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  1. There's a new trailer https://youtu.be/0csVdLbDMO4 love this shot, under the spoiler cut.
  2. The Pertwee vibe is definitly intentional. Just compare the photo with one of Jon Pertwees early publicity shots. I rather like it actually.
  3. The impression I got was that it was a surprise to the doctor that the planet he was in was called Trenzelore, so he didn't go there on purpose.
  4. Ah yeh, I knew about those before hand, the rest came as a lovely surprise
  5. Well, "An Adventure in time and space" was absolutely fantastic. So moving and well done. David Bradley was brilliant. I'll have to watch it again to pick up all the references I missed first time round. spotted a couple of cameos I also didn't realise till the end credits that the guy who wanted to kill Doctor Who was played by the Actor who played Marco Polo.
  6. Here's the BBC America press release about the cinema screening http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2013/10/doctor-50th-anniversary-special-bbc-america-announces-3d-screening-events/
  7. And a clip on YouTube featuring the Doctor stripping off his clothes and going for a swim
  8. iTunes links: Web of Fear: https://t.co/gFN7dBkZrR Enemy of the World: https://t.co/gVajZyfN5G
  9. It's just occurred to me to check, but if we take it that the reports are true, it now means that more Troughton episodes from his era exist, than are missing now. Before this find there were 57 eps existing, 62 missing Now it's 66 existing, 53 missing I can't wait to see them, just to see all the visual stuff that Troughton put in..there's so many moments in existing episodes where you see him adding to a scene just through his body language (my favourite is on the last episode of the invasion, when after running away from the cybermen he's sitting on the ground when the photographer starts taking pics of him and he preens and poses for her)
  10. Bizarrely the first newspaper article has appeared in my local paper http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/10732000._Lost__Dr_Who_serial_found_gathering_dust_abroad/ Edited to add - it's been taken down now, but confirmed the finding of Enemy and Web episodes
  11. That seems to be the rumours I'm hearing, but some of those are coming from the Facebook page of author Lance Parkin (https://m.facebook.com/lance.parkin?id=100001275510591&_rdr) who later in the comments says he wasn't there but has heard that info from twitter. I've also heard a few murmours about Marco Polo, but can't find any source for that. Until the press release, or a report from someone who was definitely there, I'm gonna take everything with a pinch of salt
  12. EDITED - Forget what I previously wrote here in this post, I thought it was from someone who was there, but he was just reporting rumours he'd heard. Still no concrete news yet