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  1. So Close (2002): A Cory Yuen directed film about a pair of Hitwomen assassins and the genius cop trying to take them down. This is the same director of the Hey and Actor! classic, "Yes, Madam". It's more serious than that, but the action is completely bonkers. I loved it. Shu Qi is a goddess. Lionheart: Van Damne classic which as it winded down made me remember I probably saw the last act of this on TV once. Perfectly fine. Standard early 90s action fare that's pretty by the numbers. Fight scenes aren't spectacular, but the different arenas were pretty cool, like a Squash room or an empty
  2. I saw When Harry met Sally a few days ago. I enjoyed it alright, but Harry's smarm in his younger days was an obstacle for me to get past for a long time into the movie. I also kinda wish the initial two points from the past lasted a little longer.
  3. T2 is a classic, I'd even say important film, while the Goodfellas is possibly the most obnoxious gangster movie in existence. Irritating at every turn.
  4. WW84: Thus far my favorite DCEU film, or at least the one I've had the easiest time enjoying. It's decidedly nicer and warmer, to an extent that it's pretty kid friendly. There's not a huge ton of violence, and Wonder Woman's just a friendly superhero (there's no staring down at people begging for her help like a robot or anything). I can see why people might not like it because the plot is pretty out there and doesn't hold up to a ton of scrutiny, but this is a fun movie that doesn't need an airtight script to be enjoyable. It's not for everyone, but it's not bad either. Although I wish there
  5. The current run's gone deep into Matt's classically catholic guilt with his actions leading to the death of a guy, so he wants to set a public example by facing legal repercussions in public. His ID has been majorly secret again since the Charles Soule run, with only Foggy knowing and everyone else forgetting, save for #25's special guest. Batman/Catwoman #1: I can't make heads or tails of this issues. It's one thing for Tom King to subsume Mask of the Phantasm into continuity. I'd rather he not, but whatever, who cares. I wish he would elaborate more on it rather than just obliquely sum
  6. The Other History of the DC Universe by John Ridley. Chronicling Black Lightning's perspective on his canonical career from the 70s to the early 90s. This is the best DC book I've read in many years. I can't even begin to think of anything that touches it in the last ten. Certainly not anything Batman related. It strikes a tone of storytelling maturity and insight that recalls late 80s DC Comics, where maturity meant sophistication and not just wanton violence. Certainly the best Black Label comic by far as well. Highly recommended.
  7. Oh my God, I've fully known about Slott's buffoonish procrastination habits for several years. Shit was legendary during his ASM run. Christos Gage is a better writer than he is, and he filled in every three or four issues it seemed. Slott literally had to have his Twitter password changed by the Marvel editors because he was so distracted. So a lot of this is me going "Yup, that's totes true."
  8. Oh sure, that's been going on ever since we talked about Ian Levine here on the boards. But I have seen a lot of female fans be kind of meh at season 11, and really enjoy season 12, which I did as well.
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #854: HOLY FUCKING SHIT (will return to elaborate further, just had to get that out there atm)
  10. Having missed out on this season, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear it so positively reviewed by you guys. My understanding was that this was an uneventful, bland first run for Chibnall, and in that SDCC panel I recorded last year, the majority consensus of the panel of fans roundly disliked him as showrunner. This is the first I've heard where the opinion has bucked the trend.
  11. Oh, absolutely. No question. On QnoA we did a commentary for Death Wish 3, and Harry went in not remembering that the ludicrously young attorney who Kersey hooks up with is immediately blown up in a car, then never mentioned again. That, and the needless rape/murder of Marina Sirtis. It's flagrant toxic male fantasy nonsense, there's zero argument to be had. That said, I think the tone differences in the first three films do give it a range of watchability. The first one has more going for it in that Kersey's a far more flawed character. The second one's just exploitation trash. The third
  12. I've only seen the first 3 Death Wish films, and they're all racist AF. I should check out 4 and 5 to see if the franchise can go the distance.
  13. I used to bleep out all the heavy swears on my DBZ podcast years back, because while the show was clearly for adult millennials, the franchise has a tween audience and I felt it was the nobler thing to do. I even bleeped out the single use of the word "gypped" in one instance because I found out in between recording and editing that it's an anti-Roma slur.
  14. Ooh! This Election Year, I fell hardcore into 538's podcast, generally hosted by Galen Druke and infrequently including Nate Silver himself, who's provided humor by not GAF about people's thoughts on how polls work. It's pretty funny to hear him swear about people being idiots. The Ezra Klein Show also has great discussions with thoughtful people. I first heard him last year when Contrapoints was featured, but his episode this year with Stuart Stevens I found to be captivating. I've subscribed ever since.