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  1. Mike Lowery


    I'm getting this in the next few weeks. Once I've gotten bored of Rome: Total War. Which, by the way, might take a while.
  2. Half Life, Need for Speed: Underground, Burnout 3, Any Zelda, Most Mario games. That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll add more later.
  3. PC only. I have been on TEW so much these past few weeks.
  4. No shit... two weeks?! I have to go look for a drooling emoticon. Well it's looking that way. And I am sure I have seen somedrooling smilies somewhere. I will have a look for one.
  5. I already have my money ready, as it looks like it will be out within 2 weeks. :OMG:
  6. I Own N64 PS2 Xbox I Once Owned Sega Megadrive PS1 Dreamcast Gameboy
  7. Guess that Character, I'm thinking of a Computer game. and the other could be modified and used for a "General Computer" forum.
  8. We could play all soughts of neat games there. "I'm thinking of a Comic Book series", "Guess that Character", "Comic Book Train" and "One of these Characters just doesn't belong here." The same could be said for a "General Games" forum.
  9. Maybe we could have a few skins to choose from? Also I know a good site to get free skins from if you want it Master Yoda? IM me if you do. Edit: If you need someone to Mod the PC forum then I would do that for you.
  10. How about a General Videogames forum? I was going to post a topic about what consoles people own, and that kind of thread would allow me to do it. And I would like to Mod that forum if it goes ahead.
  11. Spider-Man 2 for me, the first one was excellent.
  12. Done. Thanks. And what a quick reply, you will be a good Admin if you keep this up.
  13. It would be great if the Avatar size was increased to 100x100.