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  1. I'll admit that I don't fully understand your dislike of Rubberbandman Mike. But what I WILL admit is also never realizing that Rubberbandman just drops off at the end of the episode. That had me laughing my ass off. And the Titans line has much more relevance comic book wise seeing as how Virgil's a member of the ever decreasing Teen Titans, whihc I think is cool.
  2. LOL u guys DO know Replikon was voiced by Coolio right? Thats the explanation for the character design.
  3. ^Lol yeah I figured you couldn't keep in much of the swearing. But you kept my favorite line "There's a laser battle in my James Bond film! Waiter! Get it out!"
  4. You guys missed Static saying "Oh my God..." in Frozen Out once he sees Permafrost's room, but tot be fair it is a little hard to hear.
  5. Awesome show as always. I was also very satisfied with the answers you guys provided with my question. Especially Richard's answer. I didn't really know how you guys would respond, but his idea of Moore's acting of Bond being fitted to better suit him beign a reason he's not essentially seen as THE James Bond in many people's eyes was an excellent response.
  6. Hahahaha, thank you for this. Made of WIN
  7. Alright. You're entitled to your opinion. I thought it was intriguing, extremely well drawn, entertaining and fairly engrossing. To each his own.
  8. My bad. Dan I meant. Sooo you're saying that the first issue wasn't interesting in the slightest?
  9. I don't believe "What ever happened to the Caped Crusader" was aimed at fans of the Silver Age, as much as it was fans of Batman in general. Because Batman comic fans could all get the references no matter how old they were. Like Des said he's 35 and he's the target audience for the story. I'm 20, and there wasn't a single thing I didn't understand. I see where you guys were coming from in that the story does a 180 in the second issue, but what I got from it was it was a two-issue love letter to the Batman character. I think coupled with the AMAZING artwork, 2/5's pretty damn harsh. I'd grade it 3.5/5 at least, but then again its my opinion.
  10. Except for Batman and Robin, Bruce Wayne wore glasses in the first three Batman films.
  11. I was hoping you guys'd view this one in a fair light and not just write it off for the neon flash and Two-Face portrayal. Awesome review.
  12. Ha, I saw how you edited Adham's swearing over Goodnight. I wonder if the Moonraker trailer will be heavily edited..
  13. Wonderful read. Its doubly well written due to you not being, in your own words "a horror stricken comic book fan."
  14. Awesome! I was hoping for more of these..
  15. I gotta say the rap was the funniest thing ever on the show thus far. I seriously cracked up throughout, especially when Ian bleeped out his own description of Bond as a "mutha****er". Adham's songs at the end were really good. I'd easily buy a cd if I were in the UK. Thanks for answering my e-mails guys!
  16. Meh, can't say I know him personally. Still love his Bat-related work.
  17. Ooooookay. Care to explain why? I'd actually expected Mike to comment on Robin since he collected the title.
  18. Shouldv'e included Chuck Dixon as he was the fuckin' MAN on the Bat-books in the 90s. He wrote Robin, Nightwing, Detective Comics and Birds of Prey. And they all kicked ass!
  19. Any of the James Bond parodies they did always cracked me up. Specifically the deleted scene to $pringfield or "How I learned to stop worrying and love legalized gambling" when James "Bont" is against Blofeld, Jaws and Oddjob in Blackjack and he draws a joker which Homer should've taken out of the deck, and the villains then just carry him off. Also worth mentioning the the entire episode "You Only Move Twice" where Homer stops Bont from escaping and he's immediatley killed.
  20. ^Maybe, but thats your opinion. The Joker of today isn't the Joker of The Killing Joke, or the Joker of TDK or the Joker of B:TAS. He's an amalgamation of all the different versions told by different writers.
  21. Marvels is easier though because Kingdom Come require knowledge of some lesser known characters like Sivanna, The grown up Titans, Spectre, etc. Marvels is a little more tailored to the newcomer.
  22. She's still in the continuity in The Long Halloween which takes place obviously after Year One. She tehn leaves Jim off-screen, but comes back to him in Dark Victory. They then adopt Barbara in the Haunted Knight trade. She then leaves Jim for the final time and takes James Jr. with her in the Turning Point trade.
  23. Actually, Barda in Batman Beyond is the daughter of Mr. Miracle and Big Barda. And no, I don't watch Smallville. No, that was the same Barda that later (or earlier) appears in JLU. In the season three commentary reel, BT reminds the audience that since she's a New God she's practically immortal. Even more so than Superman.