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  1. Funny story, we tried to do a drinking game for Moulin Rouge once. Someone had the bright idea of drinking everytime there was an edit. Yeah, there are some ideas that sound good when they're proposed. This wasn't even one of those.
  2. With the exception of the rape scene, I have seen Showgirls and enjoyed it so many times. It's a terrible movie but the "dancing" and "acting" is just so terrible that it has become a comedy. It's even better if you watch it on TV. You lose Elizabeth Berkley's impersonation of a wave machine but you get digital bikini's that don't always move with the actress. The most astounding part of the movie is that it's a remake of one of my favorite movies of all time All About Eve. The same goes for Troll 2. It's a movie about a bunch of vegetarian goblins (there are no trolls in the movie) who turn people into plants so they can eat them. How is that not genius!
  3. You know, ever have one of those moments that you're laughing uncontrollably and sneeze at the same time? Yeah, that smarts but it was worth it.
  4. Date was changed again. Well, an extra week of waiting. Hope it's worth it.
  5. One Man's Worth is the two-part episode with Logan and Storm together and it leads directly into Beyond Good and Evil along with the two-parter Sanctuary which has Apocalypse at the end with Warbird.
  6. I'm not so much saying that so much as I'm saying there are too many movies, TV shows, and products built to feed upon that nostalgia factor. VH-1's "I Love the____" series does well because people like to look back fondly upon their youth. That's not necessarily bad. My problem is that it has been taken to the logical conclusion that people want to see this stuff once more. If the Drop Dead Fred remake is awesome, I will be the first to come on here, admit to it,. But, mainly, I just wish I hadn't been taken in by this bottle of Pepsi that tastes like normal Pepsi except it's marketed towards people like myself that believe nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
  7. I'm looking forward to Spidey myself.As for the rest of the series, there are some good ones in there. There's a time-travel one before "Beyond Good & Evil" that, among other things, has Storm with the mohawk and we get a world without Xavier. There's also an episode with Wolverine and Captain America as well as an episode with the Brood that is kinda creepy.
  8. Okay, what the fuck up with this nostalgia thing that the whole fucking world is on? I fucking love the things from my childhood but they don't fucking supersede the idea of any new fucking things entering my life. I just bought a bottle of Pepsi Throwback, Pepsi's attempt to cash-in on the nostalgia train. It has cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Woopty-Fucking-Doo! Jones has been doing it for SO MANY YEARS!!! It's nothing new. However, there is no taste difference. Sodium and carbs are the only place where anything is different and I don't fucking care about either of those in the least bit. Is originality dead and no one told me? Do we have to resort to remaking fucking Drop Dead Fred? The movie came out less 20 years ago and was less than awesome! It's because some hot young studio exec remembered the movie fonly from when he was 10 and now that he's in charge, he wants to fucking remake it despite it bombing in the fucking first place. How long before they remake The Lizzie McGuire movie? You laugh now but when Hollywood has made fucking Saw 21, they'll be so bankrupt for ideas that we will see it in theaters and 30-year old women will drag their daughters to see it because they loved Lizzie when they were kids so they're sure their children will love it also and the fucking cycle will continue until originality is dead, dead, DEAD! We killed it! This is not to say that nostalgia is bad. Battlestar Galactica and Beast Wars come to mind as things the were filled with nostalgia but built upon it instead of just being fucking there because people were lazy. So, yeah, I'll blame that on the fact that executives are lazy and want to go with what is proven but as much of it is our own fucking fault for viewing our childhood through rose-tinted glasses. Yeah, 90210 sucked then and it sucks now. Get over it!
  9. I will seriously agree that Kristen Bell would make a great Harley. She loves her fans and you know she would have fun playing Harley. She can even do the voice well. Watch Veronica Mars sometime. If Kristen ever fades as an acress, she will be able to work as a VA for the rest of her life. Kristen Bell and David Tennat. That is the dream. Too bad we'll get stuck with Johnny Depp (wow, I never thought having Johnny Depp in a movie would be a bad thing in my eyes.) Someone actually made a fan poster for Bell that made me salivate at the awesome potential of Bell as Harley. The pics are at IGN here. I'm linking since the pics are kinda big. As for the poll, I voted for yes but, now that I'm thinking about it, it would never be for Bruce and as for Ra's, he's been a woman for quite a few years. I would say that, knowing a post-op transexual, that you live as a woman for a few years, you identify as a woman. If Ra's goal has succeeded, I would almost say that it would have taken quite a while to adjust to being a guy again.
  10. Picking up Zeta Season 1 along with X-Men later so that I'm ready to listen to the podcast tomorrow on my way to work. w00t!
  11. I will raise a toast in agreement, my good man! Here's to tearing up as Tron Bonne once more!
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    http://www.aintitcool.com/node/40896 I don't know if that's my favorite part of the interview or the part when he's asked who should be the Flash. Mark Waid is slowly becoming my favorite person to read interviews from. Alan Moore just rants. Mark rants but has something to say and makes you laugh.
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    Yeah, this made my day. I want to see a combo of the established earths and then some of the ones we've glimpsed. Wikipedia has a list of all the Earths DC has revealed so far here. Of the ones on the list, and ingnoring the oens that have been heavily exposed so far, I'd like to see Earth 4 (Charlton which was a given), Earth 5 (Fawcett), Earth-12 (Batman Beyond), Earth-20 (Pulp novel world), and the Universe with Super-Demon, the Superman/Etrigan amalgamation shown in the sketches of the Final Crisis Secret Files. While it's fun to see Morrison work with what has been established, I also love to see him have total freedom.
  14. South Park: The world is afflicted with a disease that causes the brains of adults to dissolve so the children are the last hope except one is a sociopath. Spider-Man 3: Peter Parker gets covered in slime and becomes emo. Spider-Man is there too but you barely notice. Labyrinth: David Bowie's bulge is so impressive, it can bend space and time. The Wizard of Oz: A girl commits murder, steals a pair of shoes then defies a disfigured woman the right to her inheritance by murdering her also. Seinfeld: 4 sociopaths ruin the lives of everyone the encounter. Torchwood: Everyone in Cardiff has lots of sex and occasionally aliens show up and they have sex with them also.
  15. Buffy Season 1: Girl saves world, wear an awesome dress. Buffy Season 2: Girl saves world, murders her ex. Buffy Season 3: Girl saves world, blows up her school. Buffy Season 4: Girl saves world, audience doesn't seem to care. Buffy Season 5: Girl saves world by killing herself instead of killing annoying sister. Buffy Season 6: Boy saves world with the power of yellow crayons. Buffy Season 7: Girl saves world, unleashing 1000's of superhumans upon the globe, potentially causing mass anarchy. Likewise, Angel Season 1: Emo Guy gets hope and decides not be mopey. Angel Season 2: Emo Guy saves new love interest, finds out old love interest is dead, gets mopey. Angel Season 3: Emo guy gets thrown in the ocean by son, gets submerged and mopey. Angel Season 4: Emo guy saves the world by ending world piece, loses his son, and gets mopey. Angel Season 5: Emo guy stops conspiracy and dooms LA to burn in hell. Doesn't get that mopey over that. Since I'm on a whedon kick: Firefly: Space is the wild west, complete with space cops and space cannibals. Serenity: Space is still the wild west, the government is evil, and world peace should not be tried for. Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog: Joss Whedon REALLY hates likable characters.
  16. Enjoying it because you find it humorously bad, or enjoying the show for it was intended because either is alright, I'm just curious.
  17. That's why I have a TV in front of my compy. I can do both at once. I also offer video poker!
  18. Sorry, meant to say rebuilt. But yeah, I think I might cut it some slack since it was supposed to be the Christmas episode. At least we didn't get an episode entitled "Bots a Wonderful Life" where Optimus doubts himself and is shown a world where he never existed. So, okay, in light of that and Wreck-Gar, episode didn't suck as badly as originally stated.
  19. I loved the first part but, yeah, I got major problems with the two episodes over all. I really liked the Substitute Autobots (I like any shout out to the Legion) but, over-all, I can't really see what point there was to this two parter. The status quo didn't change, the only thing that happened is Sari showing she has some degree of control over her robot mode. The story could have probably be a done in one. The Sari part was the only thing pushing it into a larger than one part story. Did we even get a good explanation on how Soundwave built himself? That all said, I am really getting tired of everything being solved by processor over matter.
  20. I think they featured all the X-Cast except Jubile i'm not sure but yeah it looks awesome... I'll haveta get them on Friday though. What's shocking to me is the lack of bonus features menus other then the damn previews I was thinking that myself but then I thought to myself, "Be thankful Disney is giving us the series at all."
  21. I haven't seen any of them mentioned, but have any of you seen some of the great Anime Abridged series on the internet such of Yugioh The Abridged Series, Sailor Moon Abridged, or Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
  22. Just looked at the menus. I don't now what makes me happier: Jean being featured in multiple menu pictures or that Wolverine and and Gambit are in there once. Either way, so buying this next Tuesday.
  23. I just started rewatching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, namely because I just read the novel and I might be cosplaying Itsuki in the near future and I want to get down the Hare Hare Yukai dance. After that, I'm probably going to start looking for a new series to watch. Just debating on what I want to sink my money into.
  24. It would be cheating to say Final Fantasy or any Zelda because both are givens in the awesome soundtrack category. For that matter, there are few RPGs that I would not put in the awesome soundtrack column.(Magus's Theme from Chrono Trigger was my ringtone for like a year) So, outside of RPGs, I would definitely say that Kirby Superstar had some great tunes in it. I am in love with the Gourmet Race tunes in particular.
  25. This is a problem with a lot of comedians. They got lazy. With Bush, there was a constant punching bag there. They had someone to be the butt of all their jokes. Now, we have someone that, to be fair, can be hard to make fun of plus most of the major comedians who get topical are definitely left leaning so they're afraid to. Colbert on the other hand has this persona going on that he is able to transcend it all. Colbert is forcing himself to work at staying relevant. Everyone else is just hoping the rest of us don't notice how incomptent they've become..