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  1. Gosh, figure that depends on a mood. Sunshine for me I think. I kinda like Die Another Day too. It's not good and I wouldn't defend it, but it's cheesy in a fun way. It was the first Bond movie I saw in theaters, and at the time I just assumed they were all spy pastiche cartoons because that was how the parodies worked. I don't like Halle Berry or the special effects tho.
  2. Didn't see a topic on this adaptation, so I figured I'd start it here. Just gonna post my thoughts on the season. After reading the first three trades (later the fourth), I began the television series. Right away there's s decent amount of shifting around sequences of events, but it's probably the tightest page-to-screen adaptation I've seen in a long time, possibly ever. Much of episode 1 was right out of issue one for starters. But the big draw is the murder sequence at the end, which might be the single most violent thing I've ever seen. Until the season finale. I almost sto
  3. Invincible vols.#1-#4 Read the first three trades in preparation for watching the show, which the internet could not stop talking about. Invincible was for years one of those titles that everyone was going on and on about, and I read an issue or two here or there but it never stuck. It's odd, the first two trades are perfectly harmless, supeheroics by numbers. It's slightly subversive but very straightforward. Cory Walker and later Ryan Ottely are solid draftsmen. I think once you reach the big twist in volume three, you look back on the preceding chapters and realized almost nothing happ
  4. Yeahhh, she was Hank's mobster daughter girlfriend
  5. She's also been in the last couple seasons of Venture Bros and was really good.
  6. Mortal Kombat (2021): Was hyped for the movie based on the awesome trailer. This is one that comes down to a very bifurcated list. PROS: -The characters from the game are about as accurate as they could possibly get. Ludi Lin's Liu Kang was a highlight for me even though he cosplayed as Ryu from Street Fighter by the end. -There was a total abandonment of shame when it came to how weird and nonsensical the universe was. Everyone's abilities are present. -Sub-Zero was an unending threat. Every time he was on-screen you felt like someone was gonna die. His fighting style was
  7. So I wasn't around when these were, but FWIW my first interaction with a Superhero Guide Sheet were the bio pages at the end of each issue from DC versus Marvel.
  8. Good on you to do this Mike
  9. The New Teen Titans: Terra Incognito and The Judas Contract Re-read these for an upcoming podcast discussion, largey owed to the recent discussion of Terra's relationship with Slade in the pages of The Other History of the DC Universe #3 which featured Katana. A few new observations this time 'round: 1) Terra's appropriately bad at lying about her origins to the Titans since she's a stupid 15 year old girl, but the Titans at the time are completely up their own ass with their emo drama. Dick is struggling to balance his college life, appearances alongside Batman, solo backup story ad
  10. Was lucky enough to be a guest on their Die Hard episode, even luckier to have Derrick look at one of my Creative Writing stories back in college. He was always the most pleasant guy online, I don't think I ever saw him in any way mad. I'm really shocked by this.
  11. Sound of Music fo'sho What's the movie he replaced Kevin Spacey in? With Mark Wahlberg? For all the Money in the World?
  12. Third season is second best, absolutely. Episodes like Hydro-Man, the return of Venom and the Green Goblin sagas put it way over.
  13. Maybe I was distracted listening while driving, but with the "Richard Gere" clips this was finally the first HAA! episode where I had no idea what was going on
  14. The Death of Clark Kent: 90's era Superman story during the Triangle System that leads into Superman #100 and ends with Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1. Clark's old friend from Smallville High School Kenny Braverman is now a supervillain calling himself Conduit who wants revenge on Clark as his knowledge of Superman's identity makes him jealous. He sets out to ruin Clark's life by constantly targeting his friends and family. Lois, Jimmy, Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin, Perry White and his adopted son Keith, and most harshly Ma and Pa Kent are all targets that Clark runs around the country trying to