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  1. The For Your Ears Online podcast has brought back all my James Bond interest, so I'm rereading all the Bond novels. While I'm at work I'm listening to the Dresden files audiobooks read by James Marsters, which is pretty good. I love me some audiobooks, sometimes with the right person reading them they can be so much better than the source material, ie James Earl Jones reads the Bible. Never has so many begats sounded so awesome.
  2. For Christmas a few years back my parents bought me a treasury of the James Bond novels and short stories by Ian Fleming. Having read these stories quite a few times, it is quite easy to notice that they can be quite different than the movies that were based off of them cough *moonraker*. Now my real question is, if you have read the stories, which one is your favourite and why? Mine is either Dr. No, or (heaven forbid) Moonraker. Dr. No because it is so quintessentially Bond, and Moonraker because it is so much better than the movie.
  3. The rap at the beginning of the podcast was probably the funniest thing I've heard in weeks. It caused me to laugh nonstop for about a minute at my desk at work ( I think my coworkers now believe that I am quite mad)