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  1. Alas true Sarah jane is no longer with us. So sad as she was only 63. Cause of death has not yet been said. First the Brig and now Sarah.......Sad year for fans of classic Who
  2. Monster Squad! first Blade and now this. Another podcast i will be getting ever ep of. Well done.
  3. I love both these stories too. I just have one line from Talons I never understood. That being when Mr. Sin goes mad and starts shooting at everbody Greel yells "This is mutetany" (I know it's spelled wrong but i can't remember how it is spelled and the spell check doesn't work) I thought muteany happened on ships at sea. This is treson i could see. No big thing I know but it always bugged me.
  4. Sadly unlike Doctor Who most of here in the us will be unable to watch the eps with the hosts as the BBC hasn't released the DVD's over here
  5. Blake and the Doctor together at last...........Ultracool
  6. downloading as I type this and I must this a oneshot or will you really be doing the whole Blakes 7 run? If you are then all i can say is Wow this is really getting to be one of my fave sites. granted i don't post much as others say the same thing i do but if you don't mind i will be posting now even if others say the same thing For the record if this is a ongoing then that means the I follow the following bigger on the inside worlds finest main earth 2 podcast better in the dark i would follow the horror one too but the stuff it covers is a mostly unknown to me
  7. glad to here it i was afaid you were EXTEMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  8. More more more more can't get enought of the Podcaating fun
  9. new segments.......hmmmmm novels would be cool or since you already do a Doctor Who one How about a Star Trek one? I even have a idea of a name.It's a little long but Boldly Going Where no Podcast has Gone before!!!
  10. my top ten are 1-transformers(classic) 2-GI Joe(classic) 3-TMNT 4-Samurai Pizza Cats 5-Real Ghostbusters 6-Original Ghostbusters 7-Superfriends 8-Freedom Force 9-Space Sentinals 10-He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  11. I like both these stories myself. The fighting dominators and the very interesting Mind Robber. I always love 2 of the last bits with the Domniators. Finding the Bomb the Doctor returned to them............ D1:Deactivate it! D2:I can't there no time! D1:OBEY Doctor:don't worry it was only a small eruption it will only affect the island Jamie:maybe but we happen to be on the Island. Doctor:OH MY WORD! I just have one final thing to say Command Accepted!
  12. so Static is ending oh well we still have JL JLU and Titans to enjoy...............
  13. hmmmm after hearing this one does anyone mind if I sing........... Attack of the killer seaweed Attack of the killer seaweed They are tired of being in shushe(sorry don't know how to spell that) so they are coming to kick booty(can i say that?)
  14. omnidragon

    Episode 113

    OK I said i'd check out this forum so here I am. PA is a cool movie. I have seen better but parts were scary