. I think my favorite part of Decepticon Air is that someone finally had an actual reason for having Hammer Space (Transwarp pocket in my stomach.) That kinda made me laugh. All in all, looking forward to next week, hopefully it will rock and, if this is the end, hopefully we finally get a reason for Sari's continued existence.
  10. I dunno. Imagine you work at Archie Comics where humor seems to be mired permanently in the 50's. Wouldn't you sneak in stuff like that to keep your sanity in check? Hell, if I worked for Archie, I would write an entire comic that features nothing but Betty about how her friend Sanchez never cleans himself and Archie is having trouble with his job fixing Veronica's rims.
  11. I really enjoyed the movie. While it did give me some headaches as a fan of Star Trek, it also felt true to the spirit of Star Trek and I was impressed.
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    Comic Book Resources has an interview with Grant Morrison about Multiversity. I am kinda even more psyched. Morrison confirmed Earth 10 (Freedom Fighters vs Nazi-JLA), Earth 20 (Pulp Fiction Earth), and an unnumbered Earth featuring some of the characters introduced in the nineties. Connor Hawke was put as an example. There's also an Earth-Prime story planned.
  13. I'm a little more confident in knowing that they're not going the easy route for the movie of doing just another action movie. I personally hope for a movie where Deadpool has conversations with the audience and maybe they can throw Squirrel Girl in as the love interest. The potential is a send-up of the entire genre, much better than Superhero Movie (not that's all that hard.)
  14. Thank you for pinning down the other problem I have with Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl again. Babs has proven herself to be an adult, a woman. She led a team already in addition to being a member of the Justice League. Still being called Batgirl would be an insult to the maturity she has gained. It's also the reason why Powergirl should just become Powerwoman or something along those line. Having "girl", "boy", "lad", or "lass" or any other such s part as your name is only allowable if you are in the Legion or a sidekick. If you have grown up as a character. going back to the old is just asinine (see Beast Boy becoming Changeling and then going back to Beast Boy at during the most reboot of Teen Titans.) The only way that Babs should be allowed to become Batgirl again is if she has a team of Batgirls carrying the mantle with her as Batgirl Commander.
  15. Doy. Helps if I read the article. I was so happy to hear the news that I skipped past that part.
  16. Just started on Ouran High School Host Club. It's alright until I find something that interests me more. Might make another attempt to get into Bleach. It's just that there are so many episodes to get through.
  17. I personally am more annoyed that both Amazon and DcCs website give no indication of where a trade falls in order. I figured it out eventually but then there are those two issues that no trade is collecting so I have to track them down next time I'm at the comic book store. Why wouldn't you collect the issues that introduce the Alpha Lanterns?
  18. I'm going to rent the Muppet Movie tonight or History of the World Part 1 to make me feel better.
  19. One of the flaws I noticed was in the Morlocks episode. After Analee loses control of Jean, she runs off screen. Her running consists of her making a running motion and then suddenly disappearing. Embaressingly enough, it's repeated in the previously segment in the following episode. I forgot how in a lot of the early episodes, you can almost start a "Storm gets affected by her claustrophobia" count. It seems like if Storm was in an episode, something was falling on her and making her go mad.
  20. Nw the question is, is this a remake of the Arcade Version or the Snes version? In either case, yeah but kinda hoping for Snes since it was a bigger game.
  21. I went to two shops also. The first one just gave you a pre-bundled bag so you didn't even know what you were getting until you opened it. Lame. My usual store let you pick any five so I filled in the holes that the other one left me with. At least I got Blackest Night #0 and am so freaking psyched!
  22. I do not, not, NOT want it to be Babs. If it is, then I will be disappointed. Oracle can do so much more for the super-hero community than Batgirl ever can. This has already been established in an issue of Booster Gold (Number 6 of the new series I believe). I personally think it's going to be either The Calculator's Daughter, Wendy or Cassandra Cain. Wendy would make more sense since she is currently appearing in the Oracle mini-series and if this new Batgirl spins out of there, it would only make sense that it be Babs or Wendy. So, Wendy, hopefully the new Batgirl and then kicking that Wonderdog in the face with Batarangs.
  23. Zeta is 26 episodes, 1 2-parter in there so 25 stories.
  24. I remember watching Zeta last night before the listening to the podcast and remembering, "Oh my God, It's Red Foreman." I do expect the Weather Wizard to call Zeta a dumbass eventually. BTW, looking forward to the comics reviews. I bought the complete run of The Batman Adventures at a con a few weeks back so I'm excited that I have a reason to read them other than that they are kinda awesome.