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  1. This looks like it would be really fun on the DS.
  2. I have enjoyed every Spidey cartoon. Also, I'm sad about Wolverine and the X-Mem, but it just proves that not just spider-man , but all marvel cartoons get dropped after a season or two.
  3. happy Birthday, Mrs. Married To Movies Podcaster!
  4. That would actually be something to look into when you take into fact that the movie was 50% musical. And there were tons of chase/fight scenes with good music. I can't wait until WFP reviews this movie.
  5. many may disagree, but I kinda think it would be better if this movie is one long story covering his whole career in World war 2, and then maybe even before that too. Then freeze him at the end of the movie. To then be found at the beginning of the Avengers movie.
  6. totally forgot to say this a week ago. but at ECCC, they said this book was gonna have Barbara Gordon and that there would be two of these Batman graphic novels a year.
  7. grahamvidger

    Batman Beyond

    I don't know if I like how terry is drawn in costume, it'll just take some time to get used to the non animated look.
  8. well, hes not exactly a popular rogue in the comics, but everyone remembers Jim Carrey.
  9. Mr. Fixx was there to be Terry's Joe Chill. he's the type of person who should be left alone, even if he was still alive. I think Terry's main enemy is either Mad Stan or Spell Binder or even Shriek.
  10. I don't really give a crap. They have a while to make another COD game, since TreyArch barely has the next one. But I do hope they still release that map pack that is planned to come (please not be more flawed), or else Bad Company 2 will completely kick COD's ass. For old Call of Duty game discussions. COD 2 will always be a classic in my heart. Also, Halo's a piece of shit.